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Universal Wrestling Federation (5.3.1986) Review

January 26, 2024 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
UWF Korstia Korchenko Eddie Gilbert Image Credit: UWF
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Universal Wrestling Federation (5.3.1986) Review  

-Originally aired May 3, 1986.

-Your hosts are Jim Ross & Bill Watts.

-This week marks week #1 of the UWF Trivia Contest! For the next four weeks, we’ll be hearing clues to the identity of a famous wrestler who has appeared in UWF/Mid-South competition. After four weeks, fans can mail in postcards with their guesses to the correct identity. One of the fans who sends in the correct answer will receive the decommissioned NWA North American Title belt. The old, old one. Not the giant fugly one.

-Bill Watts congratulates the UWF teams that competed in the Crockett Cup. Three UWF teams made it to the semi-finals, and neither of the teams that made it to the finals got a win over the UWF teams.

-The chyron says “Brett Wayne” and Bill Watts only calls him “Brett Wayne.” But he comes to the ring wearing a jacket that says BRETT SAWYER across the back and the ring announcer is like “Well, what can I do?” and introduces him that way.

-Sawyer gets a waistlock takedown and works the arm while Bill Watts boasts that the UWF is growing and expanding to new TV markets and paying more money than ever, which is why guys like Kamala are suddenly returning to the area, because they can see which way the tide is turning in the wrestling business. I feel like the narrator voice from Spongebob Squarepants should step in after Bill mentions all this.

-Mendoza gets some offense and puts the boots to him as Watts reminds us that watching UWF wrestling on TV is a different experience from watching it LIVE, so buy tickets whenever it comes to your area. Sawyer comes back and hits a second rope splash for the win, and Watts kind of gives up and calls him “Sawyer” as he calls the victory.

-Bill Watts proudly announces that one of the most influential teams in the history of professional wrestling will be returning to the UWF.

-And with that, we go to the music video for “Badstreet.” The Fabulous Freebirds arrive to the airport in Tulsa and are driven to the arena in a limo, celebrating the signing of “the largest contract in UWF history.”

-Ken Mantell and Bill Watts hand over a 15-page contract. Watts concedes that it’s a strange contract, but UWF has things they want to accomplish, and the Freebirds have things they want to accomplish too, so the lawyers drew up a very detailed contract. Hayes reads the contract on behalf of the team, and in a WEIRD moment, he says that you don’t need anything about insurance in a wrestling contract because “we’ll live forever.” And there’s actually no surprise or twist here. Hayes reads the contract cover-to-cover, seems satisfied with it, and everybody signs their names to it, handshakes are exchanged, and the meeting is adjourned.

-Korchenko puts the boots to Smothers while Bill Watts goes into AM Radio mode on commentary. Backbreaker finishes easily, and Korchenko drapes a Russian flag over his fallen opponent, and Skandar Akbar shows up to congratulate Korchenko and Gilbert on the win.

-One great production touch from this company…when it’s a heel squash, the next commercial bumper has down-tempo music.

-Aha! We finally have a name change!

-Peterson backdrops Sawyer and dropkicks him to the floor, with Sawyer taking a great bump straight through the ropes and to the concrete. Skandar Akbar is still lurking around on the floor for some mysterious reason. Arm work as clue #1 to the Trivia Contest appears on the screen: “His childhood nickname was Moose.”

-Chavo Guerrero works over Steiner’s arm while Watts offers some thoughts about where Chavo stands on the subject of giving quarter. Melee breaks out, the referee tries to restore order, and we get a great finish. Referee’s distracted, Buzz Sawyer goes to the top rope for an illegal splash. Chavo knocks him completely off, and the referee is STILL distracted, so Chavo goes to the top rope for his own illegal splash on Steiner right before the referee turns around, and Chavo gets the pin!

-Buzz Sawyer is PISSED about this post-match and demands a one-on-one match with Chavo. Chavo agrees, but only if Rick Steiner leaves ringside. The problem is he forgets to actually wait and see if Steiner will leave, so Steiner attacks from behind with a logging chain as soon as the match starts, and they hang Chavo over the top rope until David Peterson hurries back to ringside to rescue his partner.

-We get a Ted DiBiase music video, set to “Bad Reputation.” Finally, a good use for that song!

-Jim Ross goes to ringside to ask why Skandar’s just hanging out. He’s scouting. Simple as that.

TAG TEAM TITLE: FANTASTICS (Champions, with Terry Taylor) vs. SHEEPHERDERS (with Jack Victory & Lady Maxine)
-Taylor is with the champs to prevent any funny stuff from happening with Maxine and Victory.

-And then Dr. Death strolls to the ring with two folding chairs. He tells Maxine to have a seat in one, and he takes a seat right next to her.

-Match is officially underway and the Fantastics immediately empty the ring with dropkicks. Sheepherders resort to dirty tactics, but the Fantastics fight back. Butch uses a handful of tights to heave Tommy Rogers out to the floor. But that’s not underhanded enough so Tommy eats the post, and I just bet he’s bleeding the next time we see his face.

-YUP. And again, Bill Watts offers a fascinating defense of all this. Other sports have five or six officials out there. Wrestling has ONE official because “gambling” is part of the strategy for many wrestlers.

-Fulton protests the chicanery while Sheepherders double-team, but Tommy won’t stay down. He fights back just enough for the Sheepherders to back off, and it’s hot tag BOBBY! Chaos ensues, but unfortunately, TV time is running out and fans we are desperately out of time the tape machines are rolling we’ll see you next week, and we go off the air without seeing who wins!

The final score: review Good
The 411
Another good week, and it's a bummer to see them firing on cylinders knowing how short their life is.