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The Wrestling Bazaar: NWA/TNA Weekly PPV #2

October 10, 2010 | Posted by Nick Bazar
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The Wrestling Bazaar: NWA/TNA Weekly PPV #2  

This show was taped right after their very first one went off the air. As a result, you see some familiar faces that would not be back later- most noticeably Toby Keith. Also, many fans left after the first show ended, leaving the production crew with the task of working around the empty seats.

June 26, 2002- Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, Alabama

We start with highlights from the week before, including Toby Keith suplexing Jeff Jarrett in the Gauntlet for the Gold and Ken Shamrock becoming the first NWA World Heavyweight Champion of the TNA era.

Opening video and pyro lead to Mike Tenay, Ed Ferrara and Don West discussing the K-Krush/NASCAR confrontation from last week. Later tonight, we will have a Lingerie Battle Royal and a Four-Corner Double Elimination match to crown the first ever X-Division Champion.

Match One: Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Hall
Hall comes out with Jackie Fargo and Toby Keith. Hall flicks his toothpick into Jarrett’s face. Lock-up ends with a Jarrett armdrag. Another lock-up as Jarrett transitions into a side headlock takedown and paintbrushes him. Another lock-up and Hall gets a slap coming off the ropes then another on a float over attempt. Hall sends Jarrett running and catches him with a fallaway slam and clotheslines him out of the ring. Back in, Jarrett connects with some jabs and hits two dropkicks. Signature Jarrett middle rope choke. How do you like me now? He slams Hall’s face into a top turnbuckle but Hall fights back with some rights. Jarrett stops that and slows things down by locking in a sleeper. Hall eventually rises and locks in one of his own but Jarrett quickly back suplexes his way out. Both men are down as the ref puts in the count. Jarrett barely gets up at nine and goes for a cover that gets two. Hall comes back with a few rights and clotheslines him into two corners then hits another in the middle of the ring. Cover gets two. Hall calls for a Razor’s Edge but K-Krush interferes and breaks it up. Fargo fights him off on the outside. In the ring, Jarrett drives Hall into the mat by the hair. He attempts a Stroke but Keith enters and low blows him. Hall and Keith mat slam Jarrett together and Hall covers for the win.
Winner: Scott Hall in 7:00
Rating: *3/4 (That was a ton of outside interference for a 7-minute match. They really wanted to protect Jarrett in the loss, but at least they got as much mileage out of Keith as possible for the short while they had him.)

We get highlights of last week’s catfight between the participants in tonight’s Lingerie Battle Royal.

Match Two: Cheex vs. Frank Parker
Cheex is the extremely large black man responsible for breaking the ring in a dark match prior to TNA’s premiere show. He is dressed in a sleeveless UnderArmour-type shirt and short black trunks that reveal cellulite-covered legs. Parker goes low with a kick and tries but fails to get Cheex off his feet with clotheslines. Cheex knocks him down on his first attempt. He blocks an Irish whip and connects with a body slam. Cheex continues with a couple of charging butt-smashes in the corner. He is already blown up. Parker works in a small come back with some rights but Cheex ends it by sitting on a sunset flip attempt. A big splash ends it.
Winner: Cheex in 2:00
Rating: ¼* (I have no idea why they would have Cheex wrestle on the main show and risk having him break the ring a second time. Cheex being blown up one minute in has to tell you something about the quality of the match.)

Post-match, Ryan Shamrock, re-named Alisha, gets prostitute money from JB.

The cage-dancers do their thing as Tenay sends it to a video package detailing K-Krush’s confrontation with the NASCAR guys and Brian Christopher.

Match Three: K-Krush vs. Brian Christopher
Christopher comes out with Sterling Marlin and Hermie Sadler. Krush attacks from behind at the start. He slugs away in the corner but gets hits with a neckbreaker. Christopher follows up with a bulldog out of the corner for two. He goes for another one but ends up crotched on the opposite corner. Krush hits a nice vertical suplex that gets two. Christopher attacks out of the corner but gets caught with a Krush twisting kick that gets two. Krush goes for a chinlock. Christopher fights out but Krush catches him with some clubs. Christopher no-sells them and hits an enzuigiri coming off the ropes. He telegraphs a back body drop and nails a Stunner. He goes for mounted punches in the corner but Krush counters with an inverted atomic drop. The NASCAR guys crotch Krush on the middle rope allowing Christopher to go up top and hit his Hip-Hop Drop for the win.
Winner: Brian Christopher in 5:00
Rating: *1/2 (Christopher had his obnoxious act in full force. This was basically an excuse to get Sadler and Marlin on TV again. TNA was trying to get its name out there so you can’t really blame them. A nothing match though.)

