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Raw History: Episode 229 and Reliving Nitro: Episode 109

April 16, 2018 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Raw History: Episode 229 and Reliving Nitro: Episode 109  

Raw History
Episode #229
October 13th, 1997 | Landon Arena in Topeka, Kansas

WWF Champion: Bret Hart (5) since 8/3/97
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Owen Hart (2) since 10/5/97
WWF European Champion: Shawn Michaels (1) since 9/20/97
WWF Tag Team Champions: The Godwinns (2) since 10/5/97

VIDEO PACKAGE ~ We opened to a highlight video chronicling the achievements of the Legion of Doom. They’ve said if they don’t win the Tag Team Titles tonight, they’ll retire.

Jim Ross, Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler host.

Vince McMahon introduced the Hart Foundation to start the show. Well, there’s no British Bulldog, as he’s celebrating his anniversary and birthday. Before Bret could even speak, Shawn Michaels and Hunter Hearst Helmsley interrupted via Titantron. They replayed the footage of Shawn sticking the Canadian flag up his nose, as well as the one of HHH beating Bret via countout. Of course, they could only do this with a few dick jokes thrown in. Bret called them degenerates for the first time, and challenged them. They both declined since they won their last matches with Bret. Shawn coined the D-Generation X name and made it official. YOU MAKE THE RULES AND WE WILL BREAK ‘EM! Bret said they wouldn’t make it to the Survivor Series and that’s where the segment ended. More heated verbal exchanges between these guys and a historic moment of sorts with the DX name becoming official.

Non-Title Match: WWF Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart w/ The Hart Foundation vs. Kama w/ The Nation of Domination
DX came out before the match and took over commentary. They verbally ran down Bret for a lack of charisma. It’s hard to pay much attention to the match with the DX antics at ringside. Lawler attempted to joke and be on their side, but Shawn shut him down. They started eating bananas, while Hunter mocked Kama for working a chinlock. Oh, the irony. It eventually all just led to the NOD jumping the Hart Foundation guys for a DQ at 4:46. I’m not going to rate it because it was more about the angle than the match. [NR]

DX walked away, but enjoyed the beat down put on the Foundation.

After a video about Paul Ellering, the Godwinns got interviewed about the match tonight. They said they took it because it gives them a chance to get rid of LOD.

Max Mini and Nova vs. Mosaic and Tarantula
This was your standard minis match. Max got most of the highlights and they moved at a quick pace. Nova hit the ramp hard on a dive to the outside. Lawler found it hilarious. Max got the win with a sunset flip in 2:27. [NR]

SHOTGUN SATURDAY NIGHT ~ Honky Tonk Man accidentally tripped Rockabilly, causing him to lose to Flash Funk. After the match, the Roadie appeared as the Road Dogg, inviting Billy to pair up with him. He said them together smelled like money. He wasn’t wrong. Billy responded by laying out Honky with the guitar. DX and the New Age Outlaws. What a week.

It’s supposed to be Shawn Michaels vs. Flash Funk. Instead, Kane’s theme hit as he came to the ring. Funk tried fighting him off, but was promptly chokeslammed. Paul Bearer cut a short promo to say that this would continue until Undertaker answered Kane’s challenge. Once they left, DX returned and Shawn covered Funk. HHH counted the three, they celebrated like crazy and Rick Rude read off a lengthy ring announcement that featured all Shawn’s nicknames.

LOD MOMENT ~ Their WWF Tag Team Title win at SummerSlam 1991 was highlighted.

8-Ball and Skull w/ DOA vs. Recon and Sniper w/ The Truth Commission
This was the Raw debut of the Jackyl. He was better known as Cyrus in ECW and can be found orgasming over Kenny Omega matches in NJPW. He got short promo time before the match. Commentary focused on politics during the match, which reminded me of the early days of Raw. The teams just clobbered each other for a short while. Sniper did get in a decent flying back elbow. The Jackyl pulled the rope down on one of the Harris brothers, causing a DQ at 3:44. Nothing match involving two useless stables. [¼*]

The units brawled after the match. I see why Survivor Series had the “GANG RULZ” tagline.

PLAYSTATION SLAM OF THE WEEK ~ Ahmed Johnson went nuts on Shotgun and hit a jobber with three Pearl River Plunges.


