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Seth Rollins Breaks Silence on Hell in a Cell, Calls Finish a ‘Ref Stoppage’

October 15, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Seth Rollins The Fiend Hell in a Cell

– WWE Universal champion Seth Rollins took to Twitter this week to defend the finish of the controversial end to his match with Bray Wyatt at Hell in a Cell 2019. Rollins defended the referee calling an end to the match, saying it was a “ref stoppage.” This is despite the match not being called a ref stoppage until well after the fact. The WWE on FOX Twitter account also called the finish a DQ. It appeared in the match that the referee was calling for a disqualification. Seth Rollins was never declared the winner due to a ref stoppage. And if there was no winner, then it’s technically a No Contest. Either way, it’s a strange defense by WWE and Seth Rollins for the finish at best.

Rollins initially wrote, “Correction: it ended in a ref stoppage. When a body isn’t moving, the official has to make the right call.” Later after another user shared a clip from the 1998 Hell in a Cell match, where the referee didn’t call for a stoppage after Mick Foley was thrown off the top of the cage into a table and then fell through the top of the cage later, Seth Rollins shared another comment.

This time, Rollins wrote, “I imagine Mick and Taker might have liked the ref to stop the match there. Might have added a few more years to Mick’s incredible career. Just a thought.”

Even after referee Rod Zapata explained the finish of the match on Raw last week, it was never actually declared who was the winner of the match. So, labeling the finish as a “referee stoppage” seems to be an odd way to try and excuse the unpopular finish.