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Scott Norton Announces Autobiography, Recalls Winning Over the Top Arm Wrestling Tournament

March 14, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Scott Norton

– Scott Norton spoke with the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling to discuss his new autobiography, his days as an arm wrestler and more. You can download the episode here, and some highlights (per the show) are below:

On his Strong Style autobiography: “It’s been something we’ve been working on for quite awhile. I’ve had a lot of great experiences in my life and I’ve had a lot of ups and downs but I’ll tell you what it’s been an unbelievable two careers, my arm wrestling career and than my wrestling career. I just want to get my story out there and it is a great book, it is very entertaining and I’m super pumped. It is going to be great.”

On winning the Over the Top arm wrestling tournament before he transitioned to pro wrestling: “That’s the big one there. That is the biggest and most legendary term in our sport. I stepped away from arm wrestling for two years just to train for that tournament and when I mean train I went to work. That was my focus, it didn’t matter and I was going to take that tournament. Cleve Dean was a nemesis and was a monster he was 6’8’’-6’9’’ and 640lbs and nobody beat him yet and I was getting tired of getting beaten by him and he beat me five times that day. But I went to work and we did it. That was the biggest tournament and unfortunately I look back right now (and I love arm wrestling) but when someone knocked on my door and said it was time to get a career going, I left. When I left there was nobody close. I just dominated the sport and I don’t regret it but I wish that over the years I didn’t sustain the injuries that I did because I would have loved to go back now because I still in my head want to be that guy but we just get torn apart in the ring over the years and it just hard to get back to where you were.”

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