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Tessa Blanchard Reveals The Rock Had No Idea She Was Tully Blanchard’s Daughter, Is Uncertain About Joining WWE in the Future

April 28, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Tessa Blanchard Bar Wrestling

– During the latest edition of Talk Is Jericho, Chris Jericho interviewed Tessa Blanchard, who talked about working with The Rock as as stuntwoman for Fighting With My Family and if she wants to join WWE at some point. Below are some highlights.

Tessa Blanchard on working with The Rock for Fighting With My Family: “The Rock came and trained with us and went to the studio, got in the ring with us, rolled around. And he’s like such a down-to-earth guy, who really cares about details. He was so invested in each one of us. It was really, really neat.”

Tessa Blanchard on WWE calling her to work on the movie but not signing her to the roster: “It was so, so random. And then right after filming, then Thea [Trinidad, aka Zelina Trinidad] got signed, and she went on to WWE. And I was — I thought something was going to happen for me after that, but then it didn’t. And actually, I think everything plays out the way it was supposed to because I’m so glad things have played out the way they have, that I haven’t been signed there or anything. I did get to be a part of their Mae Young Classic, the first one, which I really enjoyed. And I got to wrestle Kairi [Sane] there.”

Tessa Blanchard on The Rock not knowing she was Tully Blanchard’s daughter: “One thing that was really cool to me, though, was when we were filming the movie here, after the match, The Rock’s agent came over to Thea and I. We were just in the backstage talking, and he area said, “Hey. Dwayne wants to see you in his dressing room. Can you guys come?” So, we went. We met his family and everyone that was in there. And he had no idea that I was my dad’s daughter. He just thought that it was an indy name that I had. And he had no idea. Before he told me that, he was complimenting me on my work and as a wrestler, and he had no idea. So to me, that was like really, really special because he had no idea I was my dad’s daughter, and he thought I was good. That was just like the coolest thing in the world to me.”

Tessa Blanchard on if she will end up in WWE at some point: “I’m not sure. I think that my dream has changed a little bit. I’ve stopped thinking too far ahead. I find that’s where I kind of get into my head too much and start to worry. But living in the moment and just going with my gut and what feels right has been working so far. I don’t know. I would love to share the ring with Ashley [Charlotte Flair] someday. She’s one of the best in the world in my opinion. There’s a bunch of girls there that I would love to share the ring with, Nattie being one of them. She’s another third generation, and being third generation women, that’s rare. That would be cool.”

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