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Tremendous Tirades Throwback – WWE WrestleMania 22

April 1, 2007 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Tremendous Tirades Throwback – WWE WrestleMania 22  

WrestleMania 22 begins…NOW!

Destiny Child’s Michelle Williams is out to sing America The Beautiful.

We get the show opening video, with tons of clips of WrestleMania’s past. Lots of cool clips of guys from then, to now. Like HHH and Taker then, and a video of them now. Very well done as you could expect.

The set is pretty damn sweet and JR welcomes us to WrestleMania 22! JR, King, Cole, Tazz and Hugo and Carlos as always.

World Tag Title Match: Carlito and Chris Masters vs. Kane and The Big Show ©

Kane and Masters to begin. Lock up and a headlock by Masters, off the ropes and a takedown on Kane. A leapfrog and then dropkick by Kane. Show head butts Masters and tags in. Shhhhhhhh…CHOP to Masters. Again and Show lights him up. Head butt again, slam and then Show steps on him. Rake of the eyes and Carlito is tagged in. Carlito tries a wristlock, Show just picks him up and crotches him on the ropes. He shakes the ropes and then kicks Masters down. Press slam on Masters by Show. Press slam on Carlito onto Masters who was on the floor. Kane up top…FLYING CLOTHESLINE to the floor by Kane! Shoe grabs Carlito by the fro and pulls him back into the ring. Carlito nails Show and trips him into the corner that was exposed and they flapjack Show and get a close 2 count. They try a double suplex, but Show suplexes them. Tag to Kane and he starts to clean house. High backdrop to Carlito. Slam to Masters. Corner mount on Carlito by Kane, then the corner splash to Masters. Side slam on Carlito. Kane goes up top…misses the clothesline and MASTERLOCK TIME! Show kicks Masters and breaks it up. Carlito takes out Kane with the lung blower. Chop block to Show and he is down on the floor. They double-team Kane and he fights back and GOOZLE to Carlito. Masters off the top and nails Carlito by accident. GOOZLE! Chokeslam by Kane. 1…2…3.

Winners: Show and Kane @ 6:45 via pin *

Kane and Show celebrate as Carlito and Masters argue. Crowd is hot for Carlito.

Coach is with HBK. He puts over the match, and HBK says he spoke the truth and he doesn’t regret it. Life is funny, last year Angle and I tore the house down. The year before me, HHH and Benoit did the same thing. This year will not be a 5 star classic. Tonight will be violent and tonight, it will get ugly. Vince will not get the HBK of 1995 or 2006. Tonight I go somewhere I never went before…you will pray to God, because tonight YOU will endure a personal hell!

Money In The Bank: Matt Hardy vs. Fit Finlay vs. Lashley vs. Ric Flair vs. RVD vs. Shelton Benjamin

Here we go. BRAWL~! Lashley starts to clean house and lays out Finlay. Press slam on Flair! Shelton lays him out and Matt grabs a ladder. RVD dropkicks the ladder into him and then a cross body onto Matt. Shelton has the ladder and nails Finlay. Sets it up and DOES THE RUN UP THE LADDER INTO A SENTON TO THE FLOOR!!!! HOLEE SHIZZIT! Finlay and Flair in the ring, Flair takes him down and Flair up the ladder…Matt up and nails Flair…SUPERPLEX BY MATT! Flair screams in pain and gets checked on by the refs. They call for EMT’s and the trainer comes out to take him away as he holds his leg. RVD drops Shelton onto the ladder. Rolling thunder MISSES! Lashley in and sets up the ladder, climbs and Shelton is up there now. They exchange rights, eye poke by Shelton and Shelton gets an assisted sunset flip powerbomb as Finlay and Matt helped. Shelton and Finlay duke it out now. Finlay slams Shelton into a ladder. Matt over now and they duke it out. Matt puts a ladder on him in the corner…and then as he charges he eats the ladder. Finlay tosses the ladder on Lashley now. Finlay is setting up a ladder and Flair is back! He limps down to the ring and chops onto Finlay! He rams him into the security railing. He sets the ladder and Matt is in and he battles him and Shelton as well. CHOP FEST~! Shelton to the floor and he climbs now! He has it…Finlay up and NAILS Flair with the SHACKALACKI. Finlay up on the ladder now… Shelton is back and they exchange rights. Lashley in with a ladder and takes them both out! DOMINATOR on Shelton! Lashley climbs again…RVD GETS A VAN DAMINATOR from the top rope! Matt dumps him, sets a ladder in the corner and climbs. Up top of it…AAAAAAAAAAAAA LEG DROP! Matt sets the ladder and climbs. Finlay has his leg, goes up and Matt gets the SIDE EFFECT onto Finlay! RVD is up on top is the one ladder…5 STAR FROG SPLASH TO FINLAY! ECW chants now! RVD climbs… Shelton FLIES ONTO THE LADDER and starts to brawl with RVD! Matt sets up another ladder beside them and climbs. Shelton fights him off and RVD kicks their ladder over and they crash and burn! RVD grabs the briefcase and wins!

