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Tremendous Tirades: ECW Guilty As Charged 2001

June 10, 2005 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Tremendous Tirades: ECW Guilty As Charged 2001  

The last chapter in ECW as we knew it happened January 7th of 2001. The Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, New York in front of 2,500 rabid ECW fans. With the Shane Douglas ran Hardcore Homecoming and WWE One Night Stand shows this weekend; I felt it appropriate to look back on what truly was ECW’s last stand. Not the Invasion version, not Douglas’s and not the WWE’s version, the real final ECW PPV. This is also a special treat, because I haven’t seen the show since it aired, and I am breaking out the VHS my wife bought me of it last year, that is still in the plastic from a fabulous Ebay lot, I love that woman! Also for you that need it, I am even doing star ratings. Do you see the sacrifices I make for you? DO YOU SEE? Let’s get to the show.

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner welcome us, and say no one is innocent and they are all Guilty as Charged!

Traditional Joel Gertner Introduction: Well…well…well…! It is I, the man that if it’s a crime for my cock to be large, I must be Guilty as Charged. The quintessential stud muffin, Joel, another PPV here in New York City, and with her face on my nuts even that girl would look pretty. But wait, wait wait, I really shouldn’t have said that, that was kind of shitty, you just have to realize I am trying to be witty, don’t be offended because that would truly be a pity. Cause I was gonna fondle those titties, and lick that little clitty…Gertner.

As the man that has led the most successful tag team in ECW history, he introduces another team with that same potential. Joey Matthews and Christian York!

Match #1 Christian York and Joey Matthews vs. Cyrus and Jerry Lynn

The Baldies run down and attack Matthews and York! Matthews and York try to fight them off and York is back dropped into the crowd! DDT TO GERTNER ON THE FLOOR! They toss Matthews in the ring and hit a double flapjack. Here is Cyrus and Lynn. York is back in and tries a RANA but is held up and gets a Dooms Day Device-like drop kick from the Baldies. Lynn is in and CRADEL PILE DRIVER to Matthews! He tags Cyrus and he covers, still in his suit and gets the pin as Joey Styles finally gets to the commentary position.

Winners: Cyrus and Jerry Lynn @ (No time, because the attack was on the ring entrance, and just brawled until a pin.) (N–R)

The Baldies toss York and Cyrus pays off the Baldies with Cigars. They must be ECW special cigars. Cyrus grabs the mic as the crowd chants “YOU SUCK DICK!” Cyrus calls Lynn the greatest wrestler from Minnesota. He calls Matthews and York losers and are there to make stars like him look good. He had that job for 12 FUCKIN years and it isn’t his job anymore. His job is to be who he is and he is The Whole Fuckin Show! They chant for RVD and Lynn says he’s not here and won’t be (which is carny for HE WILL BE HERE NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.) He isn’t the surprise. The surprise is that he will ever work in ECW unless it is in the main event, because he is Jerry LYYYYYYNN!

We get the PPV opening with music and all now. This is the Pioneer Release of the show. Cyrus is at the announce position now as well.

Match #2 Hot Commodity (Julio Deniro and EZ Money) w/Confederate Currency Chris Hammerick and Electra vs. “Dastardly” Danny Doring and The Amish Roadkill ©

