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Ted DiBiase On Virgil’s Assets As a Performer, Says He Was a ‘Great Guy’

February 29, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Ted DiBiase WrestleMania 4 Virgil Image Credit: WWE

Ted DiBiase was paired with Virgil during their WWE career together, and he shared some thoughts on the man’s WWE career following his passing. As reported, Virgil (real name Mike Jones) passed away yesterday at the age of 61. Virgil worked as DiBiase’s on-screen bodyguard and assistant during their time together in WWE, and the Million Dollar Man spoke about Virgil on Busted Open Radio. A couple of highlights are below, per Wrestling Inc):

On Virgil’s career: “The way that Vince [McMahon] laid it out was the biggest point. He made Virgil understand what his job was and he did it very well. … It wasn’t that he did a whole lot but [he had] presence and the fact that he was this great, big, muscled-up guy.”

On Virgil being held back by his in-ring talent: “The reality is: Virgil was a great guy but he wasn’t really a great wrestler. If he’d have had a little more wrestling talent, we could’ve got a little more out of it, but what we got out of it was great.”

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