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Roman Reigns, Mark Wahlberg Named By Alleged Steroid Dealer as Clients

January 16, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Roman Reigns Raw

– A Miami gym owner who was arrested in early 2017 on charges of selling $10 million in steroids named Roman Reigns as clients. Pop Culture reports that Richard Rodriguez, who was arrested in February of 2017, told filmmaker Johnny Bravo that Reigns, Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel were among his more famous clients.

It is very worth noting, it must be said, that at this time these are simply allegations from Rodriguez. Reigns has not been connected to Rodriguez’s gym or the investigation by any other source.

“One of them, in particular, is a very famous wrestler by the name of Roman Reigns. He was originally introduced to me by one of the informants,” Rodriguez said in an interview from Brooklyn Detention Center. Rodriguez said that he wished to clear his name and out those who denied being involved with him. Rodriguez said that when he took a plea deal instead of going to trial, he learned that Reigns cooperated with authorities and that’s why he was naming the WWE star.

Neither WWE nor Reigns have commented on the matter since news of the story broke, nor have Wahlberg or Duhamel.

Reigns has received one WWE Wellness Policy suspension back in 2016, though that suspension was for Adderall and not steroids. Reigns has not been flagged by the Wellness Program since. You can listen to video of Rodriguez talking about Reigns below (at the 4:31 mark):