Winner: RVD @ 12:31 ***¾

We get replays of some of the action from the match.

Josh Matthews is backstage and hypes the MITB match that happened. He welcomes Mean Gene. Gene says he had a huge bar tab after the event. Orton is here and runs down Gene. Gene walks off all pissy. Orton says he will make history tonight and win the title. Batista is here! Good to see Medium Dave. He hates to ruin things, but it doesn’t matter who wins, they are just holding the title until he comes back, which will be soon. By WM 23, I’ll be Champion again.

The FINK is here says Bret was uncomfortable being here (cheap shot), but he announces the other Hall of Fame inductees. Chavo and Vickie come out for Eddie, which gets a huge pop. The Blackjacks come over to raise her hands and add to the applause.

They raise up the entrance ramp and JBL’s Limo is out driving under it! JBL RULES!

US Title Match: Chris Benoit © vs. JBL w/Jillian

Lock up to begin…to the corner, and JBL with stiff rights. Headlock now and JBL tries to keep him down. Off the ropes and JBL levels him with a shoulder. Benoit counters another and almost has the cross face! JBL fights and gets the ropes. Head butts by Benoit, JBL to his feet and back to the headlock on the mat. Benoit with a variation of an ankle lock, then clubs the back of the neck of JBL. Chops now by Benoit, Irish whip and JBL with a bog boot. Arm drags and a sharpshooter try by Benoit is stopped. JBL takes a powder to the floor, puts Jillian in front of him and then sneak attacks Benoit. Back in the ring JBL clubs away on Benoit. Chops by Benoit are to no avail as JBL maintains control. Hard whip by JBL; misses a charge and a GERMAN by Benoit. Another and the 3rd! Cutthroat by Benoit, up top…JBL pulls the ref and then falls into the top rope and Benoit gets crotched. JBL mocks Eddie a bit, goes up top…head butts by Benoit but JBL manages a SUPERPLEX! JBL covers for 2. JBL mocks Eddie and Benoit both with mannerisms and JBL now does the 3 Amigos suplex sequence, Benoit stops him on the 3rd. JBL with a big boot though and gets a cover for 2. Rear choke slash nerve hold of doom by JBL now. Jillian has a nice rack in the background I see. Good for her. Still in the hold and Benoit tries to battle out of it. Back suplex by Benoit and both men are down. They battle to their feet and exchange rights. 3-amigos by Benoit now. Cut throat and Benoit back up top…SWAN DIVE HEAD BUTT CONNECTS! 1…2…NO! JBL tries the CFH, grabs the ref as Benoit tried a German as a counter, Elbow by JBL, CFH try again…CROSS FACE by Benoit! JBL rolls him, grabs the ropes and steals a win!

Winner: and NEW US Champion JBL @ 10:00 via pin **

JR and King put over WM weekend and PIMP Peter Gabriel.

