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Trey Miguel Reflects on Winning X-Division Title At Bound For Glory 2021, Reign As Champion

October 6, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Trey Miguel IMpact Wrestling Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Trey Miguel won the Impact X-Division Championship a year ago at Bound For Glory, and he recently reflected on the match and his title reign. Miguel spoke with PWMania for a new interview and you can check out some highlights below:

On winning the X-Division Title at BFG 2021: “Man, I remember having this weird thought in my head that if I won the belt, would I be that emotional. I had never won a title at IMPACT Wrestling, so I was ultimately nervous about the reception if I were to win. It felt so good that the fans were as excited as they were when it did happen. I remember thinking what I would immediately do to hear The Rascalz bong rip happen and have it followed by the music and have Dez and Zach out there with me. They were the first people I called when I got to the back. One of my students was the first face I saw when I got through the curtain. He was there to congratulate me and I cried and let it all out as we hugged. Then I laid down in the locker room, put the belt on my chest, and took a picture. I couldn’t even call Zack first, he was calling me, then Dez and we just had a moment. It was the best.”

On his reign as champion: “I think I had a pretty unique reign as champion, I wasn’t put into a position to defend it against so many competitors that you would usually associate with the X Division style. Steve Maclin was one of my biggest defenses, he was a wrestler that came into IMPACT that many wouldn’t expect to see within the X Division, with Jake Something being another one in that category. They gave me an opportunity that was a little tricky but it was great fun to show how far we could take these matches that compliment the X Division but also took them in different places. I never thought I’d get the chance to defend in the first intergender Ultimate X which was a great thing to do. I’ve participated in some of those matches but to defend it on such a big stage at IMPACT’S Multiverse of Matches and under those circumstances was cool, to retain it was even cooler.”

“When I was a fan of IMPACT Wrestling before I ever joined the promotion, I was a fan of the X Division and the fact that champions would defend against opponents who weren’t always necessary signed to the company. So you would see guys from CMLL, AAA, ROH, someone well known from the independent scene. You were exposed to popular names that weren’t part of IMPACT and it meant every week, there was a real excitement behind the division. The Ultimate X match put me in that scenario as we had competitors that weren’t part of the company. Blake Christian, for example, was one of them. That very day, he had wrestled for IMPACT, ROH, NJPW, and GCW. It was great to be tested against these solid names and was a match more in line with what I expected to be part of when becoming champion. I know I’m tied 5th for longest reign with Christopher Daniels. I found that out the night I lost the belt. So, I’m with good company.”

On his time in Impact and status for BGF 2022: “I love IMPACT Wrestling. It has given me the platform to become me. I didn’t have a great sense of who I was before, but they have a great creative team, guys like Jimmy Jacobs, Tommy Dreamer, D’ Lo Brown who recently left, Lance Storm, and an array of talent who help you come up with things you wouldn’t even think of. They have really helped me come into myself. The equity I have now as the entity, or as Trey Miguel or Spider Trey, however, I present myself, it is all because of IMPACT. They have a big place in my heart and they helped me find myself.

“As for going forward, I don’t have a big idea for what I’ll be doing at Bound For Glory. I’m really excited about the card and I want to be on the show. I’m confident I will be, whatever my match may be. I’ll be there either way and I have some cool gear ready for whatever I will be doing, you know, I have to come correct for this big show.”