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Updated Lineup For GCW Fight Forever

January 29, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
GCW Fight Forever Image Credit: GCW

GCW Fight Forever 24-hour stream kicks off tonight and runs through tomorrow, and an updated lineup is online. You can see the full lineup below for the stream, which stars at 8 PM ET and will benefit independent wrestlers who have been hurt financially by the COVID-19 pandemic. You can donated to the stream here, with $34,294 already raised as of this writing.


GCW The Wind of God (8 PM)
* Black Pool 2 out of 3 Falls Match: Lio Rush vs. Blake Christian
* Joey Janela vs. Treehouse Lee
* Myron Reed vs. Brayden Lee
* KTB vs. Matthew Justice
* Nate “Spyder” Webb vs. 1 Called Manders

GCW For The Culture (10 PM)
* PB Smooth vs. Calvin Tankman
* The Rep vs. Faye Jackson and Willow Nightingale
* Camaro Jackson and Mike Outlaw vs. Kings of the District
* AJ Gray vs. Hoodfoot
* Lee Moriarty vs. Saieve Al Sabah vs. Ken Broadway


GCW Ultraviolent 60 The Death Hour (12 AM)
* Lowlife Louie Ramos vs. Homicide
* Mad Man Pondo vs. Jeff Cannonball
* Shlak vs. Orin Veidt

Jimmy Lloyd’s Up All Night (1 AM)
* Jimmy Lloyd vs. Starboy Charlie
* The Ugly Ducklings (Colby Corino, Rob Killjoy & Lance Lude) vs. Young Dumb N’ Broke (Jordan Oliver, Charlie Tiger & Ellis Taylor)
* Nolan Edward vs. Wheeler Yuta
* Ken Broadway vs. Charles Mason
* Scramble Match: Matt Vandagriff vs. Eli Everfly vs. Lucky 13 vs. JJ Garrett vs. Lucas Riley vs. Brayden Lee

No Peace Underground – Odium (3 AM)
* Bam Sullivan vs. Atticus Cogar
* Orin Veidt vs. Matthew Justice
* The End (Parrow & Odinson) vs. IronBeast (Kyle The Beast & Shane Mercer)

GCW Fight Forever After Dark (4 AM)
* Milk Chocolate vs. Charlie Tiger and Ellis Taylor
* Catalyst Wrestling Champion Colby Corino vs. Cheeseburger vs. Lucky 13
* Solo Darling vs. Billie Starkz
* Mike Swanson vs. Kerry Awful

GCW Fight Forever After Hours (5 AM)
* Too Hot Steve Scott vs. Kung Fu Janela
* Dani Mo vs. Facade

Freelance Wrestling (6 AM)
* Davey Bang vs. Jacob Dean vs. Trevor Outlaw
* Darius Latrell vs. Storm Grayson
* Angel Escalera vs. August Matthews vs. Koda Hernandez

Glory Pro Wrestling (7 AM)
* GPW Crown of Glory Champion AJ Gray vs. Mike Outlaw
* Besties In The World vs. Hakim Zane (aka Rohit Raju) & Karam
* Juicy Finau vs. 1 Called Manders

Black Label Pro (8 AM)
* Rohit Raju vs. A Very Good Professional Wrestler
* 1 Called Manders vs. Levi Everett

Camp Leapfrog (9 AM)
* 9 vs. 9 Match: The Best Campers Ever vs. A Very Good Professional Wrestling Team

Effy’s Big Gay Block (10 AM)
* Effy vs. illy Dixon
* Devon Monroe vs. The Dark Sheik
* The End (Parrow & Odinson) vs. Oreo Speedwagon (Joshua Wavra & Xavier Faraday)
* Still Life With Apricots and Pears vs. MV Young vs. Ace Perry
* Chris Valentine vs. Jared Evans
* Dillion McQueen vs. Ashton Starr

Allie Kat’s Real Hot Girl Sh** (12 PM)
* Allie Kat vs. Willow Nightingale
* Kaia McKenna vs. Holidead
* Faye Jackson vs. Erica Leigh
* Ziggy Haim vs. Brooke Valentine
* Lady Frost vs. Molly McCoy

GCW Ironman Challenge (2 PM)
* Synergy Pro Wrestling Champion Jordan Oliver vs. Tony Deppen – 60 Minute Iron Man Match

44OH!’s What We Want (4 PM)
* Rickey Shane Page & Atticus Cogar) vs. Ricky Morton & Kerry Morton
* Gregory Iron’s Open Challenge
* Eddy Only vs. El Drunko

VxS Rockstar Knights (5 PM)
* Homicide vs. Erik Redbeard
* Ken Broadway vs. Gabriel Skye
* Pure Wrestling Rules Match: Atticus Cogar vs. Daniel Garcia

The Wrld on GCW Part 3 (6 PM)
* Chris Dickinson vs. Juicy Finau
* Joey Janela vs. Everett Connors
* G-Raver vs. Cole Radrick
* Rickey Shane Page vs. Starboy Charlie

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