Edge vs. Foley video runs.

Joey Styles is here to help call the match! Cool, and JR was awesome and said that he DESERVES to be there.

Edge is in jeans and a cool shirt with the bat from Monday. Lita matches him and looks like a hoe, I so approve.

Hardcore Match: Mick Foley vs. Edge w/Lita

Edge swings wildly and misses. Bulldog by Foley, and then the tree of woe! Running elbow drop! Edge battles back and gets a clothesline. Lita tosses some goodies into the ring and COOKIE SHEET OF DOOM to Foley! Bigger baking sheet used and then Edge grabs a street sign and lays it on Foley…BASEMENT DROPKICK to Foley! Edge sets him up…SPEAR to Foley! Edge grabs his shoulder as Mick reveals his CACTUS GEAR…and barbed wire wrapped around his chest! AWESOME! Edge is bleeding from his arm and Foley now whips him with the wire! Foley cuts him up with the wire and Edge gets tied in the ropes. Foley goes under the steps where BARBY WAS HIDDEN! Foley measures him…Lita on his back…and Foley charges Edge with her on his back and gets the Cactus Clothesline to the floor! Neck breaker by Foley on the floor gets a count of 2. Vicious rights by Foley…charges and Edge hip tosses him into the STEPS! OUCH! Edge with rights now. He whips Foley to the steps and he classic sells it knees first. Edge gets a chair, and then gets a baseball slide to Foley. TABLE TIME! He sets it up and Edge grabs him and lays him out on it. Edge all the way up top…Foley off the table and Edge follows him down. NASTY head smash gets 2 for Edge. Back to the ring and Edge has lighter fluid and COVERS FOLEY IN IT! Foley battles back and gets the STUFF PILERDRIVER for 2! Foley has the baking sheet and sets Edge for a conCHAIRto. Lita in, Foley hesitates and Edge with a DDT for 2. Edge grabs BARBY now and measures Foley. NAILS him in the gut. Then the back. Then in the face! HE’S BUSTED WIDE OPEN AND EDGE GRATES HIS FACE WITH BARBY! Face jam onto Barby gets 2 for Edge. Foley is bleeding a good bit and Edge gets the bag of tacks! Edge with right hands to Foley, takes him to the tacks but Foley gets a Back suplex to Edge INTO THE TACKS and his back is covered like a MAN. Socko? Yup. He wraps Socko in BARBED WIRE and SOCKO BARBY CLAW! He nails Lita in the mouth and she is bleeding a little. He has barby…NAILS Edge in the gut and back! Then the face. Foley is bleeding a lot as he delivers the Cactus Elbow with Barby and Edge is JACKED and bleeding badly as well! Foley rakes his face with the bat now and he looks at the table! He grabs the lighter fluid and sprays it all over it. Lita nails him in the knee with barby and she sprays more fluid on the table. She lights it and EDGE SPEARS FOLEY THROUGH THE ROPES AND THEY BOTH GO THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!!!!!! Edge covers Foley and that is all.

Winner: Edge @ 14:36 via pin ****

Edge leaves a bloody mess with tacks still in him as we see a replay of the finish.

Foley gets a standing ovation as he leaves.

In the back Booker and Sharmell talk. She is scared and want to know why the freaks always target them. Pirate Paul is here, and then Eugene and Dibiase doing the basketball deal. Haha, freaks! They then see Snitsky licking Mae Young’s feet! Dear God! Now he sees Goldust in a dress. He says he is in Chicago and he is there to help his as Oprah-Dust! They are all there because they are freaks, and Booker needs to let his inner-freak out in order to beat the Boogeyman. Goldy says to take the worms and put them in your…**whispers** TELL ME YOU DIDN’T JUST SAY THAT! Snitsky closes with, “That’s not my fault.” Then Dibiase laughs. Tremendous.

Todd is with some people in the crowd that won a contest to be here.

