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The Name on the Marquee: Smoky Mountain Wrestling (9.5.1992)

December 18, 2015 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Smoky Mountain Wrestling
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The Name on the Marquee: Smoky Mountain Wrestling (9.5.1992)  

-Originally aired September 5, 1992.

-Your hosts are Bob Caudle & Dutch Mantell.

“White Lightning” TIM HORNER vs. ROBBIE EAGLE
-Dirty White Boy and Mr. Ron Wright sit in for commentary. DWB is anticipating a time limit draw because Tim Horner sucks so bad he can’t beat a jobber like Eagle, no sir.

-Elbows and a snap suplex by Horner. Atomic drop and a Natural Bridge finish it right away, and Dirty White Boy is so annoyed that he walks away from the commentary table immediately.

-Tim Horner arrives at the commentary table, annoyed that DWB is already gone because he still wants his title shot and Mr. Ron Wright still won’t work out a deal for a match. Horner says he wants his name in Dutch’s hat. If DWB insists on picking his opponents at random, Horner is willing to wait his turn.

-We recap the Fantastics’ title win over the Heavenly Bodies, as well as Corny’s subsequent challenge and the $20,000 deal.

-Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies have a security guard with them, holding a suitcase with the mandatory $20,000. Killer Kyle confiscates the case, and everyone agrees that the money goes to the winning team.

-Phil Rainey (who never introduces himself in these segments) talks to the Rock & Roll Express about their big stretcher match against the Stud Stable in Knoxville. They’ve won in Knoxville before, and they’ll win again! They’ll be on the Stud Stable like stink on you-know-what.

-Bobby starts with Stan Lane. Lane slaps him over the top rope. Bobby skins the cat back in and throws Lane over the top, and before long, it’s a brawl all over ringside. Action spills back in and the Fantastics go to work on Stan Lane, who’s already bleeding from the mouth pretty heavily.

-Pritchard tags in and immediately gets thrown over the top rope and onto the floor. Bobby drills him in the head with one of the title belts, then smacks Lane across the back with a pipe. Bobby cracks Pritchard with some hard right hands, and Jackie sunset flips Pritchard for two. Hiptoss and a dropkick by Jackie, and Pritchard tumbles out to the floor, where he smacks the barricade.

-Fantastics work the arm while Caudle marvels at how well they’re able to make quick tags, and Nedeff wonders why anybody is bothering with tags in a No-DQ match.

-Bobby gets caught in the Bodies corner, where Pritchard grabs the ankles for a Divorce Court (balls-first into the post) and Cornette adds some right hands, since he can. Lane punches Jackie with a chain and dangles it in front of the referee to show that he can’t do anything about it. Bodies gang up on Jackie while Cornette runs over to the commentary table, declares victory, and runs back to ringside.

-Lane strangles Jackie with the chain while Corny slaps him. Bobby steps in to do something about it, and the referee stops him for some reason, and Bobby obeys him for some reason. Pritchard throws Jackie over the top and onto the floor, where Lane drops a big-ass sandbag across Jackie’s back. Back inside, Pritchard tries to finish with a backbreaker for two.

-Bobby runs in and this time he insists on staying in. He takes Pritchard outside and posts him while Stan Lane deals with Jackie inside the ring. Hot tag is finally but needlessly made. Bobby clamps on a Japanese sleeper, Pritchard breaks it, and action spills to the floor. Jackie brawls with Pritchard on the floor while the referee tries to separate them. In the ring Bobby tries a stepover toehold on Stan Lane. Jackie gets back up on the apron right at the moment that Lane kicks out of the toehold. Bobby stumbles forward and knocks his brother off the apron, which wipes out Pritchard AND the referee.

-Another referee runs in as Lane KOs Bobby with the chain, but Bobby BARELY kicks out. Back to the Japanese sleeper. Corny runs in with an ether-soaked rag and smothers Fulton with it. Fulton passes out but still has the sleeper clamped on, so Lane collapses on top of him for three. The Bodies are two-time champs, and they held on to the 20 grand. The “tag match with no DQs” psychology was a little messed up because logically, all four guys should be in the ring at all times, but this was just wall-to-wall action and nobody paused for a breather once.

-Dutch’s guests are Jim Cornette and his crew. Corny says the fans should be thanking him for stopping an open wound on Bobby’s forehead with his first-aid bandage. He even soaked it in an antiseptic chemical to sanitize everything. Corny rolls around in the money and giggles with joy.

-Bob Caudle talks to Paul Orndorff. It’s pathetic that Ronnie Garvin needs to hug and kiss fans. Orndorff has a rolex and a sports car. He doesn’t need the fans’ support. Nobody will ever piledrive Paul Orndorff, he warns.

-We go to SMW action in Knoxville. It’s a Texas Death Match between Brian Lee and Dirty White Boy, and Big Fat Bald Guy attacks Brian Lee again. Tim Horner and a group of security guards manage to restrain the guy and get him out of the ring, but the damage has been done, and DWB retains his title.

-Commissioner Armstrong reads a threatening letter, with the writer saying that “a follower” is taking care of Brian Lee. The letter writer says that professional wrestling has wronged him and Bob Armstrong betrayed him. Brian Lee is only the first victim.

-Brian Lee is tired of having to watch his back, saying he can’t even go out to dinner anymore. He admits to being shook up and discouraged. Armstrong encourages him to tear up the letter, and Lee is so discouraged that he can’t even bother trying.

-Phil Rainey talks to the Stud Stable about their stretcher match in Knoxville. They’ve left the Express laying before, and they’ll do it again.

-We go back to last week’s double-DQ between the Stable and the Express. The Express promises to do some mudhole stomping.

-Fuller gets armdragged by possibly-Bart. Come on, put a name on their boots or something. You can still have the referee get confused by them if you want to do that spot.

-Donnybrook erupts right away, but the Stable takes the edge. They go to work on Brad’s arm, with Fuller dropping him to the mat with a hammerlock slam, a move I’ve always liked. Another brawl breaks out. Bart applies an abdominal stretch on Golden. Fuller breaks it with a double axehandle, and that’s enough for Golden to get a three-count.

The final score: review Good
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Oh, that tag team match...that was the good stuff, folks.