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Silas Young Explains Why He Prefers the ROH Schedule and Why It’s a Perfect Fit for HIm

March 7, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Silas Young Silas Young's ROH

Fightful and Sean Ross Sapp recently spoke to ROH talent Silas Young. Young spoke about why he likes the ROH schedule, if the creative side of wrestling is something that interests him now that Marty Scurll has taken a creative role, and more. Below are some highlights.

Silas Young on working for ROH: “I like working for Ring of Honor, I like the schedule, the freedom to be able to go do stuff for basically anybody outside the United States. There wasn’t much looking around elsewhere, other places there’s a lot more that goes into it. I have a son, and I like being home to be able to spend time with him. Ring of Honor’s a perfect fit. The whole three year-deal was something that came together in negotiations, it wasn’t something that was on the table initially.”

Young on how the creative side of wrestling is something that interests him: “Absolutely. I’m coming up on the 18 year mark since my first match. I think that’s something I’d definitely be interested in. Wrestling is such a physical sport and there’s storytelling and theater elements in it. I think that’s something I’d be very interested in. Even the stuff me and Josh Woods have been doing the last five or six months, that’s kind of my own idea and something ROH has allowed to take us a little bit our own direction. That’s another huge benefit of working a place like that. They trust you. You’re not given scripts telling you what to say in your promos. For some guys, that freedom means so much.”

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