Booker looks under the ring to make sure Boogey isn’t there, and they were afraid of their own pyro…nice.

Boogeyman does the Boogeyman dance on the way to the ring.

Handicap Match: Booker T and Sharmell T vs. Boogeyman

Booker has Sharmell start! Hahaha. Booker then attacks from behind and he beats down Boogeyman. SO much smoke in the ting right now. LOW BLOW by Booker and then the ax kick. 1…2…no. Booker clubs away at Boogeyman, then chokes him. Booker still in control, but Boogeyman starts to get up and dance a bit. Booker has the greatest look of fear. BOOK END on Boogeyman! 1…2…NO. Boogeyman tries to fight back, and takes Booker down. Thrust shots by Boogeyman, boot by Booker and misses the scissors kick and a shot by Boogeyman drops Booker. Booker now rammed to the steel post and Boogeyman has worms. He eats them and Sharmell has his staff, he catches her and he kisses her with the worms in his mouth. She runs away Booker misses Boogeyman, double choke bomb and that’s all.

Winner: Boogeyman @ 3:56 via pin (N-R)

Trish and Mickie video runs.

JR just had the line of the night, “King she’s too old for you, she’s in her 20’s.”

Women’s Title Match: Trish © vs. Mickie

Lock up and Mickie slaps Trish repeatedly. Forearms by Trish, Thez press onto Mickie and rights to Mickie. Kicks in the corner by Trish, chops then and Mickie is down. More chops and a licky chop by Trish. Some brutal kicks to the head by Trish and then to the floor we go. Trish misses a kick and kicks the ring post! Mickie tosses her back in and then wraps the leg around the post…and slams it off the post. Trish tries to fight back, but Mickie with some hard rights. Basement dropkick by Mickie, then like a DDT to the leg gets 2. Mickie wraps her leg around the ropes and then kicks away at it. Mickie slams the leg off the mat and then gets a single leg crab on Trish. She grabs Trish’s hair and then slams her face off the mat. Back to the knee, wraps it around the ropes again and Mickie is dissecting the leg. Mickie is getting face pops! Trish kicks back at Mickie as she tries another variation of a single leg. Trish manages to get her whirly head scissors to BOOOOS! Rights by Trish, off the ropes and a clothesline by Trish. Spine buster by Trish gets 2. Mickie stops the corner splash and goes up top. Trish tries the handstand RANA but Mickie dives to the floor and takes Trish into the ropes. She gets a cover and only 2. Trish gets a roll up for 2. Mickie tries a RANA, but Trish with a running powerbomb for 2! Rights by Trish, off the ropes and a Matrix…boot and Stratisfaction try… Mickie grabs Trish’s crotch! Trish nails her but Mickie kicks Trish to the face. Stratusfaction is botched, they say it was Trish’s bad knee and a chick kick finishes it for Mickie.

Winner: and NEW WOMEN’S CHAMPION Mickie James @ 9:00 via pin ***

Vince, preggo Steph, Zombie Linda and Shane are all backstage. Vince says this is a McMahon family prayer time. “God…let’s face it, I don’t like you and you don’t like me. I defied every law and have been successful, and I know you didn’t intend for me to have this body. We aren’t close but you and HBK are. Tonight, I will send HBK down to the fiery depths of hell…AMEN!”

DRUIDS! Huge YOKO style casket.

