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Winfree’s MLW: Kings of Colosseum Review 1.06.21

January 6, 2021 | Posted by Robert Winfree
Lio Rush MLW Kings of Colosseum
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Winfree’s MLW: Kings of Colosseum Review 1.06.21  

Hey there everyone, Winfree here again for another MLW show. Tonight MLW is putting on a premier show instead of just the weekly Fusion offering, Fusion will be back next week, including a middleweight title match between champion Myron Reed and Lio Rush. Also Alexander Hammerstone will put his National Openweight title on the line against Contra Unit’s Mads Krugger, and the MLW tag team belts will be up for grabs between champions Ross and Marshall Von Erich and the Dirty Blondes. There’s a surprising amount to squeeze into a (checks runtime) 50 minute show. So let’s get to it.

We open with a video package recapping the Hammerstone and Krugger issue. Next to commentary who run down the card.

Match #1 – Tornado Tag Team Bout for the MLW Tag Team Championship: (c) The Von Erich’s (Ross and Marshall) vs. the Dirty Blondes (Michael Patrick and Leo Brien) w/ Aria Blake

They announce this as a Bunkhouse Match, so no rules. Brien has a cowbell on a rope. We get brawling to start, Marshall tossed outside so Ross can get double teamed. Marshall back in, stereo drop kicks from the Von Erich’s send the heels to the outside. More brawling around the ringside area. Ross and Brien square up and get most of the camera time. Marshall comes over, more brawling and one of them says they should take it outside. So they brawl to the backstage area. They’re actually out of the building now. Patrick takes Ross back towards the ring, Brien and Marshall join them in wandering back that direction. Marshall whacks Brien with the cowbell. Patrick in the ring trying to beg off and Aria Blake from behind with the low blow to Ross. On the outside Marshall back drops Brien. The ref is arguing with Blake, Patrick turns into a claw and the claw assisted back suplex ends things.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Von Erich’s won at 3:53

Rating: 1 star

Boring brawling, nothing really to see here.

In the back the Von Erich’s get an interview. They say they’ll take on all comers and are here to fight. Generic promo.

A quick recap of Tom Lawlor winning the Opera Cup, then a video from Lawlor. He says he’s been riding a high since winning, and says the cup is never out of his sight. Tonight though he’s finally sober after the celebration, because he’s looking to build Filthy Island. I have to question the direction here, what’s the end goal for Lawlor’s character now? Are they really just going to have him do a bargain bin knockoff of the really stupid Fight Island branding thing the UFC has done for their Abu Dhabi shows?

Quick promo’s from both men in our upcoming match. Rush says there’s nobody hotter than him, and Reed might be a great champion but he’s no champ of the hour. Reed says he’s a fan of Rush, but wants to beat his idol. Both men promise victory, Rush claiming it’s Rush Hour while Reed reminds us he’s beaten everyone who’s challenged for his title. I mean, that’s true of every champion before they lose it, isn’t it? Not strong work from Reed, while Rush’s douchebag persona was able to shine.

Oh, our top ten contenders list will be airing next. That should lead into the title match.
10. Mads Krugger
9. Calvin Tankman
8. Laredo Kid
7. ACH
6. Richard Holliday
5. Myron Reed
4. LA Park
3. Low Ki
2. Tom Lawlor
1. Alexander Hammerstone
MLW World Champion – Jacob Fatu

Apparently an advertised match, Simon Gotch and Jordan Oliver, has been postponed. That leads us into intros for the Middleweight Title match.

Match #2 – MLW Middleweight Title Match: (c) Myron Reed w/ Jordan Oliver vs. Lio Rush