We get more of the cage-dancers as Tenay hypes the Lingerie Battle Royal.

Match Four: Lingerie Battle Royal featuring Elektra, Erin, Francine, Joanie, Alexis Laree, Sasha, Taylor Vaughn, Shannon and Tyler
They are all wearing white pajamas. You are eliminated if you lose said pajamas. Tyler is gone first, revealing a very skimpy black number. Sasha is next in white granny panties. Erin gets stripped down to black lingerie and is gone. The rest of the girls team up on Francine and strip her down to her red lingerie. Joanie is gone in black. Francine breaks down in tears at ringside. Ferrara goes to her aid and cops a feel. Francine proceeds to take off his belt and whip him back to the announce table. They go back to the ring and it’s down to Vaughn and Electra. Vaughn strips her down and wins.
Winner: Taylor Vaughn in 4:00
Rating: N/A (How do you rate that? Some of the girls looked pretty good but most were trashy. The ones who could actually wrestle (i.e. Alexis Laree) were barely on camera.)

Post-match, Francine strips Vaughn and whips her with Ferrara’s belt.

In the back, Goldilocks is with Apolo. Before he can get in a few words, Bobcat (David Young’s valet) interrupts and gets into it with Goldilocks. Interview over.

Match Five: Apolo vs. David Young
Young is accompanied by Bobcat. Lock-up and Young transitions into a side headlock. He goes for shoulderblocks but can’t get Apolo off his feet. They do the under/over running spot and Apolo catches him with a bodyslam. Apolo blocks a hiptoss and hits a double under-hook suplex that sends Young to the outside. He follows and tosses him back in. In the corner, Apolo chops away and hits a splash. He misses a corner shoulderblock and Young takes over with strikes. Outside, Bobcat flirts with JB. Young wrenches the arm and takes Apolo down. He puts in a shoulder stretch but ends it when he notices Bobcat’s flirting. Apolo rolls him up from behind for two. Young regroups and hits a clothesline. He follows with an enzuigiri that gets two. A snap suplex gets another two. Young gets a snapmare and locks in a reverse chinlock. Apolo fights out and hits a tornado DDT off the middle rope. He misses a clothesline in the corner which allows Young to hit a spinebuster. He doesn’t go for a cover though as he is distracted by Bobcat’s continued flirting. Young heads to the top and misses a moonsault. Back up, Apolo connects with a super kick and a TKO for the win.
Winner: Apolo in 5:00
Rating: ** (Average match that did two things right: introduced us to David Young/Bobcat and kept Apolo looking strong after a good performance in the Gauntlet for the Gold. Basic but effective.)

Post-match, Bobcat gloats as Young looks on disapprovingly.

In the ring, Joel Gertner does his shtick and talks about the Rainbow Express. They are gay just like Elton John and live better lives than most straight people. Lenny and Bruce come out, as Tenay explains how this gimmick was deemed too controversial for WCW. Bruce is subbing for Lodi.

In the back, The Dupps tell Goldilocks that they are not willing to face the Rainbow Express. Bill Behrens begs James Storm and Chris Harris to fill in for them. They accept.

Match Six: The Rainbow Express vs. James Storm/Chris Harris
The first teaming of what would eventually become a major tag team in TNA- America’s Most Wanted. Both Storm and Harris actually got their jobs in TNA after Jarrett was impressed by a tryout match they had together a few days before the first show. The Express attack Storm and Harris as they slide into the ring. Storm and Harris both telegraph back body drops and Bruce gets sent outside. Storm hits Lenny with an inverted atomic drop and a bulldog as Harris goes to his corner. Lenny blocks a super kick but Storm hits with another. Lenny elbows a charging Storm and tornado DDTs him out of the corner. After a leg drop, he tags in Bruce with a kiss to the hand. Bruce gets a sunset flip for two. Harris enters a tilt-a-whirl head scissors Lenny. Bruce slugs away at Storm in the corner. The Express double team on Storm behind the refs back. Lenny hits a vertical suplex and pins him seductively for two. Bruce tags in and bodyslams Storm. He follows with boots and fists. Lenny tags in and sinks in a Lion Tamer. Harris comes in and clotheslines Lenny off. Both men tag in their partners and Harris attacks. Thesz Press on Lenny as Storm sends Bruce to the outside. Back in, Lenny hangs Harris on the top rope. Harris reverses a bodyslam into a roll-up for two. He gets a backslide for two more. Lenny rolls him up for two. Harris pushes him off and gets his own roll-up for the win.
Winners: James Storm/Chris Harris in 5:00
Rating: ** (Pretty good introduction for Storm and Harris. West was especially aggravating during this match, basically regurgitating every time the Rainbow Express would tag each other in. Talk about overacting.)