Casket Match: Mark Henry vs. The Undertaker

Henry attacks before the bell. Clubs away at Taker and is in very early control. A whip by Henry, boot by Taker and then a clothesline. Another with little effect. A 3rd is met with a shoulder and Henry has him down. He chokes him out and charges and does the choke deal over the back of Taker. On the floor and Taker rams Henry off the steps, but he shakes it off and slams taker to the steel. Back to the ring and Taker with rights. Boot and he tried old school. Henry pulls him down and nails him. Boots to Taker, he calls for the casket and tries to get Taker in. Taker fights him off but Henry chokes him. He tries to kick him into it, but Taker fights back. Henry with a whip, gets a boot by Taker and then the arm bar. Old school try again…he gets up top…and nails Henry and he goes down to a knee. Henry tosses Taker off of a flatliner attempt, and then chokes him as we get “Henry sucks” chants. Taker gets Henry in the casket and fires away on him. They are both in now and brawling. Henry chokes out Taker but Taker gets the GOOZLE! Elbow to Henry and then rights. Back into the ring now, rights by Taker now. Off the ropes and Henry catches Taker and gets a powerslam. He tries for a pin, dumb-ass. He rolls Taker to the casket…Taker is in and then snaps Henry’s neck off the ropes. Back in the ring again and rights by Taker. Head butt but that was a bad idea. Henry back in control, mounts Taker in the corner but Taker gets him…POWERBOMB! Taker tosses Henry onto the casket and then to the floor. Off the ropes…SUPER PLANCHA BY TAKER OVER THE CASKET! HOLEE SHIT! Back in the ring…TOMBSTONE BY TAKER! Henry in the casket and Taker wins!

Winner: Undertaker @ 9:32

The druids tend to the casket as Taker celebrates.

HBK and Vince video runs.

Vince has something, he has a big blow up of his cover on Muscle and Fitness. Nice.

No Holds Barred: HBK vs. Vince McMahon

HBK attacks! Chops to Vince and then slammed off the announce table. More chops and Vince is tossed onto JR and King! HBK with vicious rights and then he chokes him with a headset. “We want Bret” Chants already. HBK with a MIC shot to Vince. Into the ring we go and HBK has the Vince pic. He nails Vince with it! HBK talks shit and mocks Vince! SPIRIT SQUAD IS HERE! They beat down HBK! They do the parachute deal to him and then celebrate. Doane goes up top…MISSES the big leg drop! Johnny misses with the mega phone and then HBK nails them with it. HBK tosses Doane out onto all of the SS! Vince is back in and lays out HBK with a clothesline. Vince has a small cut over his right eye. He chokes HBK in the corner and then tosses him down. Vince has his belt now and whips HBK. He chokes HBK with it now, HBK fights back and then chops at Vince. Clothesline by Vince with the belt. He mocks HBK a bit, and then calls for Sweet Chin Music! HBK catches him and then fires away with rights and chops. Forearm by HBK, KIP UP! He has the belt and WHIPS Vince! Damn that is hard. Slam by HBK, and then he goes up top…ELBOW DROP! Tune up the band! Shane is here and NAILS HBK with a kendo stick shot! Shane has handcuffs and Vince decides to drop his pants. Kill me. Shane grabs HBK, but he nails Shane and makes Shane kiss Vince’s ass! LOW BLOW by HBK to Vince! Clothesline to Shane and he is on the floor now. HBK handcuffs Shane to the middle rope and then HBK takes the key, tosses it to the crowd and does the SHANE DANCE and beats Shane’s ass with the Kendo stick! HBK has a chair and back into the ring he goes. KILLS VINCE with the chair shot! The chair is FUCKED! Vince taps an artery and HBK tunes up the band…then stops. HBK grabs a LADDER now! He takes the ladder into the ring and rams it into Vince’s head! Vince took that flush. Tunes it up again…but HBK stops again! He goes to the floor and gets trashcans! Then a table! Shane tries to cheer Vince on as HBK nails Vince with a trashcan shot. He sets up the table, grabs Vince and puts him on the table. He then sets up the ladder and climbs. HBK then climbs down the ladder and tosses it to the floor. He gets a BIGGER LADDER, Jeff Hardy approved! In the ring and sets it up. He nails Vince more and then puts the trashcan over his head and then lays him back on the table. HBK all the way up top of the HUGE ladder! DX CHOP! SUPER ELBOW DROP THROUGH VINCE!!!!!! SWEET GOD ALMIGHTY! Both men are down and HBK is stirring! HE’S ALIVE! THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELLS HIM! Trainers are ringside and HBK tosses out the big ladder, and makes the EMT’s stay away. Snot rocket on Shane and back to Vince. HUGE DX CHANT now. HBK yells at Vince and say she will knock his teeth down his throat and DOES with the superkick and that is all.