Steve Austin was brought out to make his return to the ring official and sign Vince McMahon’s waiver. Austin didn’t trust Vince, so he made him sign first. He attempted to walk off without signing himself, but came back and did it. That gives him an IC Title match with Owen Hart at Survivor Series. Austin said there was only one thing left to do. It was a handshake and everyone thought he’d attack Vince. He didn’t, but he pulled him in close to remind him how quickly he could end him. When asked about interfering at Badd Blood, Austin said Faarooq was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. That brought out the Nation and a ranting Faarooq. Austin hilariously responded by saying he didn’t understand a word Faarooq said, before challenging any of them to fight him. Rocky hit the ring and was dropped with the first of many Stunners in his career. Austin escaped through the crowd as they went ballistic. Another strong Austin segment.

LOD MOMENT ~ Their motorcycle entrance at SummerSlam 1992.

The Legion of Doom were interviewed backstage, saying they don’t want to be around if they can’t cut it. If they’re over the hill, they’re done.

Brian Christopher vs. Tajiri
I always forget how young Tajiri rocked the BLUE JUSTICE look. He lit up Christopher with kicks, but commentary was more interested in discussing Christopher being Lawler’s son. Tajiri got a pop on a rolling cradle and the handspring back elbow. He’d hit it with much improved precision in later years. Christopher fought back, but missed a top rope move. Tajiri delivered a brainbuster, senton and moonsault for a near fall. He also nearly won via rollup, but Christopher reversed it to his own and won with a handful of tights in 5:24. Fun purely for Tajiri. He brought some sweet offense throughout.[**]

CORNETTE’S COMMENTARY ~ He ranted about New York Post writer Phil Mushnick. Phil constantly spent his time putting down wrestling and recently used Brian Pillman’s death to call for the end of wrestling in another article. Cornette ran him down for this.

Goldust w/ Marlena vs. Savio Vega w/ Los Boricuas
It’s the first look at Goldust and Marlena since the Pillman stuff. Los Boricuas interfered early and were ejected. Savio still managed to gain control. Savio suckered Goldust into a spin kick on the outside. Goldust ducked on inside, but Savio escaped the Curtain Call and hit one anyway. He put his feet on the ropes for a pin and was caught. Marlena and her cigar distracted the ref, allowing Goldust to whack Savio with her purse and steal it at 4:20. This was a match. That’s about all I can say. [¾*]

JAKKS FIGURES ~ A short commercial ran to promote Series 5 of the bone crunching action WWF figures. I had so many of those.

It’s supposed to be time for HHH against the Patriot. During Patriot’s entrance, Rick Rude came out behind him and threw hot coffee in his face. He got hit with the briefcase and Shawn announced HHH as the winner. Sgt. Slaughter came out and promised that HHH would still compete tonight. While he chastised them for their actions, they just kept acting like he was spitting all over them. It turns out, Ahmed Johnson accepted the opportunity to face HHH. Before he could, the NOD hit the ring and jumped him. DX took a seat on the stage with popcorn to watch.

WWF Tag Team Championship: The Godwinns [c] w/ Uncle Cletus vs. The Legion of Doom
From the start, it was clear that LOD was the superior team. They overwhelmed each champion at almost every turn. As expected, Hawk ended up playing the face in peril. The focus was his back and he didn’t sell it well. They played up the false hot tag spot rather well, with the referee sending Animal back as he missed the tag. Uncle Cletus and Henry sent Animal into the steel steps. That made things look bleak for the challengers. Several referees helped Animal to the back. On his way, he spotted a hurt Hawk on the Titantron and returned to the ring. He got hot and it set up a Doomsday Device attempt. Henry broke it up, but got his by Cletus’s horseshoe by mistake. Things broken down and Hawk hit the flying clothesline to give us new champions at 8:47. They told the right story, even if the action was boring. LOD was way more over than the Godwinns, so the title change made sense. [*¼]

The fans erupted for the switch. The Godwinns attacked Cletus and ended the character’s run.

Reliving Nitro
Episode #109
October 13th, 1997 | Ice Palace in Tampa, Florida

WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Hulk Hogan (3) 8/9/97
WCW United States Champion: Curt Hennig (1) since 9/15/97
WCW World Tag Team Champions: The Outsiders (3) since 2/24/97
WCW Television Champion: Disco Inferno (1) since 9/22/97
WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Eddie Guerrero (1) since 9/14/97

Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko and Mike Tenay hosted.

