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Sami Zayn Riffs on Tom Cruise Rant With ‘Leaked Audio’ From Sami Awards

December 19, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Sami Zayn Clash of Champions Image Credit: WWE

– In what’s clearly a riff on the recent leaked audio of Tom Cruise going off on crew members for not following COVID-19 protocols during the production of the Mission: Impossible sequels, Kayla Braxton has released “leaked audio” of Sami Zayn losing it and getting angry at a stagehand following his Sami Awards ceremony when the cameras were off. You can listen to the audio clip Braxton shared below.

Braxton noted in the caption, “EXCLUSIVE! Leaked audio of Sami Zayn. Woowwww @samizayn sure had a lot to say once he thought the cameras were off. Listen to him berate a stagehand after @wwebige crashed the Sami Awards.” The audio features Sami Zayn stating the following after Big E interrupted the ceremony:

“Don’t apologize to me! Tell me what the hell happened out there. Tell me how you allowed that to happen — do you know how hard it was to get the Sami Awards to happen? I’m on the phone with WWE! I’m on the phone with FOX! I’m on the phone with networks! They’re looking to me to put on quality programming, do you understand? Do you understand that people are depending on me? I sleep with that responsibility every night! Do you understand that? So where were you?! No, no! I don’t want your apology! I want accountability! I need accountability! I’m out here, I’m trusting you. I do this for you. You think this is about me? You think the Sami Awards are about me?! I’m putting food on your table! You’re eating because of me! We’re in this together! If I can’t trust you, how is this supposed to work?! No, no. Don’t apologize to me. Apologize to that guy because when he can’t pay his mortgage or he can’t pay his rent when his bills come in and he doesn’t have a job anymore, it’s because of you! It’ll be on you! Think about that. Yeah, sure, sure. You’re sorry. Everyone’s sorry. That’s it. If this happens again, this isn’t a threat, you’re fired. You’re gone. You got it? You’re gone. You are gone! I’m trying to be friendly, man. I’m trying to be friendly with everybody. If this happens again, no ifs, no ands, no buts, you’re gone. You’re gone. That’s it. OK? Unbelievable. ****!”

As noted, Sami Zayn conducted the Sami Awards last night on SmackDown. However, Big E crashed the ceremony and beat up Zayn.

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