Julio and Doring to start and Doring threatens Electra. Lockup and a kick by Julio. Arm bar and elbow to Doring. Rights by Julio for Doring takes him to the corner and works him over with rights. Reversals and Julio with a drop toehold. La Magisterial cradle for 2 by Julio. Sidekick by Doring and a wristlock, but Julio fights out with a suplex. Tag to EZ and a hip toss to Doring. He flips out of a counter and mocks Doring. Roadkill is in and EYE POKE! Fall down slam. Roadkill with a Vader splash-like elbow. Tag to Doring and a version of the Hart Attack. Power slam by Roadkill on Julio. Panty Drop elbow by Doring. Roadkill whips EX into Julio and tries to crush them and misses and flies to the floor! PLANCHA by Julio on Roadkill! Doring with the G-Spot Sweep on EZ! Doring runs off of the back of EZ and tries a plancha and eats an elbow by Julio. Roadkill chokes Electra and Hammerick takes out Roadkill with a super kick. EZ flies over the guardrail to nail Roadkill. Julio picks up Doring and Hammerick flies in with a bulldog on him and Julio gets 2. STO by Julio and a tag to EZ. Double hip toss to Doring. Double team slam to Doring for 2. Right hands by EZ and Doring is in trouble. Boot to EX though and tries a tornado DDT, reverses…EZ BOMB for 2! Slam to Doring, and EZ up top…leaps and eats a boot! Julio in and nails Roadkill with a dropkick and now to work on Doring. Head scissors by Julio. Hangman’s neck breaker for 2. WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM to Julio! BARE BACK to EZ! Tag to Roadkill! Clotheslines and rights to all! Barn Burner to Julio! Amish Bomb to EZ! Double springboard clothesline by Roadkill! Jalapeno Popper by Julio! Moonsault by EZ on Roadkill 1…2…NO! EZ grabs Roadkill and Hammerick springs in and NAILS EZ! The ref tosses him and Roadkill rams him into EZ! Julio tries a wheel barrel bulldog, countered…Money Bag to Julio finishes it!

Winners: Danny Doring and Road Kill © 10:10. Fun tag and a good way to officially start the show match wise. **

After the match EZ, Julio and Hammerick beat down the champs with the tag titles. NOVA IS HERE! Yakuza to Hammerick! Up top and a splash to Hammerick on the floor!

Match #3 Confederate Currency Chris Hammerick w/Electra vs. Nova

Nova chases Electra and Hammerick nails him. Back in the ring and we officially start. Super kick by Hammerick. Springboard drop kick by Hammerick gets 2. Hammerick misses a knee charge and a dragon screw leg whip…FIGURE FOUR! Electra breaks it up. Suplex into a face crusher by Hammerick gets 2. Right hands to Nova and Hammerick is in control. They exchange right hands and a reverse x-factor by Nova. Nova up top…Electra crotches him! Hammerick goes up…SUPER RANA! HOLY SHIT! 1…2…NO! Rights to Nova and Nova asks for more and fights back! Nova is on fire here and kicks to Hammerick. Enziguri! Cover gets 2. SUPER KICK by Nova! 1…2…NO! Electra in…slams her down. Cobra clutch to Hammerick…ref bump! Nova locks it in on the mat with a body scissors now and Chris Chetti runs down and nails Nova!

Chetti is dressed like a ref. Lou E Dangerously is in and nails another ref! Chetti has counted Nova out and here’s SPIKE DUDLEY! Lou says he is surprised he actually showed up. He would never call himself a Dudley, everyone knows that Chetti lost a loser leaves town match and then Chetti beats on Spike. ACID DROP TO CHETTI! SENTON BY NOVA ON CHETTI! Hammerick back in and KRYPTONITE KRUNCH by Nova and Spike counts the 3!

Winner: Nova @ 7:15. Too much extra crap, but since Nova invented star ratings this gets *.

We are joined by “The King of Old School” Steve Corino and Jack Victory. He is the ECW Champion! He walked into ECW and thought he was a joke, and a coward. He proved them wrong. He went from being Rhino’s manager, to ending the American Dream to becoming ECW Champion in one year! He has no gold belt though, because the Sandman has ruined it for him. Live on PPV he will walk up the ladder, and take his belt back and finally walk out the true Champion with his belt. He’s also going to nail Justin’s girl, OH SNAP! Because he is the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Match #4 I QUIT MATCH: “The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer vs. “The Enforcer” CW Anderson