In the ring, Ricky Steamboat- wearing a referee shirt- introduces the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Ken Shamrock. This man has joined an elite class of wrestlers. It is etched in stone. “You damn skippy,” says West. Shamrock will defend the belt with pride and class. He has risen to the top of every organization he has been a part of. West goes to the skippy line again. I think once a year is enough, Don.

James Mitchell comes out. He is on a mission from God. Not Shamrock’s God, but his own. His disciples of the New Church will make sure they control the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. He dares Shamrock to defend his belt against one of his disciples next week. Out comes Slash. Shamrock challenges Slash to a fight right now. Malice appears behind Shamrock and attacks. Steamboat and security try to get him off, but to no avail. Mitchell instructs Malice to save himself some for next week.

We get highlights of last week’s 6-man tag between AJ Styles/Low-Ki/Jerry Lynn and The Flying Elvises. Tenay informs us that the Elvises are infuriated that they are not in the X-Division Championship match tonight.

Match Seven: X-Division Championship- Double Elimination Four Corners Match- AJ Styles vs. Psicosis vs. Low-Ki vs. Jerry Lynn
Styles and Psicosis start. Lock-up and Styles puts in a side headlock. Off the ropes, he hits a hard shoulderblock then some chops. Psicosis wheel barrels him and slams him down face first. Styles lands on his feet off a monkey flip and connects with a super kick. Cover gets two. Psicosis hits an elbow on a charging Styles and a spinning kick. He goes up top and connects with a guillotine leg drop for two. Styles catches Psicosis coming off the ropes and hits his very first TNA Styles Clash to give Psicosis an elimination at the 2:00 mark.

Ki comes in right away with kicks. Styles ranas Ki from the mat. He rolls off Ki’s back coming off the ropes and attempts a German suplex but Ki connects with a kick to the back of the head. “It’s like watching Bruce Lee out there!”- Don West. Ki chops in the corner and goes for a cartwheel attack but Styles catches him. He attempts a Styles Clash but Ki gets away. Styles charges and Ki throws him onto the top rope. Ki follows and locks in a dragon sleeper. He rolls off the top rope with it still locked in! Sweet! Styles grabs the ropes. Back up, Styles hangs Ki on the top rope but Ki moves to the apron and delivers a kick to the chest. He goes to the top and misses a twisting moonsault but lands on his feet. Styles blocks a kick and connects with a nice clothesline. He hits a German suplex, rolls through and delivers a sitout facebuster to give Ki an elimination at the 4:24 mark.

Lynn comes in with a quick clothesline. A cradle piledriver gives Styles an elimination at the 4:44 mark.

Psicosis comes in with a nice missile dropkick off the top rope. Lynn ducks a clothesline and gets in a snapmare. He leaps over a charging Psicosis and nails a rana. In the corner, he puts the boots to Psicosis but gets Irish whipped into the opposite side. Psicosis runs into two boots on the charge as Lynn heads to the middle rope. Bulldog gets him two. Lynn goes for a powerbomb but Psicosis ranas him out of the ring. Psicosis heads back in and connects with a somersault plancha. Back in, Psicosis goes to the top and hits a spinning kick for two. Psicosis attempts a powerslam but Lynn counters into an elbow drop for two. Lynn misses a dropkick as Psicosis hangs on to the ropes. He heads to the top but is greeted with another dropkick on the way down. Cradle piledriver finishes Psicosis at the 7:44 mark.