Winner: HBK @ 18:25 via pin ***½

Trainers and EMT’s are in to check on Vince. They stretcher him out and he flips HBK off.

Kurt, Randy and Rey video runs.

POD plays Rey to the ring. WHOA! Rey is sporting his Aztec head dress!

World Title Match: Kurt Angle © vs. Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio

Orton nails Kurt with the belt before the match begins and then gets a dropkick to a diving Rey. Kurt in with a German. Rey kicks Orton and Kurt gets a DOUBLE GERMAN and Rey flies! Cover for 2 on Orton. Swank backbreaker by Orton for 2. Uppercuts by Kurt, sets Orton up top…Rey over to nail Kurt. Kurt tosses Rey who gets a RANA on Orton who was on top! Kurt is alone in the ring, suplexes Orton in and covers for 2. Rey in and Kurt drops him with a clothesline for 2. STIFF kick by Rey to Kurt gets 2. Head scissors by Rey. 619 countered and ANKLE LOCK INTO A GREAPVINE! Orton distracts the ref, Kurt nails Orton and then back to the ankle lock. Kurt and Orton exchange stiff shots, German by Kurt to both men. Another to Orton, and then an Angle slam to Rey, which takes him to the floor. Ankle lock on Orton now. GRAPEVINE by Kurt, and then Rey grabs the ref to save the match. Kurt nails Rey and locks it back in and Rey dives into save it, covers and gets 2. Rey head first onto the corner, RKO on Kurt! Cover 1…2…NO! Orton goes up top…Kurt runs up and gets a SUPER belly to belly! 619 by Rey…Springboard Thez press and gets 2. Orton boots away on Rey and then tosses Kurt to the floor. Orton stalks Rey…Backbreaker into the neck breaker. Cover by Orton 1…2…NO! He stalks Rey again…Kurt in and ANGLE SLAM to Orton gets 2! Kurt stalks Rey now…Angle slam countered and Rey dropkicks Orton. 619! Springboard RANA gets the win!

Winner: and NEW WORLD CHAMPION Rey Mysterio @ 9:25 via pin **½

Rey celebrates with the title. Chavo and Vicky come out to congratulate Rey.

We see HHH and Cena preparing for the match later.

JR says that a lot of pure wrestling fans are here and he feels that they will support HHH since he is old school.

Pillow Fight: Torrie w/Dog vs. Candace

They fight on the bed. Roll around. Pull hair, hey a suplex by Torrie. Backdrop onto the bed by Torrie. She turns the bed onto of Candace and jumps on her. Dog ass to the face of Candace. They go to the floor, and then back in. Torrie strips Candace, boot by Candace and she gets her wacky Puro submission in the corner. She dances, and then kicks Torrie. Snap mare to the bed by Candace. 2nd rope elbow, kinda by Candace. She cuts Torrie’s dress off as she sits on her face. Candace strips her, celebrates and gets her Playboy and rubs it in Torrie’s face. Roll up by Torrie and that is all.

Winner: Torrie @ 4:00 via pin (N-R)

Highlights from the WM 22 Press Conference are shown.

HHH has new music, “Bow down to the King” via Motor Head of Course. He rises from the stage and has an outfit in an ode to Conan the Barbarian! Then into the regular music. He has like a big belt on with his logo, it’s his own world title! It does look bad ass though.

They have a little pre-video for Cena as well, it is the “king of kings” vs. the poor guy. They really want that Rocky IV feel.

A pimp gangster car comes out and the guys have Tommy guns and shit to surround the ring. Cena comes out in a gangster coat and has a Tommy gun with blanks and shoots it off. They hate Cena.