They don’t wait for the bell as they brawl during the announcements! They lock up and circle the ring and all the way to the floor while holding the lock up. Chops by Dreamer and tries a whip but is reversed and into the steel railing. Chops by CW but Dreamer gets a suplex to CW on the floor. CW rolled in and as Dreamer tries to get in, CW tries to knock him off, but Dreamer stuns the arm. Sling shot cross body by Dreamer? Dragon Sleeper by Dreamer, and CW refuses to give up. CW fights out and rams Dreamer’s shoulder to the steel post. Shoulder stunner ala the Anderson family and CW locks in an Ole like arm bar submission and Dreamer doesn’t give. Sky High power bomb by Dreamer and a single leg crab by Dreamer but CW gets the ropes. Dreamer sets up a chair in the corner as they then go to the floor. Dreamer rams CW’s arm off of the steel railing and then puts it in the chair in the corner. He grabs another chair…conchairto on the arm of CW! Dreamer looks for toys under the ring and gets a wrench and nails CW. He has the ring bell, picks up CW and lays the bell on his head…KWANG WITH THE WRENCH! Dreamer drives the wrench into CW’s head! LOW BLOW by CW and he tossed Dreamer into the railing. CW tosses him back in the ring and h has a chair. Drop toehold of destruction Raven style! Dreamer is busted open and CW sets it up again. Knee breaker on the chair and Dreamer is hurting. CW with a seated reverse figure four and Dreamer refuses to give up. He fights out with right hands. Chair shot to the knee by CW and one to the back. WAFFLE SHOT to the head! Dreamer is still up! WAFFLED AGAIN and Dreamer is pouring blood but refuses to go down! Boot to CW and the chair goes into his head. Elbow drop into the chair by Dreamer! Dreamer with a present? IT’S RAZOR WIRE! CW takes Dreamer down, grabs towel boy but gets nailed with a wrapped up cookie sheet I believe. Seated full nelson by Dreamer no on CW, and into a camel clutch position. Ref is down and towel boy back in and they work over CW. Ferris Wheel by CW, towel boy up top, CW nails him…STALLING SUPERPLEX! ECW! ECW! ECW! ECW! The ref is back up, super kick by CW blocked into a key lock. Dreamer releases it and CW with an elbow. SPINE BUSTER ON THE RAZOR WIRE BY CW! Arm bar submission by CW and he gets the ropes. CW with the chair again, and now to the floor to get another. He sets them up and tries a suplex…onto the chairs! HOLY SHIT CHANTS! CW with one of the chairs, sets it on the corner and has the other one around Dreamer’s head and RAMS him into the corner! CW gets a table and slides it into the ring. He sets it up and goes up top but Dreamer nails him with the chair! SPICOLI DRIVER THROUGH THE TABLE! He wraps part of the table around CW’s eyes and he quits!

Dreamer and CW shake after the match.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer @ 14:17. Great match with a really smart build through out. ***3/4

We get replays from the last match.

Corino and Francine are in the back, not sure who sorry, make sexual innuendo about a large salami sandwich. Missy Hyatte is there in a towel with Justin Credible and they make John Tatum jokes. Corino is excited to see her. Victory asks is she remembers him and she answers, “did I fuck you?” He says no, you managed me. She says he must have managed himself and he gets pissed.

Match #5 Super Crazy and Kid Kash vs. The FBI (Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke) w/Big Sal vs. Mikey Whipreck and Tajiri w/The Sinister Minister

Kash, Tony and Mikey to start and they tease a lock up. Kash nails Mikey and Tony and a series of reversals. Hip toss to Mikey. Kash with a blown spot as he springs in and Tony runs. Tag to Crazy and Tajiri. Guido stays on the apron and gets a kick from Tajiri. Arm drag by Tajiri on Crazy. Reversals and a kick by Tajiri after some reversals to the crowds pleasure. Guido in with an arm lock to Tajiri. Spin kick by Tajiri for 2. Crazy springs in and both men move and he crashes and burns. Double team by Mikey and Tajiri to Crazy, and Kash flies in , then Crazy and then Tony! Tarantula by Tajiri on Kash! Surfboard by Crazy on Guido! Reverse STF by Mikey on Tony! Crazy up and nails Tajiri. Mikey tossed to the floor. The FBI tosses Crazy back in and then to the floor the go. Plancha by Crazy! Kash with a springboard into a moonsault onto all 5 men! HOLY SHIT CHANTS! Crazy and Tajiri back in, Spanish 10 count and Mikey into save Tajiri. Kash in and a RANA to Mikey! Back slide on Tajiri for 2. Crazy with a plancha, misses Tajiri and eats the railing. Big Sal in…SPLASH on Kash! Tony covers and Kash and Crazy are eliminated!

