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USWA Championship Wrestling (10.27.1990) Review

July 3, 2020 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
USWA Championship Wrestling 10-27-1990
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USWA Championship Wrestling (10.27.1990) Review  

-Another big gap in the Amazon Prime archives, as we move ahead another month and I’m sure they’ll still be laying groundwork for some kind of house show match where Dirty White Girl MIGHT get naked.

-Originally aired October 27, 1990.

-Your host is Dave Brown.

-Downtown Bruno is here with Tojo Yamomoto and Tojo’s team, The Internationals. Bruno announces that they’re declaring today Lou Fabiano Day. They bring out Lou, who’s better known to USWA fans as The New York Brawler. Yes, really. But don’t get used to that name, because the point of the ceremony is that Tojo has signed him and is renaming him Sheik Fabiano. The Internationals give him a new appropriate outfit for the name.

THE INTERNATIONALS (with Tojo Yamomoto & Sheik Fabiano) VS. T.D. STEELE & KEN RAPER
-The Great Samurai starts with Raper, but only after The Sheik (a guy who looks like Al Perez, wears Army surplus store pants, and is definitely not the Sheik) gets time to pray. Now to be clear here, Sheik Fabiano and The Sheik are two different guys. Downtown Bruno goes to the commentary table to declare that he loves Japan and Iraq as the heels are playing Cheap Heat Bingo this week.

-Samurai takes shots to T.D. Steele’s throat as Bruno goes ultra-racist on commentary. Sheik comes in and finishes with the camel clutch.

-Jerry Lawler is here to look through the USWA Unified Title Top Ten Contenders list. Does the USWA even have ten singles wrestlers that are getting pushed to that level?

#10. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Okay, so, no. But Lawler and Dave Brown say that this is the first time he’s ever placed on the list because the USWA committee reviewed his record more closely.
#9. Dick Slater.
#8. Bam-Bam Bigelow.
#7. “Dr. Death” Steve Williams. Lawler gives a soundbite after each guy and it’s becoming clear that this is more of a wish list than a Top Ten list.
#6. Dick Murdoch.
#5. Mean Mark Callous (It’s the end of October 1990, so this one is the biggest fattest NOPE of the list.)
#4. Bill Dundee (we had to get to #4 to reach a guy actually in the company)
#3. Eddie Gilbert.
#2. Terry Funk.
#1. Jeff Jarrett. Lawler, still a pure babyface, says two curious things in reaction to that, noting that “Jarrett’s best days are still ahead of him” and pointing out that Jeff is feuding with Eddie Gilbert, and, well, losses DO affect rankings. He’s just sayin’. Lawler hastily clarifies that he meant EDDIE might be getting knocked down in the rankings.

-So we flash back to an angle from a missing episode. Jarrett and Gilbert exchange words. Jarrett tosses off a few words about Gilbert’s recent divorce, and Gilbert is furious about him bringing that up. Jarrett takes an even deeper cut, saying that Gilbert keeps leaving Memphis to work in other promotions, and he keeps crawling back to the USWA. Eddie takes off his loafer and hits Jeff in the face hard enough to open him up. He keeps throwing punches and Jarrett got cut GOOD because every time Eddie throws a punch, new flicks of blood appear on the floor. Jarrett is a bloody mess, but he comes back, and he’s so full of fight that the locker room empties out to pull them apart. GREAT segment!

-Dirty White Boy and Dirty White Girl are here and we missed some kind of angle because they’re showing off a photo of themselves posing with Brickhouse Brown in the ring, and Brickhouse is unconscious and wearing make-up and a blonde wig. Doug Gilbert is here to read the Top Ten USWA Tag Team Title Contenders as a follow-up to the last segment, and this is pretty funny.

#10. The Fabulous Kangaroos
#9. Don & Al Green
#8. Ken Raper & Freezer Thompson
#7. Curt & Karl Von Brauner
#6. Bearcat Brown & Len Rossi
#5. The Interns
#4. Don Carson & Red Shadow
#3. The Mighty Yankees

–And then he stops himself to scroll down to #100, Brickhouse Brown & Danny Davis. Dirty White Girl steps in with a proposition. At some point when we weren’t looking Danny Davis won $5,000 in a match against Doug Gilbert. Dirty White Girl announces that they’ll put up the Tag Team Titles if Danny will return the “stolen” money.

SUPERSTAR BILL DUNDEE vs. SHEIK FABIANO (with Tojo Yamomoto & Ayatollah Bruno)
-Feeling out process to start. Fabiano pounds down Dundee and Tojo jabs him with a kendo stick while he’s down there. Irish whip, but Dundee leaps up to the second rope and turns it into a bodypress for the immediate three-count! Tojo is pissed about how his investment already looks like a huge waste.

-Danny Davis, Brickhouse Brown, and Joey Maggs all head out here to cut some promos. Dave Brown hands Danny his check for $2500 from last week’s victory over Doug Gilbert. They head to the ring for the next match, but Joey Maggs stops everybody because he wants to know why nobody helped him when he got screwed out a victory during a match at a house show last night. Danny dismisses it as a learning experience and blows it off.


-Brickhouse and Nebula start as Dave Brown notices that the Twilight Zone suddenly has a manager now,. Brickhouse and Nightmare double-team the Zone. Elbows and a shot to throat, and a clothesline gets three.

-Eddie Gilbert and Sam Bass ask Jamie Dundee to come out here. Eddie tries to snow him about how he’s clearly got some things going for him more than his dad does. Jamie’s not having it and cuts that off. Eddie gets to the point, offering to do for Jamie’s career what he’s done for Sam Bass. Jamie notes that Sam hasn’t really improved in any meaningful way, so he says no thanks to that offer. Tojo and Bruno come out here to hurl insults at the kid and his dad. Jamie is trying to be a peacemaker, but Tojo mentions his mother, and suddenly Jamie swipes the kendo stick and beats Tojo with it, which brings out a hundred guys to hold Jamie down for an attack. Bill Dundee tries to help his boy, but the Internationals gang up on him until Jerry Lawler makes the save.

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
Jarrett/Gilbert was great, the rest of the show was filler and guys named Sheik.