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Watry’s WWE Fastlane Review

March 10, 2019 | Posted by Justin Watry
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Watry’s WWE Fastlane Review  

This will be my WWE Fastlane 2019 pay-per-view review. Like always, I did not watch the Kickoff Show but DID enjoy the little teases involving Kofi Kingston and the WWE Championship. You have to remember this is being streamed all over the place. Not just the WWE Network. Thus, the company SHOULD hint at a major moment or whatever happening later in the evening to get you to sign up. Smart. For those of you who need a refresher, here is the 411 Forecast Wrestling Podcast being yours truly giving his PPV predictions and discussing much more!

WWE Fastlane 2019 Review

– Pardon the pun but what an awesome start to the show. The Miz and Shane McMahon together as a tag team these past few months has been my guilty pleasure. While everybody has been ripping on Raw, it has actually been the blue brand that has stunk for a lot of 2018. Miz and Shane was something fun, unique and even until the final moments tonight, unpredictable.

What am I talking about? Well, The Usos retained the Smackdown Live Tag Team Titles. That was a given. The Hardyz are likely next come WrestleMania 35 for a championship bout. Of course, the real talking point throughout this entire story has been how we get to the one on one match at WM35 between Miz and Shane. I maintained it was going to be The Miz turning. I understood the logic for Shane being the one to go heel, but Miz is way too good as the annoying pest. It had to be him, right?


Points to my girlfriend (take a shot!) for calling this one. She had Shane turning the whole time, dating back to Crown Jewel. Remember that? Now I get to hear about this over and over and over and over and over and over and over from her. Ugh. I don’t even care. It was worth it. Being in Cleveland for Fastlane obviously helped. Still, the interactions with the live crowd, The Miz, The Miz’s dad, and Shane McMahon were perfect. The whole 30 (yummy) minutes to open this PPV could not have gone any better for WWE. The SHOCKING beatdown afterwards from Shane was all this feud needed. We are now off and running to Mania with a heel Shane and good guy Miz? Wow.

Kinda funny that this whole thing started last Fall when it appeared Shane had turned heel to name himself the Best In The World by screwing The Miz, and that is also how this ends. Almost like WWE had it planned from the beginning…

– Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, and Lashley deliver a promo backstage reminiscent of The Shield. Cool throwback.

– Elias sang a song. This was a running theme throughout the night. We got a payoff later.

– Asuka over Mandy Rose. Um, yeah. I went on a fairly mild PG rated rant about this mess on the 411 Forecast Wrestling Podcast last week. I did not care for this match even taking place, much everything else surrounding Asuka for the last couple of weeks. Luckily, it was kept short and simple. Asuka retains. Please find her a meaningful Mania opponent.

– Up next we had more Kofi Kingston shenanigans. Vince McMahon told him (with fellow New Day clowns also in the room) that he was going to be added to the Fastlane card. A triple threat match the boss proclaimed. Right away, I smelled a rat, and I was correct. It was for Kofi vs. The Bar in a handicap match. Oh, and Big E and Xavier Woods were banned from ringside. Gotcha. Pretty much a two on one beating here. It was boring as the crowd chanted. However, it was a means to an end. Kofi Kingston will get his WWE Championship match. Rest easy children. They are telling a story here.

– The Revival beat Chad Gable/Bobby Roode and Ricochet/Aleister Black to remain RAW Tag Team Champions. No surprise, but it was Gable who took the fall (as explained in the podcast posted above). I feel like I am going to say this for awhile, but I will say it anyways: Ricochet is incredible. Amazing. Spectacular. He is the one and only. Every time he goes to the top rope I hold my breath. Even after the bout ended, it appeared Ricochet came an inch away from SERIOUS injury. Scary stuff. Aleister Black may not have the same athleticism but in terms of character and aura, he is right there. Both are stars in the making. These two are far too new from NXT to take the loss. Therefore, it was down to either Gable and Roode…and well, sorry Gable. The Revival are another act in need of a WM35 opponent. Any ideas?

– Samoa Joe defeated Rey Mysterio, Andrade, and R-Truth to keep his newly won United States Championship. I assume this was to clear the way for him to get a new challenger come Mania. John Cena? Just get all three in there with Joe at Fastlane, do a clean finish, and move on. Personally, I was looking forward to Mysterio vs. Andrade and would have actually checked out the Kickoff Show to see THAT. Nope. Maybe in four weeks time at Met Life Stadium. Good fatal four way bout but also was the definition of filler. Carmella and Zelina Vega had a quick brawl, so there was one highlight I suppose.

