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Tremendous Tirades Throwback: TNA Genesis 2005

November 19, 2006 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Tremendous Tirades Throwback: TNA Genesis 2005  


JB and Franchise run down the card and say tonight will be the biggest night in TNA history.

  • An Abyss vs. Sabu video package runs.

    Tenay and West welcome us now, and hype the card.

    Sharky vs. Nigel McGinnis w/Iron

    Lock up and McGinnis with a go behind, Sharky escapes and some reversals and they stand off. Wristlock by Sharky now and McGinnis escapes, and takes Sharky down. McGinnis works the arm, Sharky gets out, McGinnis to the corner and Sharky bites his ass. Clotheslines and chops by Sharky. Irish whip, reversal, head stand on the corner by McGinnis and then a boot and cover for 2. Weird ass submission move by McGinnis, Sharky escapes but McGinnis slams him down and covers for 2. Rear chinlock by McGinnis, Sharky elbows out and gets the jawbreaker on McGinnis. Rights by Sharky, off the ropes and a boot to McGinnis. Neckbreaker and Sharky covers for 2. Corner mount punches by Sharky, bites McGinnis again and gets a bulldog out of that for 2. Dropkick to McGinnis, but he retaliates with a left arm lariat for 2. Sharky tries the DSD… McGinnis goes up now…superplex by McGinnis gets 2. McGinnis boots Sharky in the head and mocks him, Sharky rolls him up and gets the WIN!

    Winner: Sharky @ 5:30 via pin *

    Franchise is with Team Canada. Roode says tonight it is a 6-sided stick fight. Team Canada loves a fight, but more than that they love hockey sticks. Kip James better call the match down the middle, and the 3LK will be Canadianized. Petey says is that he has been on a roll, as he won 2 Ultimate X Matches and last night hit the Canadian Destroyer on AJ. Petey says AJ better be Phenomenal, because otherwise he will lose to the Canadian Destroyer. Coach D’Amore says he will be busy in meetings all night, and won’t be at ringside. If the acquisition comes through, it will be a great night for Team Canada. Eric Young cries, and Roode slaps him. OHHHHHHHHHH CANNNNNNNNNADA!

    JB shills the show.

  • We get a video package for the 6-man main event.

    The Diamonds in the Rough (Simon Diamond, Elix Skipper and David Young) vs. Hoyt and The Naturals (Stevens and Douglas)

    Elix and Hoyt to start, Elix takes him down with rights, but Hoyt fights back, slams him down and gets 2. Hoyt with a flapjack to Hoyt. Corner mount punches by Hoyt on Elix. Tag to Douglas and Elix rakes his eyes and Young is in. Forearm by Douglas and Stevens in and cleans house. Stevens tosses Douglas onto Young and Elix. Hoyt with a plancha to all of the Diamonds. The Naturals with the double team bulldog into the knee combo. Stevens with knees and boots to Young. Rights to Young, off the ropes and he misses and Elix spears him through the ropes. Simon and Elix go to work on the neck of Stevens. Douglas gets pissed and tires to save him, but that lets the Diamonds beat on him more. Tag to Young and a sandwich dropkick by Young and Elix gets 2. Young whips him off the ropes…TRANA by Stevens! Hoyt gets tagged in and cleans out the Diamonds. Boot to Simon, double choke slam to Young and Elix. Top rope elbow drop by Douglas gets 2. They try the Natural disaster, but Stevens is weak and can’t lift him. Douglas is tossed as well as Hoyt, they nail Stevens and they get the pin!

    Winner: The Diamonds in the Rough @ 5:50 via pin

    West hypes the crowd and runs down the card as we see a shot of the locker room where the “Major Acquisition” is.

    Raven walks…


    “In Memory of Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005”

    Cool video package opens up the show.

    Here comes Raven in his “battle skirt.” Larry Z is making him curtain jerk! Who is his opponent? Larry Z in the ring to tell him. Larry Z says the problems will end, and Raven brought this upon himself. Larry says he has 2 choices, sign a release and fly away with all his money, or 2 he can have his life made hell. Larry talks about the chick and Larry says here is his opponent.