No pyro or intro this week. Instead, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Randy Savage in a neck brace opened the show. Bischoff started by plugging Hogan’s upcoming TNT movie. He also wasn’t happy that the Outsiders were being forced to defend the Tag Titles tonight. Hogan took over and ran down Piper. Piper has possession of his title, but Hogan’s also upset that he’s throwing around the word icon when he’s not one. He promised to get his title back tonight and that they would drop DDP.

LAST WEEK ~ DDP’s Diamond Cutter on Savage was shown.

WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Eddie Guerrero [c] vs. Psychosis
Commentary noted how Sonny Oono wasn’t at ringside with Psychosis. Psychosis hit a senton to the outside that led to a gem from commentary. Larry called it a SENTRON and when corrected, he said, “I don’t speak Spanish.” It was in similar cadence to Ron Burgundy telling Baxter the same thing. Psychosis missed a splash and ate a backbreaker. Eddie nailed a superplex and won with the Frog Splash in 3:43. Fine little match, it just didn’t get much time to develop. After the match, Eddie tried removing Psychosis’ mask. [*¾]

Another Mike Tenay narrated video about Lucha Libre was shown.

Mean Gene brought out Roddy Piper for an interview. He didn’t bring the title with him. Piper held his stance on DDP’s actions last week, the WCW Title and the Tag Team Titles being on the line tonight. Nothing special, but it got the point across.

NITRO GIRLS! No nip slips this week.

Steve McMichael vs. Steven Regal
The Debra/Mongo stuff from last week was recapped. Talk about a clash of styles. They worked some awkward exchanges and kept it short. Mongo won with his Tombstone in 3:38. Basically a squash.[NR]

Mean Gene got a word with Debra by the stage. They confirmed that Jeff Jarrett was no longer with WCW. Mongo interrupted and told Debra to get to the kitchen, where she could be useful. Zbyszko: YOU TELL HER! Debra made a strange reference to a dead snake being able to bite, before saying she had a surprise for Mongo at Halloween Havoc.

Chris Jericho vs. Yuji Nagata w/ Sonny Oono
Oono got insert promo time to announce that Ultimo Dragon would face Yuji Nagata at the PPV. Jericho got an early octopus hold in, before Nagata came back with a Backdrop Driver. Jericho came back with a surprising choke swing, but then Nagata hit a T-Bone suplex and came off the apron with a forearm that looked painful. Oono tried getting involved, but was shoved aside by Jericho. He got back up and tripped Jericho on the top, allowing Nagata to apply the Nagata Lock for the win at 4:06. That was short, but fun. Good back and forth, with some solid offense. [**¼]

In a baby’s room with an empty crib, Raven cut a promo about how his earliest memories were that of loneliness.

Bill Goldberg vs. Scotty Riggs
Raven, Perry Saturn and the soon to be named Sick Boy, were shown in the crowd. RECRUITING POSSIBLY? Goldberg hit the spear early, but didn’t use it as a finisher setup yet. Instead, he just pounded on Riggs. Tenay mentioned that Gene LeBell was interested in training Goldberg. Riggs’ plancha attempt got caught and he was press slammed on the guardrail. The Jackhammer finished this at 2:36. Another squash. 4-0. [NR]

NITRO GIRLS! This time, complete with Kimberly naming each girl, though cameras only caught the final three.

HOUR NUMBER TWO! Bobby Heenan made the usual commentary replacement.

WCW World Tag Team Championship: Scott Hall and Syxx [c] vs. The Steiner Brothers w/ Ted Dibiase
With Nash hurt, Syxx was allowed to defend the title as a member of the Wolfpac. The nWo won another round of the survey. As good as the Steiners were, their theme was equally atrocious. They started by throwing Hall and Syxx around with ease. The fans were red hot for them. Rick brought the STEINERLINES but got caught with a middle rope fall away slam. That set him up as the guy to take the heat for a bit. Scott’s hot tag saw him suplex everything in sight. They delivered the super DDT, but Hall pulled the referee out before the count of three. He shoved the official down, which brought out Zbyszko. He argued with Larry from in the ring, which allowed Rick to come off the top with a bulldog. Larry counted the three to give us new champions at 5:57. You know, just because you were a ref once, doesn’t mean you can constantly officiate. The celebration barely got screen time, as we instead went to the commentators. The match was nothing special, but had the advantage of a molten crowd. [**]


Dean Malenko vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.
Schiavone did his best to explain the last match, saying that Zbyszko is a licensed official so the result stands. For some reason, Bischoff can no longer overturn these things. As for the match, they worked a feeling out process where both were careful not to make the first mistake. Dean wore him down and got two on a powerbomb. Rey started a comeback and avoided another powerbomb. He hit the springboard hurricanrana, only for Eddie Guerrero to randomly appear and completely unmask him behind the referee’s back. Dean turned it over into the Texas Cloverleaf and Rey covered his face while submitting at 4:53. Not their best work, though a fine little match. The back and forth was fine and the finish was cool for the time. [**¼]

From the WCW Power Plant, DDP cut a promo on how he doesn’t measure his success the way guys like Hogan and Savage do. It was basically here to hype the match with Savage and sell DDP as a positive, hard working, blue collar guy that you can relate to.