Guido whips Tajiri to the steel and then tries a splash but is back dropped into the crowd. Leg drop on the floor by Mikey to Tony. They roll him back in and Mikey boots him in the face. Kicks by Tajiri. Corner clothesline by Mikey, neck snap by Tajiri, Mikey hold him…BUZZSAW KICK! Guido up top and They toss him back in. Tajiri with the tree of woe on Guido! Tree of woe on Tony! Running basement drop kicks by Tajiri. Mikey misses Tony as he pulls up and Sal tosses him back in. Inverted tornado DDT by Tony. Sicilian Slice by Guido for 2 on Mikey. Basement drop kick by Guido for 2. Tony in with a drop kick to Tajiri. Tag to Tony and they set Mikey on top…DOUBLE SUPER BOMB! 1…2…NO! Make a wish on Mikey and Tajiri in to save him. Snap suplex by Tony, rolls through and back to their feet….WHIPPER SNAPPER BY MIKEY! Tag to Guido and Tajiri! Tajiri with kicks for all…spinning modified airplane spin! They set up chairs in the corners…and the FBI gets a steel chair buffet! Mikey covers Tony for 2. Mikey sets him on top…Tony stops him. FBI up top…Mikey fights them off…DOUBLE TOP ROPE WHIPPER SNAPPER! They lock in arm bars but Tajiri in…MIST! Double Tiger Suplexes on the FBI 1…2…3!

Winners: Mikey Whipreck and Tajiri @ 13:29 Pure spotty fun to start, and worked into a nice match later on. ***1/2

Replays from the match are shown.

The Sandman smokes backstage. He has no problem with handing the belt back tonight, because it will be hung high and will win it. There will be tables, chairs, ladders and canes. He opens a beer. He is the King of Extreme, the Hardcore Icon. So if you were a betting man, who would you bet on?

Match #6 Johnny Swinger and Simon Diamond w/Dawn Marie vs. Balls Mahoney and Chilly Willy

Swinger has a problem. He says it is the holiday season, Simon has been getting more form Dawn than he, and he should share. He hasn’t benefited from Dawn, so he has taken it upon himself to get his own manager. The Blue Boy and Jasmine! Swinger is happy.

The Blue Boy attacks Balls, and Chilly gets beat down by Simon and Swinger. PROBLEM SOLVER! Chair shot by Balls to Blue Boy! Rhino is out! GORE, GORE, GORE TO BALLS! DOUBLE GORE, GORE, GORE TO SIMON AND SWINGER! GORE, GORE, GORE TO DAWN MARIE! Chilly in to fight him now…Butt butt! GORE, GORE, GORE TO CHILLY! GORE, GORE, GORE TO BLUE BOY! IT’S A GORE BUFFET! He grabs Jasmine. 2nd ROPE PILEDRIVER! HOLY SHIT! The man beat ran wild!

Winner: Rhino, obviously for the mass ass kicking and GORE, GORE, GORE buffet *

Rhino backstage. He loves violence. It’s about more than Jasmine sucking his cock, its what he is about.

Match #7 Tables, Ladders, Chairs and Canes: The Sandman vs. Justin Credible vs. Steve Corino©

Sandman with his traditional entrance and shares some beer, that’s a hell of a guy. After nearly 5 minutes we get to the match.