– Sasha Banks/Bayley are STILL the Raw Womens Tag Team Champions! Even though I didn’t get off the couch to get a snack or use the bathroom, this was the match I was least looking forward to on the card. No disrespect but anything with Nia Jax and Tamina is going to need a mammoth effort from me to care. A standard tag match at Fastlane was not going to get it done. What might get it done though?

The after match BS. GREAT segment.

Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka laid out guest commentator and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. Yes! Yes! Yes! This was good. Felt like a big time moment and fans despise Jax/Tamina so much that the boos poured in. It certainly helps explain why Beth has randomly been popping up on WWE television for awhile. Before I could even say something about Natalya, she ran down to help out her best friend. Do we have our ‘legends’ women’s match at WM35? No Trish Stratus. No Lita. No Bella Twins. Beth Phoenix and Nattie vs. Nia Jax and Tamina works for me.

– Daniel Bryan retained the WWE Title in a triple threat match over Kevin Owens and Mustafa Ali. Lots to dissect…

Daniel Bryan: Look, he was going to walk out with the WWE Championship belt no matter who he fought. Kofi, Owens, Ali, etc. It didn’t matter. He has too much going on right now as a long-term heel champion. Strong effort like always, busting out a few new moves I have never seen before. Nice clean victory on his road to WrestleMania 35. Amazing he just came out of retirement 12 months ago and is now entering the biggest event of the year with the most prestigious prize in the business on his shoulder.

Mustafa Ali: You need to listen to the 411 Forecast Wrestling Podcast to hear my full thoughts on Ali getting screwed since before Elimination Chamber. Pretty heartbreaking when you think about what has happened since his injury. Poor guy needed something to return to or else he was DONE. This is an okay start, although I do still worry. Negative view is he was just added to protect the other two and take the pin fall. The positive view is WWE has NOT given up on him at all, despite being ‘replaced’ by Kofi Kingston last month in the fan’s eyes. Good or bad, depending on your outlook, he added to the match and did a fine job.

Kevin Owens: Everybody had been wondering how he was going to lose after just returning. I suspected Sami Zayn (and still do). Well, a triple threat last minute addition with Ali was the answer. Vince McMahon told viewers earlier in the night the WWE Title match would be a triple threat. Fans assumed Kofi. Instead it was Ali. That left Owens as the afterthought and well, that may not be a horrible thing. Do not forget. He readily accepted Kofi’s Fastlane spot that was taken away from Vince McMahon. Believe it or not, inserting Mustafa Ali and pushing Owens to the side for the moment may have been the best outcome for him. Now he can start fresh on Smackdown LIVE without any kind of Kofi Kingston baggage lingering.

– Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch  was up next. I would have placed this as the main event but after watching the match, we all saw why it didn’t close the show. This was never going to be much of an in-ring masterpiece, due to Becky Lynch being on crutches and Ronda Rousey lurking around. I was fine with a ‘story match’ at Fastlane. Becky and Charlotte have had a bunch of classics already. We know they are capable. That can come at WrestleMania 35 (with Rousey). For now, there was more story to be told. The Rowdy One has long wanted Becky to be her WM35 opponent, and her interfering sealed the deal. Ms. Flair can stand there and look stunned all she wants. That will be the same look she gives in four weeks. Becky walks out as the new Raw Womens Champion. Get ready!

– The Cleveland Browns being mocked, a Lacey Evans cameo, a Randy Orton RKO outta nowhere to Elias, and an AJ Styles Flying Forearm all in one segment. What more could you ask for?

– The Shield over Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, and Lashley. This was not MY main event, but I get it. End things on a high note and not a disqualification. Logical from WWE’s end. Roman Reigns returning to the squared circle got major press and reuniting with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose for the last time ever is historic. I believe Ambrose is indeed leaving, just as I believe Seth Rollins is your next Universal Champion. This legitimately may be the last time we see these three together on WWE PPV. For what they have meant to the entire industry since 2012, it makes sense. Not much to write about bell to bell unfortunately, outside of a few cool “Greatest Hits From The Shield” spots. This was a six man tag match that re-introduced Reigns, got Ambrose a final Shield moment and stalled enough time for Rollins before Mania. Where the three heels go from here is anybody’s guess but this wasn’t about them tonight. This was about The Shield. Believe that.

The final score: review Average
The 411
Eh. It was alright. The build up was basic and thrown together, which is par the course before WrestleMania each year. Epic start with Miz and Shane. Decent middle of the show. Crowd pleasing close with The Shield back together one final time. Grade scale, I’d go with a B- or C+. My real thoughts during the whole night – BRING ON WRESTLEMANIA 35 BABY!

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