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TCW Show 13-40 Recap and Review

October 31, 2013 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen
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TCW Show 13-40 Recap and Review  

Match #1 – Vordell Walker vs. Dan Severn
Walker gets the upper hand with a leg lock, but Severn quickly recovers and manages to get Walker in a standing dragon sleeper. Walker gets to the ropes, and Severn continues to the attack with forearms to the back. Severn gets the dragon sleeper again, but Walker counters and turns it to a body slam. Severn gets up and lands a belly to back suplex. Severn goes for it again, but Walker rolls through into a leg submission. Severn taps out!
Winner via submission: Vordell Walker
Not really a match at all. I will say that Severn looks to be in good shape. Shame he did not get to do much here though.

Sigmon runs in and attacks both Walker and the ref. Sigmon tries to suplex Walker to the outside, but Walker counters and brings Sigmon to the inside of the ring. Walker clothesline Sigmon to the outside.

Match #2 – TCW World Heavyweight Championship: Tim Storm(c) vs. Americos
Americos starts with some strikes, but is shoved away from the much stronger Storm. Storm grabs Americos and whips him into the ropes, meeting him with a shoulder tackle. Americos rolls to the apron and climbs the turnbuckle. Americos flies with a crossbody, but Storm catches him. Storm tries to toss him overhead, but Americos lands on his feet and nails more kicks to the gut. Americos runs to the ropes, but Storm gets the big boot up. Storm picks up Americos who fights back and uses his strikes and speeds to try and get the upper hand. Enziguri to Storm knocks him off balance. Storm stumbles to the corner and Americos nails a high running knee. Americos tries to mount Storm, but he reverses and sits Americos on the turnbuckle. Storm charges and catches Americos’ attempt to counter. Storm tugs Americos off the top and he he hits his head against the top turnbuckle. Americos rolls onto the apron, where Storm attempts to take his head off with a kick. Americos dodges and goes for a plancha, but Storm catches him and powerbombs the luchadore onto the apron!

Commercial break.

Americos attempts to get back into the ring, but Storm charges and knocks him off the apron to the outside. Americos crawls back to the apron, where Storm nabs him and suplexes him into the ring. Storm makes the cover, but Americos kicks out. Storm stands Americos up, and he tries to fight back with punches. Americos hits the ropes and goes for a crossbody, but Storm catches him. Storm nails a fallaway slam. Once again, Americos goes for strikes, but Storm is just too powerful. Storm manages to kick Americos in the head and applies a backbreaker over the knee, making it a submission. Storm gives up the submission and scoop slams Americos. Storm picks up Americos and sends him into the corner, following it with a splash. Americos sent to the ropes again, Storm pops him up, but Americos counter with a head scissors. Storm rolls to the floor. Americos charges with a baseball slide, nailing Storm. Americos charges again, but Storm counters and slams Americos onto the steel steps! The ref calls for the bell.
Winner via ref stoppage and still TCW Heavyweight Champion: Tim Storm
Not at all a bad match, but I did not feel like Americos had any chance to win the title at any point of the match. I actually felt like this was just a long squash in the end. It does make Storm look very strong as the new champion though, and for that, the way the match went down is forgivable.

Storm looks concerned for Americos, picking him to carry him to the back. Storm drops Americos and continuously slams his head against the steel steps.

Genetic Perfection backstage, talking about their match against Hounds of Hell. Nothing particularly special here.

Main Event – TCW Tag Team Championship: Hounds of Hell(c) vs. Genetic Perfection
Genetic Perfection waste no time and attack the champions on the floor. Cerebus throws water into Steel’s face, getting the upper hand. Roosevelt’s head is slammed against the apron. Still no order in this match as Steel gets away from Cerebus and helps out his partner Barry. Action finally in the ring as Genetic Perfection double teams Roosevelt with an assisted splash. Cerebus tries to help his partner, but the challengers make him inadvertently attack Roosevelt. Cerebus on the ground as Steel goes to the top. Steel goes for a flying splash, but Cerebus throws powder into Steel’s face! Order finally in this match as Cerebus tags out. Hounds of Hell slam Steel’s head against the turnbuckle a couple of times. Roosevelt whips Steel to the ropes and knocks him down with a clothesline. Cerebus comes in and nails a running knee drop. Steel fights back with strikes, getting to his feet. Steel whips Cerebus to the corner and charges, but Cerebus gets the boot up, following it with a falling elbow drop. Roosevelt tagged back in, and he hits a running knee lift. He follows it with a belly to belly suplex. Cerebus tagged back in, who lowers his head for a back body drop, but Steel counters with a DDT Cerebus holds Steel’s leg to block the tag, but Steel hits an enziguri. Cerebus bumps into the ref as Steel makes the tag. Ref is back up rather quickly and sends Barry back to the apron, not seeing the tag. Hounds of Hell give Steel some stomps.

Commercial break

Roosevelt nails the knee drop and picks up Steel. Cerebus tagged in, and he locks in a sleeper hold. Steel drops down, nailing a jawbreaker. Cerebus goes for a clothesline, but Steel dodges and hits a belly to back suplex. Steel makes the tag and Barry knocks down both members of the Hounds of Hell. All four in the ring, Steel slams Cerebus with a spinebuster. Genetic Perfection hit a Hart Attack on Roosevelt. Barry goes for a cover, but Cerebus flies off the top rope to break it up. Roosevelt attempts to whip Barry, but he counters with a powerslam. Steel flies off the top with a splash! Ref is distracted by Cerebus, and Boyd Bradford nails Steel with the briefcase. Rich Rude comes in and gets the briefcase back, nailing Bradford on the head with it. Rude smashes the briefcase against Roosevelt’s back and drags Steel to the cover. Ref slides back in. 1…2…3!
Winner via pinfall and new TCW Tag Team Champions: Genetic Perfection
Pretty good tag match. These two teams have fought in the past, and in my opinion, this was one of the best matches they have had. I have complained of these kind of finishes in the past from TCW, but I think it works well here. It keeps the rivalry going, and it would be good to see these two team clash once again, maybe with the managers barred from ringside.

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The 411: Although it may sound like I felt like this was an 'okay' show, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. They debuted a new recap (used before each match) that I thought was good. Especially for promotion like TCW, which can be a little confusing to follow at time. As for the wrestling, the two title matches were good, but nothing too spectacular. However I do feel the rivalries are being built quite well.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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