In the ring, Mean Gene brought out Roddy Piper once again. He was out to reiterate that Zbyszko was a referee and that the title change stands. He noted that the nWo doesn’t do well when it’s not 40 on 1. Eric Bischoff and Randy Savage interrupted. Bischoff ran him down for what happened last week. Piper took this as an invite to fight and removed his belt. The nWo scrubs arrived to surround the ring. As this happened, an obviously fake Sting walked out from the back. It turned out to be Hogan and the nWo jumped Piper. Of course, not a single WCW guy came out to help. Sheesh.

VIDEO PACKAGE ~ The Flair/Hennig program was recapped.

Ray Traylor vs. Scott Norton w/ Buff Bagwell and Vincent
Where was Traylor when Piper got jumped? The fans don’t care about him. The guys did some lame hoss stuff for a bit, with Norton in control. Something interesting happened when Billy Kidman showed up with a new look and sat with Raven and his crew. A distraction led to Norton using a spray can to win in 4:40. Yea, that sucked. [¼*]

Nitro Parties were hyped.

WCW Television Championship: Disco Inferno [c] vs. Alex Wright
They should just dance for the rest of the night. Instead, they wrestled. They went right at it, fighting while they still had their jackets on. Wright even beat Disco with his. Alex held serve with a powerslam and then beat on Disco on the outside. Jacqueline eventually headed down for a closer look. She distracted Disco, who got rolled up by Wright. Disco countered the rollup and retained in 5:48. Too long and boring for what they were going for. It felt like they only had about three minutes of ideas. [*]


WCW United States Championship: Curt Hennig [c] vs. Diamond Dallas Page
Page went after the shoulder. He attempted an early Diamond Cutter, but Hennig bailed. Hennig took over back inside, wearing down DDP and using all the old school heel tricks, like grabbing the ropes for leverage. He worked a sleeper that DDP countered with a jawbreaker. He followed with the pancake slam and signaled for the Diamond Cutter, but Hennig used his own jawbreaker to block. A commotion happened in the aisle, as security held Ric Flair back. Commentary said to let him go, which is dumb if you want a new champion. Flair got loose as DDP rolled up Hennig to win in 7:28. I mean, I guess he won. It was a good match until the muddled finish. [**½]

DDP celebrated with the title but referee Randy Anderson pulled the title away. I guess it was a DQ. After a commercial, Piper was out and seemed to award the title to DDP. Out came the nWo and they jumped DDP and Piper, despite their best efforts. Commentary begged for someone to help. They dominated and even Savage delivered an elbow drop. A bunch of fake Stings ran in through the crowd and got taken out with ease. IT’S A STING FEST. As they all came out, three also walked down the aisle. It was madness. Finally, Buff leveled one and he didn’t sell it. UH-OH. The fans erupted as he planted him with the Scorpion Death Drop. He removed the Sting mask to show that he’s the real STING. The nWo scattered, including a frightened Hogan. Piper swung the belt like a madman while the nWo retreated. That ending ruled.

Raw MVP: Steve Austin
Raw LVP: The DOA
Nitro MVP: Sting
Nitro LVP: Ray Traylor

Raw Rating: 2.3
Nitro Rating: 3.8

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
Raw: One of the lesser Raws I can recall. It was a taped show, dominated by the antics of Shawn Michaels and HHH. If you loved them in this era, you’ll like this more than me. I never was big on DX, so I didn’t love this. Only Tajiri/Christopher, the Austin segment and the LOD title win were any fun. 3.5

Nitro: There was potential for this to truly be a standout episode. Some of the booking was questionable and the matches were average at best. However, a few things were very good. The closing segment ruled and I got a kick out of the Eddie/Rey angle. The Tag Title change went over very well, while the Nagata/Jericho and Mysterio/Malenko matches were fine. I just gotta question having WCW not help Piper and the lame finish to the main event. 7.0


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