Corino and JC attack Sandman as he slides in. Corino and JC go at it now and Corino back to attack the Sandman. He lays the ladder on Sandman in the corner, leg lariat to the ladder! Laid on JC, but JC tosses the ladder into Corino’s face! JC lays the ladder on Corino and Sandman elbows him. JC in and then to the floor and Sandman works over Corino. JC back in with rights to the Sandman and then nails Corino with the ladder. Lays the ladder on him, gets another…and rides it down onto Corino! Sandman with the ladder no and sets it in the corner. He whips Corino into it. Grabs JC and a bulldog onto the ladder! Sandman sets up the ladder and climbs, CANS SHOT by Corino! JC with the Terry Funk spinning ladder spot. Sandman catches him and rams him, with the ladder, into the corner. Sandman tosses the ladder at Corino now and sets it up again. He climbs and Corino knocks him off. Corino sets it up , but then gets a chair as does JC. They lay the ladder in the crotch of the Sandman and BATTERS UP! That had to hurt! Corino with right hands to JC and gets the cane. Nails JC repeatedly. Sandman with a ladder shot to Corino, but JC tosses him over the top through a table! HOLY SHIT CHANT! JC with a chair, reversal, Raven drop toehold of pain to JC. Corino sets up a ladder and Sandman in to stop him. Rights to JC and Corino and JC to the floor. LOW BLOW to Sandman by Corino and he sets up the ladder. CNAE SHOT by Sandman! JC on the top gets nailed and then tossed off. JC is busted open now and tossed to the floor. Sandman with a suplex onto the ladder and Corino is hurt. Sandman to the floor and beats on JC. Back in the ring and JC is tossed to the floor through a table! Sandman grabs a ladder and throws it at Corino! Sets up another and the ladder bends under him and he crashes and burns! OUCH! Sandman goes for a table and JC kicks at Corino. Corino and JC in the ring and JC beats on him with right hands. Sandman back in and right hands to him as well. Corino sets up a ladder and climbs. JC up top…MISSILE DROP KICK to the ladder! Sandman is back up and sets up the ladder. He bates on Corino and JC and climbs. Corino tosses him off the ladder, over the top through another table! Table set up, and Corino with a catapult to JC into the ladder! Old School Expulsion, reversed into THAT’S INCREDIBLE! COOCHIE-CUM-RANA BY FRANCINE TO SANDMAN! Sandman with a HUGE ladder now. They set it up and JC and Corino climbs. The belt gets raised higher! Sandman with a cane to JC and Corino and they fall. Right hands by Sandman and JC climbs again. Corino up as well…and they crash through the table! Sandman is up, he climbs…HE WINS!

Winner: and NEW ECW Heavyweight Champion The Sandman @ 13:25 Good brawl, fun spots, but it left something to be desired.**1/2

Sandman hugs the belt and stands tall. Jack Victory brings a table in and Corino and JC are up. Stand off with Sandman and they shake hands. The Baldies are out and they get beat down! JC and Corino battle with them and Sandman stays in the ring. Rhino is out! GORE, GORE, GORE!

“Fuck you New York! Why is he the TV champ when they don’t have TV? Sandman has the belt he wants, and that is the belt he is willing to kill for. Come on Sandman, come on king of extreme, I want a match now! FUCK YOU! Your family is here, be a man or I will hurt them. FUCK YOU!”

Sandman: “Ring the FUCKING BELL!”

Match #8 Rhino© (TV Champ) vs. The Sandman© (ECW World Champ)

Rhino betas him down and GORE, GORE, GORE THROUGH THE TABLE! 1…2…NO! “Fuck you Rhino” Chant and Cyrus leaves the broadcast table. PILEDRIVER FROM THE RING APRON THROUGH A TBALE BY RHINO! He drags Sandman back in 1…2…NO! Piledriver on a piece of broken table to Sandman. 1…2…3!

Winner: and NEW ECW Heavyweight Champion Rhino @ 4:59 HEAT! *

Cyrus to the ring, and proclaims Rhino the UNDISPUTED Champion! Cyrus challenges anyone in any company to challenge Rhino, bring it right fucking now!