    Raven vs. PJ Palaco (Justin Credible)

    They brawl to begin as the crowd chants, “That’s incredible!” Forearms by Palaco, but Raven with a knee to the head. Mounted punches by Raven and then knees to the head by Raven. Raven with a UFC style choke on Palaco, but he knees Raven in the junk and escapes. Boots to Raven now and then a choke. Running dropkick by Palaco, cover and a 2 count. Off the ropes and a boot by Palaco gets 2. Raven to the floor and Palaco follows with an ax handle off the apron. Raven rammed to the railing now. Back in the ring and Palaco with a rear chinlock on Raven now. He gets am arm bar as well now and then a dragon sleeper on Raven. Raven escapes but Palaco tosses him to the floor and follows. Kendo stick, Cassidy is out, and Palaco kills him with it. Back in the ring, missed Raven and Raven in control. Clothesline now. Clothesline bulldog combo by Raven now. Palaco tries a superkick, Raven grabs the ankle lock though. Palaco rolls out and gets a DDT on Raven for 2. Reversal by Raven…EVENFLOW and that’s all.

    Winner: Raven @ 6:00 via pin*

    Video package about the 3LK/Kip James vs. Team Canada.

    Franchise with the 3LK. He asks about the major acquisition. BG says people are leaving a sinking ship. Tonight they will take the match because of Kip. They tell Konnan to trust him. Konnan says he refuses to, but they will do the damn thing.

    Kip went to the HBK school of queer ref gear.

    Konnan makes mention of Eddie, which gets a HUGE Eddie chant.

    6-Sided Stick Fight: 3LK (BG, Killings and Konnan) vs. Team Canada (Roode, A1 and Young) w/ Special Ref Kip James

    TC goes for the sticks right away, and we have a mass brawl. They pair off and Kip tries to get them in the ring. BG and Roode in the ring now. Young has a wacky hat on, climbs for the stick and gets it. Kip stops him because he wasn’t the legal man. Kip breaks it and takes his hat! MEANIE! BG jukes and jives on Roode. Shaky knee drop. Covers for 2. BG goes for a stick…jokes about it being too high and tags in Ron. Ron up, Roode grabs him but he kicks him off. Ron has a stick now, but Roode knocks him down. Ron with the back flip, drop down and leg lariat combo for 2. Tag to Young, drop toehold and rights to Young. Tag to Konnan who has the stick with his shoe on it. Hip toss, shoe throw, which Young sells like death. BG in and Young beats on him. Tag to Roode and BG has a stick…Roode grabs him and gets the electric chair drop. Elbow drop by Roode. 2nd rope now…knee drop to BG for 2. Tag to A1. He beats down BG and he climbs…BG pulls him down and A1 with rights. Neckbreaker to BG gets 2. Young tagged in and covers for 2. Backbreaker by Young gets 2. Young climbs…gets a stick…but BG knocks the stick to the floor. Off the ropes, slam by Young and a cover for 2. Tag to Roode. Rights to BG, BG fires back and a full nelson slam by Roode and he gets a stick. Ron grabs it away from him and BG gets a boot to Roode. Tag to Young and Ron. Ron cleans house and gets a flying forearm. Cover and gets 2 as A1 saves. Everyone in now, Roode tosses BG away and A1 levels him with a clothesline. AX KICK by Ron. DVD to Ron by Roode, and a top rope elbow by Roode. Rolling thunder on Young by Konnan. Half crab by Konnan, broken up. Roode goes for another stick…gives it to A1 but Rona and BG have stocks. STICK FIGHT! They have Young, top rope nizzle leg drop with a hockey stick and the 3LK wins.

    Winner:3LK @ 10:35 via pin **

    Konnan shakes with Kip.

