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Sylvain Grenier Backstage at Last Night’s Raw, Confirms New Agent Role, Thinks Buddy Murphy Has Great Potential

January 21, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Sylvain Grenier

As previously reported, former WWE Superstar Sylvain Grenier was said to be training to become an agent for WWE. That’s now been confirmed as Grenier was backstage at last night’s Raw. WWE later released a backstage interview with Grenier. Grenier confirmed he will be taking a backstage role with the company now. Below are some highlights and a video on his return.

Sylvain Grenier on being back with WWE: “It’s nerve-racking, but exciting at the same time. It’s a long time coming, but I’m back. I’m very, very pleased.”

Grenier on his new role in WWE: “Yeah, exactly. I’m going to help the new kids around the block and some veterans, but I have a lot to learn again. It’s a new job, it’s a new way, it’s a new vision, it’s a new reality. You guys weren’t here. We didn’t need you, now we do. So, it’s a new aspect. So, I’m thrilled, very thrilled.”

Grenier on who sticks out in the current roster: “Well, there’s so many, so many good… great future talent, and I love the NXT. I see a lot of Smackdown guys. That Buddy Murphy’s got very great potential. There’s so many, but we’ll see. We’ll see. I love the tag team division. I think they did great. We have a lot of characters, different personas. I’m excited about that. I was a couple-time World Tag Team Champions, so maybe I can put in a little input.”

Grenier on a possible in-ring return: “Never say never, But my boots are being really dusty and hanging for a while. But never say never.”