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Tammy Sytch Claims She Had Seizure Prior To Car Crash, More On Investigation

April 25, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Sunny Tammy Sytch WWE Image Credit: WWE

As previously reported, Tammy Sytch was involved in a car crash in Florida on March 25 that resulted in a fatality. 75-year-old Julian Lafrancis Lasseter was killed when Sytch struck his car from behind, causing him to hit another car in front of him. Police are currently investigating whether or not she was impaired at the time of the incident. Sytch wasn’t arrested and has yet to respond to a lawsuit against her from the family of Lasseter.

When someone asked her on Twitter how fast she was going at the time, she claimed that the crash happened because she had a seizure. She also claimed that Lasseter had a heart attack to his vehicle being hit.

She wrote: “Hmmmabout 10 since I was slowing down to. Light. But he had a heart. Attack. Nothing to do with my seizure.

PWInsider reports the Ormond Beach Police Department has issued a statement announcing they have received the toxicology report, which they were waiting on before they would decide to file charges.

They said: “We have received part of the toxicology report. If charges are filed they will not be until the investigation is completed. We will update the press release once a decision is reached.

Sytch is set for a court date on May 26 at the Keansburg Municipal for an unrelated arrest on February 24 in New Jersey. She is facing eleven charges, including Operating under the influence of liquor or drug, Driving after Driver’s License/Registration suspended/revoked, Careless Driving – likely to endanger person or property, Reckless Driving, Failure to wear seat equipment – responsibility of driver, Driving without a license, Failure to possess a driver’s license, Failure to possess driving registration, Failure to possess an insurance card, Failure to install interlock or drive a car without an interlock, and Operating a motor vehicle during a license suspension – second violation. She pleaded not guilty to all counts.

Meanwhile, an obituary for Lasseter has been posted online. He was a former teacher and a grandfather.

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