    Franchise with James Mitchell and Abyss. They talk about the new guy, Mitchell doesn’t care and they better not try to leap frog Abyss for a title shot. Mitchell says Sabu uses the barbed wire because that s the one thing Abyss is afraid of. Even the word scares Abyss. Mitchell had him in therapy to overcome it but Sabu ruined it all. Mitchell is glad he did, because after tonight there will be no more Sabu. Mitchell has an egg with a turban on it to represent Sabu, Abyss crushes it.

    They hype the acquisition as well as Monty vs. Hardy.

    They go to the locker room and here is the new guy…he walks…

    Lights go out…count down…CHRISTIAN CAGE! He has the swank jacket as well!

    Christian says he had a lot of questions asked to him this week. Were the rumors true, and if so why? He tells us this, he didn’t come here to see the same guy say the same thing week after week. JJ and AMW are watching backstage. He isn’t here to see people pull things out of other men’s asses. He also didn’t get fired…and another rumor. About him getting low-balled. He was offered a lot of money to stay…but he came to TNA is the same reason everyone is here right now. The reason he is here is because he loves WRESTLING. You know, I have been known for some jokes, pull a rib…but I don’t want anyone to ever forget that I am the greatest all around performer today. It’s like this. I am tired of egos and politics. I want to see guys busting their asses, wrestling reinvented. I watched Impact last night, a little plug for you. He remembers when there were 2 companies. There was an old one, and a new cutting edge one where he was. Now…it is EXACTLY the same. This is something I want to be a part of. I want to be the biggest piece of this puzzle. Jeff Jarrett, never wear white pants after labor day. Also, I came to take the one thing that alluded me my whole career…the NWA TITLE. Everyone stand up, take notice that I am here…and I will fulfill my destiny…because THAT’S…HOW…I…ROLL!

    Here comes Coach D’Amore with Roode. Coach is happy to see Christian here. No one is happier than him. Think about the times they shared in New Brunswick. They share some good times, and also how Stu stretched Adam. Nice. Coach says they have bigger things ahead of them. He heard what he said, and hey everyone wants to be champ. Coach says Christian needs to align himself with the “right people.” Coach says Petey will win the X Title and they will rule with JJ and AMW. With Christian joining them, they will rule TNA…together. Christian says that sounds good, but he has a question. Roode stops him and says the Coach is offering him everything. Roode say she has a chance to be a chance to be a part of something big. It’s simple “Captain Charisma,” you’re either or against us. Roode says they want an answer. Coach says we don’t need an answer right now. You have a little time but they need an answer tonight. He gives Christian a Team Canada shirt. Christian says it’s the right size, but he needs some time to see if it fits.

    Franchise is with Monty. He says Monty may have gotten leap frogged. Monty says this is not funny. Christian Cage, you wreak, but not of awesomeness and if you roll into the Serengeti all that will roll out is your head. Cage, Hardy, I have worked too hard to come this far. I am going major game hunting, and it starts with Hardy. The only thing you 2 will acquire is the POOOOOOOOOUNCE…PERIOD!

    Contenders Match: Monty Brown vs. Jeff Hardy

    Lock up and Jeff to the corner, Monty misses a right and Jeff nails him. Off the ropes, reversals and a jawbreaker by Jeff. Jeff makes a queer animal pose and then nails Monty. Knees by Monty, fall away slam to Jeff. Rights by Monty, off the ropes and Monty charges, misses and falls to the floor. Basement dropkick misses, and Monty rams him to the railing. Again and Monty is in control. Jeff tossed into the crowd and Monty walks away. Jeff climbs into the second level and flies back onto Monty! Jeff rams Monty into the steel steps. Back into the ring they go and leg drop rollup by Jeff gets 2. Off the ropes and a boot to Monty. Jeff charges and Monty gets a belly to belly and tosses Jeff to the floor. Monty follows and beats him down on the floor. Monty clears the announce table, and then tosses Jeff into the ring and makes fun of West and Tenay. Monty back in the ring as well and rams Jeff into the corner. Rights to the ribs of Jeff. More forearm smashes by Monty. He chokes him now and an Irish whip, Jeff misses the run up moonsault. Off the ropes, reversal and they clothesline each other. Rights by Jeff but Monty clubs him back down. Off the ropes, and Jeff with the crazy run up moonsault. Nizzie leg drop to Monty. Boot, TOF reversed and a Jeff with the reverse TOF for 2. Basemen dropkick by Jeff. Jeff goes up top…MISSES the swanton. Monty is up…Jeff off the ropes…POOOOOOOOOOOUNCE! 1…2…3!

