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Tully Blanchard Doesn’t Think the Four Horseman Can Be Replicated

March 21, 2019 | Posted by Brian St. Denis
Tully Blanchard Matches

– The leader of Tully Blanchard Enterprises, an original member of the Four Horsemen and former NWA United States champion, Tully Blanchard, recently sat down with Wrestling Inc . Tully discussed Arn Anderson suffering backlash over his WWE cocaine suspension and the legacy of the Four Horsemen, highlights below:

On if the Four Horsemen could be replicated: “No. They don’t know how to make [a stable] without making it sound dumb or anything,” said Blanchard. “If it could have been duplicated, it would have been resurrected as bad as WCW tried to make it happen without me. They almost did, but if you have the recipe for something that works, you can’t change the ingredients.”

On leaving WWE and going back to WCW with Arn Anderson: “It would have been humongous because you had the same chemistry, but they saw fit to not hire me back,” stated Blanchard. “When Flair called me that night at 1:00 in the morning, I hung up and I panicked and wondered, ‘What the stink am I gonna do?’ I can’t work in either place now… and at 35 years old I’d never been unemployed.”

On whether or not he’s talked to Arn Anderson recently: “I tried to talk to Arn a couple of days ago when I was in Charlotte… and he was at a Comic Con signing autographs. He couldn’t really hear me so we have not talked about it. So I don’t know anything more than he’s not there anymore.”