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Tom Fleming On Designing The Royal Rumble 1994 Poster, How He Started Working With WWE

March 24, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Royal Rumble 1994 Image Credit: WWE

Tom Fleming is known for his artwork for WWE in the 1990s, and the artist recently discussed coming up with the design for the famous 1994 Royal Rumble poster and more. Fleming was a guest on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, and you can see a couple of highlights from the interview below (per Fightful):

On how he started working with WWE: “It started off as like a trial period. My first job was not working in the office there, it was doing a painting for the Legion Of Doom’s merchandise poster. If you remember back then, there was a poster of Hawk & Animal standing in an alleyway. They basically said ‘We need this super realistic so that we can superimpose the figures on top’. They gave me the rundown and I took it back to my home studio, worked on it there and just drove it in. Once they were really happy with it, they said they were going to put me on a two-three day trial working in-house and if everything goes well then we’ll go to two-three weeks and go from there. It pretty much turned out to be almost a decade after that.”

On the concept behind the Royal Rumble ’94 poster: “They basically told me they wanted the feel of larger than life, the actual characters coming out of the TV and interacting with the viewers because it’s that interactive. They basically said do your thing, but they gave me a lot of creative room to play around with the composition and stuff. The giant TV with all of the wrestlers pouring out of it, and the people on the coach, funny enough, was my wife, the kid next door, and Mike Foley who was one of the art directors in the WWF at the time.”