    Winner: Monty Brown @ 9:00 via pin *

    Elimination X Promo.

    Franchise with Strong, Shelley and Daniels. They demand to know where Joe is. CD says Joe will be there when the time is right. Daniels gives them a pep talk and says he will lead them to victory. Daniels puts himself over, and says they will prevail.

    Elimination X: Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Alex Shelley and Roderick Strong vs. Chris Sabin, Matt Bentley w/Traci, Sonjay Dutt and Austin Aries I will be using a lot of abbreviations in this match.

    RS and Bentley to start. Lock up and a head lock by RS. Off the ropes and some reversals and another headlock. More reversals and Bentley cannot escape. Shoulder block by RS, but Bentley with an eventual headlock takeover. To the corner and chops by RS. Slam by Bentley and an arm drag takedown. Tag to Dutt. Off the ropes and a sweet reversal series and Dutt fell off of RS while doing a crazy tilt a whirl. Tag to AS and a kick to Dutt. AS with a nice reversal series and into a headlock on the mat. Rights to Dutt and off the ropes and a RANA by Dutt. Misses a corner splash and AS with a SWANK basement dropkick. Joe is tagged in and FACE WASH! Olay blocked, MORE KICKS and then gets it. Chops to Dutt, Irish whip and a moonsault to Joe for 2. Tag to Aries. Forearms to Joe. Kicks and Joe with an atomic drop and running senton. Joe is pissed! Tag to CD. Off the ropes and a tilt a whirl backbreaker to Aries. Aries with a swank escape and jumping back elbow to CD. Arm bar now on CD, tag to Sabin. Wristlock, reversed and a test of strength. Twisting head scissors by Sabin. RANA and CD is rocked. Joe nails Sabin, STO to Sabin by CD and a tag to RS, butterfly suplex gets 2. CD tagged back in and a DDT to Sabin for 2. Rear chinlock by CD, Sabin escapes and a leaping Enziguri to CD! Tags made to RS and Aries. Aries nails CD. RS has him, but Aries with a clothesline for 2. AS in with an Enziguri to Aries, final cut and Dutt makes the save. Joe in and kills Dutt. RANA by Sabin! RS with a BACK BREAKER to Sabin. Bentley in and flatliner to RS. CD in and he and Bentley to the floor. Everyone else is in, and AS to the floor. They gang up on Joe and toss him. TRIPLE FACE SUICIDE DIVES! Aries and RS back in, gets 2. Chops by RS, Irish whip, dropkick by Aries. BRAIN BUSTA! Aries up top…450! 1…2…3! Strong is gone @ 12:06.

    CD s in and rolls up Aries and he is gone @ 12:25.

    Dutt in now and, beats on CD and tags Bentley. Slam to AS now and a hip toss and count of 2. Tag to Sabin and a double back elbow to AS. Kicks and a running basement dropkick for 2. Dutt tagged in and reversals and Dutt dropkicks Joe off the apron. AS with a dropkick to Dutt. Standing SSP to AS for 2. Dutt up top, has the arm…sprinkler walk and gets CD. Superkick by AS and a crossface and CD and Joe clear the faces and Dutt taps @ 15:13/

    They beat down Bentley now, he escapes and AS EATS a superkick and AS is gone @ 15:50.