Ki comes in with a stiff kick to the chest for two. A bodyslam sets up a Great Muta elbow drop for two. Chops in the corner leave Lynn lying where Ki chokes him with a boot. Ki sends Lynn to the opposite side and charges but Lynn gets a boot up. He heads to the top but Ki hits a rolling kick as Lynn hangs on. Ki climbs and ranas Lynn off but Lynn rolls through on the mat for two. Ki stomps the head then delivers a kick to the chest. Lynn comes back with a forearm and they trade blows. Lynn catches a kick and hits with an enzuigiri. They stand up and trade some more blows with Lynn getting the advantage. He back body drops Ki and connects with a couple of clotheslines. Lynn charges in the corner but Ki flips him onto the apron. Lynn blocks a shoulderblock and hits a leg drop through the middle rope. He motions for the cradle piledriver but Ki reverses into an armbar. Lynn gets out of it with a nice powerbomb for a very near fall. Ki has a small cut on his lip which prompts West to say, “He’s bleeding, his blood is pouring out!” Ki gets out of a brainbuster attempt and sets Lynn up for a Muscle Buster which Lynn reverses into a DDT. Lynn connects with a short arm clothesline and hits the cradle piledriver to eliminate Ki at the 12:03 mark.

We are down to the final two. Styles has one elimination against him while Lynn has zero. Styles hits a discus clothesline and goes for the quick pin that gets him two. He calls for a Styles Clash but Lynn counters it into a rana. A Styles spinning leg gets him two. Back up, Lynn hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Styles lands Lynn on the apron and tries to ram his head into the top turnbuckle but gets reversed. Lynn sunset flips his way back in but Styles blocks the pin attempt. Styles connects with a twisting springboard splash for two. Styles moonsaults off Lynn’s chest then walks into a boot. Lynn hits with a tornado DDT for two. Styles blocks a suplex attempt and hits a hangman’s noose neckbreaker for two. Lynn catches a charging Styles in the corner and sitout powerbombs him for two. Lynn attempts a cradle piledriver but Styles back body drops his way out. Styles hits a Styles Clash to give Lynn his first elimination at the 16:05 mark.

Sudden death now and Steamboat comes in as ref. He puts in the count as both men are down. They get up at eight and trade blows. In the corner, Styles catches a float over attempt but Lynn rolls through for two. They trade a long series of back and forth two counts. It ends when both run into the other’s clothesline. Ref puts in the count and both are up at nine. Styles puts Lynn back down with a dropkick. With Lynn on the apron, Styles misses a clothesline and gets choked on the top rope. Outside, Lynn drives Styles into the barricade and slams his head on the apron. Lynn rolls in to break the count and goes back outside. He Irish whips Styles into the apron but Styles leaps onto it and connects with his moonsault/inverted DDT. Back in, Styles covers for two. He ducks a clothesline and goes for another combination moonsault/inverted DDT but Lynn counters by suplexing him across the top rope. He hits a DDT with Styles slung over the top rope for two. Lynn stretches him in a back-to-back double under-hook type move but Styles escapes. Styles goes for a rana but Lynn catches it and drives him down with a sitout facebuster for two. Ref puts in the count as both are down. Lynn is up at nine and tries for a cradle piledriver but Styles blocks it and counters into a fireman’s carry neckbreaker for two. They are exhausted. Styles tries to suplex him but Lynn reverses into a brainbuster for two. Lynn locks in a sleeper but Styles jawbreaks his way out. He heads to the top but Lynn crotches him and hits a top rope superplex that gets two. Lynn desperately attacks with forearms and perches him on the top. Styles fights him off and hits a beautiful Spiral Tap for the win.
Winner: AJ Styles in 26:00 to become the first X-Division Championship
Rating: ****1/2 (Absolutely amazing match. It completely lived up to TNA’s name and proved that the company could be a worthwhile alternative. Saying that this match put AJ Styles on the wrestling map may be a bit much as not many people were watching, but it definitely opened the eyes of those who were. It also put over the cradle piledriver and Styles Clash as devastating finishers.)

Post-match, Styles celebrates with the belt as fireworks go off and confetti fills the ring.

We go to ringside where Tenay, Ferrara and West hype for next week:

– A one-night tournament to crown NWA World Tag Team Champions
– Scott Hall/Brian Christopher vs. Jeff Jarrett/K-Krush
– NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Ken Shamrock © vs. Malice

The 411: Definitely an improvement over the premiere. I wonder how many fans who purchased the first show were turned off and decided not to order this one though. However, while the X-Division Championship match was a must-see, the rest of the card ranged from average to garbage. To their credit, that garbage was more toned down this week.
Final Score:  6.5   [ Average ]  legend

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