RVD IS HERE! Rhino lays the belt down and Jerry Lynn is out and attacks RVD!

Match #9 Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn

Lynn only wrestles main events and he has stolen one here! Right hands to RVD. Reversals and stand off to “WELCOME BACK” chants! RVD bows to the crowd. He then goes and high fives with the fans. Back in now and here we go again. Stalling and lock up, arm bar by RVD and Lynn fights out. Reversals and Lynn with a wristlock. RVD with an escape and a wristlock to Lynn. Leg sweep, reversals and Lynn with a cross body takes them both to the floor. Lynn with right hands and whips RVD to the steel. Another whip and RVD with a moonsault off of the railing! RVD is bleeding from the mouth. RVD whips Lynn and plays to the crowd. Suplex on Lynn, drops him on the steel. Spinning leg drop to Lynn. RVD back in and suplexes Lynn back in, press slam by RVD and drops him down. Asai moonsault for 2! He bows again. Right hands to Lynn now and RVD whips him Lynn to the 2nd rope and nails RVD with a clothesline! Boots by Lynn and chops to RVD. Kick to the head of RVD and whips him, and gets the leg drop to RVD as he tried a shoulder block. RVD is on the apron now and dropkicked to the floor! Cyrus and Lynn hug in celebration. Lynn goes after RVD and whips him to the steel and follows with a clothesline. He peels back the mat and then rams RVD into the post and then slams him on the concrete. “Hit the Bald Guy” chant, a guy in the front row talking trash to Lynn. Back in the ring with Lynn in control booting away at RVD. Reversal and a roll up by Lynn, and a roll up reversal series and Lynn gets 2 on a messed up roll up. “You fucked up” chants as well. Lynn with a slam, reversed and spin kick by RVD. Rolling thunder by RVD gets 2! RVD gets a chair and goes back in. Sets Lynn in the corner…running Van Damninator! Cyrus tried to revive Lynn and RVD has the chair again. Whips Lynn…rolls through and tries the monkey flip, Lynn counters into a SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB ONTO THE CHAIR FOR 2! RVD IS DEAD! Lynn up and rams RVD to the corner. Whips him and reversal, boot to RVD. Tornado DDT reversed, then by Lynn and again by RVD who gets a snap mare. Lynn with a SICK German for 2! Both men up and Lynn boots away at RVD. He gets a chair and lays it down. RVD off the ropes…DDT ON RVD ONTO THE CHAIR gets 2! Lynn grabs RVD again and chops him in the corner. Boot by RVD and a springboard spin kick by RVD. RVD up top and Cyrus tries to pull him off, fails. FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH MISSES! Lynn rolls him up and gets 2! Gertner is out, chases Cyrus in the ring…DDT TO CYRUS! Lynn with a chair, misses VAN DANIMATOR! He sets up Lynn in the corner, Gertner grabs a chair and holds it for RVD! VANTERMINATOR! LYNN IS DEAD! 1…2…3!

Winner: Rob Van Dam @ 19:42 Not up to the level of past encounters, lots of playing the crowd but still good and very fun **1/2

RVD stands tall and celebrates and then high fives the fans.

Francine says she needs 3 men. Corino says the handshake with he and Credible was a shoot. They may not like each other, but the respect each other. They are the new Impact Players and we fade out.

The 411: Overall not the greatest of PPV’s. A lot doesn’t hold up well in 2005, namely the 3-way ladder match. RVD and Lynn wasn’t nearly as good as past encounters, with RVD looking very rusty and stalling too much. The I QUIT match and 3-way tag were still as good as I remember and make this a fun show. But the real reason to own this is for historical reasons. It wasn’t ran as a “final” show, but knowing that it was you just get this feeling of completion when it comes to ECW. This was truly an end of an era in pro wrestling that still has a major impact today. Recommendation to own, especially if you loved ECW.
Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend

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