    Bentley and CD in now and finally a tag to Sabin. Tree of woe on CD, dropkick and gets him again. FISHERMAN’S BUSTER gets 2 for Sabin. Tag to Joe and kicks and chops to Sabin. Dropkick by Sabin but Joe with a powerslam for 2. Joe misses the running corner knee, Bentley is in, Elbow drop to Joe gets 2. CD tags in and goes for the BME and gets it for 2 on Bentley. CD up top…Sabin in and up as well… Bentley over…goes up. Joe is in…TOWER OF DOOM!!!!!!! Joe tosses Sabin. Running corner knee to Bentley. Face wash. Joe runs…SUPERKICK by Bentley for 2! CD back in, backslide and Bentley gets 2. Boot by Bentley, Joe grabs Bentley off of CD’s shoulders…MUSCLE BUSTA! Kokina Clutch by CD locked in and Bentley taps @ 20:45. Bentley was 26.

    Double kicks to Joe and a tornado DDT by Sabin. Forearm to Joe, Joe fires back and lights up Sabin. Sets him up top…Kick by Sabin…missile dropkick to Joe! He has Joe up…CD saves him and he nails CD. Joe nails Sabin and…Bentley pulls out Joe and CD gets the Angles Wings and pins Sabin.

    Winner: Daniels and Joe @ 23:25 via pin ***¾

    Joe and Daniels argue, they pound the rock and Joe KILLS Daniels! To the floor and Joe has a chair. HOLYSHIT he killed him with the chair shot! Daniels is busted wide open. He sets Daniels in the chair…OLAY, OLAY OLAY OLAY! Joe busts open the cut more and tosses him in the ring. MUSCLE BUSTA! Joe goes for the chair again and takes it in the ring. Security is out and Joe tosses them all out. He sets Daniels up top…MUSCLE BUSTA ON THE CHAIR! Refs come to the ring and Joe talks shit to Daniels. Joe smiles and leaves finally. Daniels is laying and not moving. They have the stretcher and AJ Styles comes out. He looks on concerned. They stretcher out Daniels.

    Franchise is with JJ and AMW. JJ says he was right about the outsiders coming in. He says they will not get rid of the cornerstones. AMW says they knew Team 3D came in, but were carried out. They should have stayed dead and buried. Storm say they will show them how truly great they are. JJ tells Christian he is with them or against them.

    Don West is at the ambulance. They take Daniels away.

    Abyss vs. Sabu video package is ran.

    No DQ Match: Abyss w/James Mitchell vs. Sabu

    Sabu with a chair shot. Abyss goes to the floor and triple jump plancha by Sabu! Rights to Abyss and they brawl at ringside. Abyss sent to the railing and Sabu grabs a table. Sets it up and Abyss nails him and tosses him in the ring. Abyss just pummels him down. He chokes him out now and Sabu bites his hand. Sabu rammed to the corner and Abyss is in control. Sabu down and Abyss with the corner splash now. Abyss busts Sabu open and a slam by Abyss. Abyss goes up top…Sabu up…nails him and Sabu up and RANA to Abyss! Sabu has the chair, but Abyss nails him and WAFFLES him with the chair. Abyss places the chair in the corner and Abyss misses the charge and eats the chair. Springboard leg lariat by Sabu. Triple jump moonsault by Sabu gets 2. He may have tweaked his knee. To the floor and sets up the table. Abyss is out and rolls Sabu in. Chair shot to Abyss. ARABIAN FACEBUSETR SENTON STYLE through the table on the floor! Now Abyss finds the thumbtacks, and has them in the ring. Sabu has a BARBEDWIRE CHAIR! Mitchell stops him and Abyss lays out Sabu. GOOZLE! Sabu fights back and Sabu keeps hitting him…right by Abyss. GOOZLE! CHOKE SLAM IN THE TACKS ON SABU! Cover and only 2! Sabu tries to fight but Abyss lays him in the tacks. Abyss to the 2nd rope…MISSES A FROG SPLASH IN THE TACKS! Sabu nails him into the tacks again. Boots by Sabu. Camel Clutch! Abyss gets the ropes. He has the barbed wire chair! Lays it down, Abyss grabs him…BLACK HOLE SLAM ONTO THE BARBEDWIRE CHAIR!!!!!! That’s all.