WWE Title Match: John Cena © vs. HHH

They circle each other to begin as the crowd really heats up. Lock up, headlock by HHH. Reversals and a trip by HHH and they break. Wristlock by HHH, winds it up, hammerlock and tosses Cena to the mat with arrogance. “Fuck you Cena” chants now. Lock up and HHH takes him to the corner. Knee by HHH and an Irish whip, counter, FU try and HHH gets a right and escapes. They stall a bit, lock up and HHH tosses Cena to the floor to applause. Cena charges in and attacks HHH. Rights to HHH, Irish whip and a backdrop to HHH. Cover by Cena for 2. Irish whip again, and another and the modified fisherman’s suplex for 2. Rear chinlock by Cena and he gets a “you can’t wrestle” chant. HHH fights to his feet, to the corner and Cena gets a right to HHH. Whip again and HHH takes the flip corner bump to the floor. Cena follows and HHH gets a thumb to the eyes. HHH tries a pedigree, and Cena gets a backdrop onto the steel entrance ramp. Back into the ring and Cena covers for 2. Off the ropes and a high knee by HHH to cheers. HHH dives on Cena on the mat and pummels him with rights. Elbows by HHH to Cena on the apron. HHH tosses him to the steel steps, and then goes to stop the count. The ref now counts as HHH waits on Cena. HHH goes and brings him back into the ring and covers for 2. Suplex by HHH, Flair knee drop and a cover of 2. Cena battles back with rights, but HHH with a face buster followed by a SICK clothesline which gets 2. Hangman’s neck breaker by HHH, cover and only 2 again. Cena battles back again, off the ropes and HHH counters with a neck breaker again for 2. Rear neck vice by HHH now. Cena tries to get to his feet, elbows out and hits the ropes…sleeper by HHH! Cena drops to the mat now and HHH applies more pressure. Cena to his ass, then to a knee…powers out of the hold and rams HHH to the corner. Shoulder blocks in the corner, and a clothesline to HHH! Both men are down, the ref counts. To their feet and they exchange rights. The crowd is so into it with boos for every Cena punch and YAY for every HHH shot. Powerslam by Cena, PROTO BOMB! 5-knuckle shuffle time as he gets booed out of the building but HHH counters into a SPINEBUSTER for 2. Rights by HHH, but Cena gets a shoulder block. Sleeper by HHH, but Cena with a back suplex. 5-knuckle shuffle! Pumps it up and calls for the FU, no, STFU! HHH fights…crawls…claws…reaches and HAS the ropes! Cena stands over HHH and prepares for the FU. Grabs HHH, countered and they go into the corner and nails the ref. HHH then LOW BLOWS Cena and gets the ref as well. DX chop by HHH and he goes to the floor and it’s SLEDGY TIME! Cena nails HHH with rights, off the ropes and HHH cleans his clock with it! He covers, ref over, 1…2…NO! HHH covers again and only 2. HH picks up Cena, pedigree time…reversal and Cena snags him up…FU! 1…2…NO! Cena goes up top…leaps, and MISSES a cross body! PEDIGREE, NO, STFU AGAIN! HHH tries for the ropes…arm drops 1 time, 2 times…NO! HHH IS ALIVE! HHH tries for the ropes again…but taps!

Winner: John Cena @ 22:11 via Submission ***

Cena celebrates as we end the show…

-Best Match: In a Hardcore match, Edge defeated Mick Foley @ 14:36 via pin ****
-Worst Match: The Boogeyman defeated Booker T and Sharmell T @ 3:56 via pin (N-R)

The 411: WrestleMania was a good show this year. A lot of people I think get blinded by the WrestleMania mystique, and are quick to give it an automatic pass as a great show. In my opinion the show felt short in terms of "The biggest show of the year" but as an overall show it as good, and the junk was kept minimal. I will go 7.0 out of 10 for the show, but a recommendation to BUY THE DVD NOW, especially because of those great extras.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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