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Various News: Cody Rhodes Says He Had To Find Himself After WWE, Jeff Jarrett Comments On Deal With AAA, El Torito Set For WAW Appearance

March 20, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Cody Rhodes

– In an interview with FOX News, Cody Rhodes said his goal after leaving WWE was to “find himself.”

When asked how he defined himself, he said: “I’m a second generation professional wrestler. My family, the Rhodes family has been wrestling for 50 odd years. I get to carry the flag now, and I’m just a father-son trying to do what he did. I had several decorated characters within the WWE that I was really proud of, coats of paint that changed that I could show a different side to the audience because I’ve been in front of them since I was 20-years-old, and none of them were necessarily the right one.

– As we previously reported, Impact Wrestling announced a deal with AAA but it was revealed that they still planned on working with CRASH. Jeff Jarrett wrote the following on Twitter:

– El Torito will be at WAW’s TV tapings on May 13.