    Winner: Abyss @ 10:45 via pin ***

    Video package for AJ vs. Williams.

    Franchise with AJ. He is upset at Joe. He never liked Daniels, but he respected him. The X Division has an “unwritten code” and Joe broke that. AJ then says he will avoid the Canadian Destroyer. It may be cool and Petey may be good, but they aren’t Phenomenal.

    JB with the super special ring announcing.

    X-Division Title Match: AJ Styles © vs. Petey Williams w/A1

    Lock up and they shove off. Another lock up and a break. Lock up and reversals, arm drags by AJ and then a roll up by Williams. More reversals and roll ups and they stand off. Stalemate so far. Kicks by Williams, and a right to AJ. Forearms by AJ now and AJ with the cool dropkick sequence. Williams rammed to the corner and then elbows by AJ. Slam by AJ and the high knee drop by AJ and another. AJ covers and gets 2. Suplex by AJ, covers for 2. Williams rakes the eyes and then some sweet reversals and an almost clash for AJ. Williams on the apron now and a kick by AJ lights him up and Williams to the floor. Super running no hands plancha and he flies over the railing after bouncing off of Williams! A1 talks shit and he and Williams on the apron now. Williams tries a German from the apron…AJ fights…and finally gets it and AJ flies into the railing and breaks himself in half! The ref tosses A1 to the back and it is one on one. Williams has the flag, tosses it down and back into the ring we go. Release German by Williams gets 2. Body scissors by Williams now. AJ makes it to his feet, gets a roll up for 2. Stiff kick by Williams and another. Williams works over AJ in the corner now. AJ sneaks a roll up for 2 again. AJ to the apron and Williams stuns AJ off the ropes. Sling shot into a RANA by Williams on the floor! Williams grabs some water and then rolls AJ back in. Chops to AJ. Tree of woe on AJ…OHHHHHHHH CAAAAAAANADA nut stomp! Snap mare and basement dropkick by Williams for 2. AJ tries to battle back, Williams beats him doen and keeps working the back. PELE by AJ out of nowhere! Clothesline by AJ, another. Spinkick to Williams. Gutbuster to Williams. Pump handle gutbuster to Williams. German by AJ, rolls into a facejam for 2. AJ calls for the clash… Williams escapes and AJ tries the Asai DDT, reversed into a Northern lights suplex by Williams for 2! Forearm shots by AJ, AJ sets him up top, AJ shoved off…RANA by Williams, rolled through and AJ gets 2. Chop battle, boot and Clash time…no DDT BY PETEY gets 2! Williams sets AJ up for the CD…countered and a tilt a whirl Russian leg sweep by Williams! SHARP SHOOTER ON AJ! AJ fights…but Williams grabs his arm as well…but AJ finally reaches the ropes. AJ on the apron, they battle…SLING SHOT FOREARM flips Williams inside out! Both men to their feet, drop toehold by Williams. He pulls AJ up as he climbs the ropes, kick by AJ and Williams falls to the apron. They are up top now… Williams has control…tossed off! AJ up top still, calls for it and Joe is out. Williams up top now as AJ was distracted. They fight for position…2nd ROPE STYLES CLASH! He stares at Joe as he covers Williams for the win.

    Winner: AJ Styles @ 18:25 via pin ***¾

    AJ and Joe stare down.

    West and Tenay wonder what Christian will do. They hype the 6-man.

    Video package for the 6-man.

