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WWE News: Referee Scott Armstrong Undergoes Surgery, WCW Thunder Episodes Added To WWE Network, Rollins’ Tribute To AJ Styles

May 20, 2019 | Posted by Jordan Huie
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— WWE referee Scott Armstrong has revealed through a tweet that he recently underwent surgery. He explains that he herniated two discs in his back when helping someone move and expects to be out of commission until June. His full message reads as follows, “My story: few weeks ago I helped someone move. I lifted a recliner n turned at the same time…WRONG MOVE..forgot I wasn’t 21 again! Herniated L4-L5 disc n surgery! Out till June! Now: baby steps n lift nothing over 10lbs 2 weeks. Like I said BABY STEPS! 👍#familymeansEVERYTHING”

You can see the tweet below:

— New episodes of WCW Thunder from 2000 have been added to the vault section of WWE Network as of today. These begin with the February 2nd edition and run through to June 21st, and include David Arquette’s infamous WCW title win.

— The night after Seth Rollins’ successful Universal Title defense over AJ Styles, he posted a tribute to the challenger on Twitter.

He wrote, “Take pride in your dreams.
Thank you @ajstylesp1 for pushing me to be the best version of myself.
Ignite the will. Stoke the flame. Burn it down.”

You can see the tweet below: