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Tony Khan Lashes Out at Negative Twitter Users, Corrects Dave Meltzer, More

March 18, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Tony Khan AEW Dynamite Image Credit: AEW

Tony Khan is back on Twitter, which is either good or bad depending on how you look at it. Either way, he is lashing out at various negative people on the app, as well as correcting wrestling journalists. Most of his comments happened last night before AEW Rampage.

It started when he corrected a week-old post from Dave Meltzer (whose account has since been hacked) about covering travel costs for his wrestlers. Meltzer said that wrestlers are meant to take care of domestic costs on their own.

Khan replied: “That’s false Dave. Your statement’s true about other companies but doesn’t apply at all to AEW. AEW invests millions of dollars every year on very good quality hotel rooms + safe transport to take care of our wrestlers. It’s a huge investment I make on hotels weekly. That may be, but he wrote that before he got hacked, and tonight is Friday night, when I often correct the record on things I find to be inaccurate before #AEWRampage on

He then responded to a post from luchablog, who criticized those who say, “who?” when it comes to new talent booked for shows, specifically El Hijo del Vikingo on Wednesday’s Dynamite.

Khan replied: “They aren’t doing it to be genuine. A large % of those replies aren’t from real people, a lot of them are accounts that upon inspection seem to only exist to question and rip AEW and most of their other content seems to be a cover story to justify the existence of these accounts. One of my favorite bits they do is when they claim they used to love AEW in the old days, but not anymore, yet when you dig into their old posts, there’s nothing positive on AEW ever. Yes, I’m sure you all used to be great fans despite no evidence of that whatsoever.

You can see those and similar responses below.

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