    Franchise with 3D and Rhino. Damn, Devon is freakin cut. They say we haven’t seen anything yet. AMW is still their favorite tag team, they did something no one has ever done; lay them out. They had a funeral and pissed in their coffins. They made a deadly mistake, they didn’t finish the job. The path of rage continues, they are on the tracks and Team 3D and Rhino are coming for them. Rhino says they stole what was rightfully his and tonight is about revenge. TESTIFY! Ray, Devon and Rhino say goodbye to Eddie and have their taped wrists with “Eddie” written on them. Ray said, “via con dios” which I believe means go with god.

    AMW © and JJ © w/Gail Kim vs. Team 3D and Rhino

    AMW and JJ go to different parts of the arena and call out 3D and Rhino. Here they go! Brawling in the crowd, hard to follow as they are all over the place. Storm is tossed over the announce table and takes a hard fall. Rhino beats on JJ and gets slammed onto some chairs. Rhino now gets whipped into the row of chairs. Devon is with Harris as Ray beats down Harris. I heard a chair shot somewhere. Rhino and JJ are up in the bleachers now and Ray works Harris with a chair. JJ is working over Rhino now. They go all the way up top in the bleachers and JJ is slammed onto the Spanish Announce Table! Rhino got tossed off and rolled down the bleachers! Shit! Team 3D seems to be in control of AMW until Storm chokes Ray with a chair. Ray so needs a tan. Rhino and JJ battle on a ramp way. 5-minutes in BTW. Rhino suplexes JJ on the ramp. Storm throws a beer bottle at Ray, but he moves. See Konnan, a GLASS BOTTLE, not a shoe. Devon has the bell and lays out Harris. Ray and Storm are in the ring and Ray has the CHEESE GRATER! Harris is busted open and so is Storm who is getting sliced, diced and Jullian Fried! Rhino and JJ back up the ramp. Team 3D grabs a table! They set it up…grab Storm and Harris gets in to move the table. Double clothesline to 3D. Harris low blows Ray with the grater! Rhino has a trashcan and levels JJ. AMW has Devon and try to put him through a table, but Ray makes the save. Storm kills 3D with chair shots. Rhino has a table now. He drags it up the ramp and JJ attacks him. RHINO DRIVER ON THE RAMP TO JJ! Rhino sets the table for the gore…AMW attack but Rhino stops them. JJ gets up… Rhino charge…SUPERKICK by Storm saves him! Devon into the ring and Harris up top…ax smash to Devon. Catatonic reversed, reverse suplex by Devon gets 2. Rights by Storm now, boot to Devon…8-second ride gets 2. Ray is back in and BUBBA BOMB to Storm for 2. JJ is in the ring, LOW BLOW to Ray. STROKE to Ray! 1…2…NO! Rhino is back…GORE, GORE, GORE! 1…2…NO! The ref was pulled out! Rhino chases Harris, but AMW post his nutz, dayum. AMW back in, double slam to Ray. Devon is in and AMW gets the HART ATTACK on Devon for 2. AMW sets up the table, Harris up top…Devon set on the table…Ray saves him. 3D ON HARRIS and that’s all!

    Winners: Rhino and Team 3D @ 15:56 via pin ****

    Rhino is back in the ring and they celebrate. JJ is in…GUITAR SHOT to Rhino! Team 3D beats him down and set the table. No, it broke and they call for a better one. They get it and set it up. JJ begs off. Gail is in, and Ray grabs her and Ray has her but here is Team Canada! They beat down 3D! JJ goes up top…here is Christian! Chair in hand…everyone runs…he takes off his jacket and has the team Canada shirt on! He hugs Coach! UNPRETTIER TO COACH D’AMORE! JJ is stuck up top, Christian beats his ass! He tosses him off! Table set up…CHRISTIAN DOES THE 3D TO JJ THROUGH THE TABLE!

    He takes off the shirt and has a TNA shirt on and celebrates as we fade…

  • The 411: This was a damn good show. It had some really good matches, a very good debut by Christian and you came away feeling you got your money’s worth. It was a great distraction considering what happened hours before the show (the death of Eddie Guerrero,) something I really appreciated. Thumbs up.
    Final Score:  7.5   [ Good ]  legend

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