They tie up, Rush looking for a low single leg but they wind up trading arm wringers and related escapes. Neither man gets an advantage and they separate to reset. They hit the ropes, Reed catches Rush but Rush with a sunset flip for a 2 count. Reed hits a slingshot wheelbarrow slam then a slingshot leg drop for a 2 count. Rush with an arm drag but walks into a kick. Reed’s turn to run into something, in this case a back elbow. Kick from Rush, then he runs the ropes and baits Reed into a dive that misses. Rolling thunder kick from Rush then a suicide dive onto Reed. Back into the ring and Rush lays in another kick. Suplex from Rush for a 2 count. Rush is on the back of Reed, he starts ripping at the face of Reed. Reed fights back to his feet, lands a right and they start trading forearms. Jawbreaker from Reed, he tries a cutter but Rush avoids it and hits a kneeling tornado kick for a near fall. More offense from Rush, he hits a back suplex for a near fall. Rush is doing a good job of keeping Reed grounded for long stretches of time. Reed slams Rush into the corner a few times then a snap mare. Reed quickens the pace, hits a couple of clotheslines. Rush sends Reed to the apron, Reed back in with a slingshot codebreaker and Rush is out of the ring. Dive from Reed over the top rope onto Rush. Back in the ring Reed with a corkscrew elbow for a near fall. Rush fights out of a half nelson, rolls up Reed for 2. Reed avoids a clothesline and hits a half nelson, then a modified death valley driver and a seated super kick for a near fall. Rush rolls to the apron, looking to slow the offense from Reed. Reed eats a kick and falls out of the ring, Rush with an asai moonsault. Back into the ring, Rush with a twisting unprettier for a near fall. Reed hold onto the leg of Rush, Rush with a backflip, they run the ropes and Rush hits a clothesline. Reed counters a suplex into a stunner, sort of? Odd move, not sure if that was botched. Some rights from Reed, Rush starts giving them back. Flurry from Rush, both men then trade evasive moves before Reed hits an enziguri. Rush heads out to the apron, Reed with a flying cutter over the top to the outside. Crazy move. Back into the ring, Reed misses a springboard 450 though. Rush with a low bounce back stunner. Reed is down, Rush to the top rope this time and hits the Final Hour frog splash to win the title.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Lio Rush pinned Myron Reed to win the title at 14:16

Rating: 2 stars

A bit too spotty for my personal taste, but the closing stretch was solid if nothing else. Mostly it felt like it was lacking a narrative, just kind of moving from spot to spot without connective tissue. Despite that the athleticism of both men is nothing to sneeze at.

Rush celebrates with the belt. In the back he talks, asking us what we expected. There’s only one outcome, him winning. He’s the 25 year old piece of gold, the man of the hour, and the real moneyweight champion. Not only is he a musician, the hottest agent in the world, own more things than your whole life, he’s also the MLW middleweight champion and no one can do anything about it.

Hammerstone talks ahead of his match, he’s cut off by Contra though. Contra has been labeled extremists and a violent group, that’s true. Josef Samael say she’s offering the world 2 gifts for the new year, Mads Krugger taking the openweight title and Hammerstone’s career as well.

Salina de la Renta shows up to interrupt commentary. She’s celebrating because next week will be her Fusion episode. She made a deal with Los Parks, they’ll join her stable if she can get their title shot. So next week Los Parks will battle the Von Erich’s with Tom Lawlor as the special guest referee. Commentary runs down some upcoming events, and I just have to mention that they’ve essentially lifted their graphics wholesale from the UFC’s and it comes across as pretty low budget.

Reed in the back now, he says tonight two of the best middleweights fought and Rush was the better man tonight. But Reed says he’s still the young GOAT, and he’ll be doing whatever it takes to get his title back. Jacob Fatu and Simon Gotch jump them, the rest of Contra Unit show up and beat them down. Oh, Daivari is here with Contra. Apparently he’s joined that group. Good for him.

The main event participants head to the ring next.

Match #3 – MLW National Openweight Title Match: (c) Alexander Hammerstone vs. Mads Krugger

They start brawling right away, Hammerstone cracks Krugger with the belt before they get into the ring so not illegal yet. In the ring now, Krugger tosses Hammerstone around, then runs into a kick. Hammerstone with a clothesline but Krugger wont go down. Krugger tosses Hammerstone to the apron, Hammerstone then eats a kick and both men head to the ringside area. Krugger clubs Hammerstone around the ringside area, Hammerstone tries to fight back but gets flap jacked onto the ring apron. Back into the ring, Krugger with some body blows. Hammerstone with chops but he’s out gunned in terms of the striking. Krugger with an avalanche in the corner, but Hammerstone avoids a kick and hits a belly to belly suplex. Rights from Hammerstone, then he hits the ropes and a running clothesline takes both men down. Krugger up first but in the corner. Hammerstone with a pump kick, then a pumphandle suplex for a 1 count. Hammerstone calls for the Nightmare Pendulum, but Krugger is too big. Krugger grabs the throat, then lands punches in the corner. Both men trade blows in the corner, the ref is losing control of the match. Krugger tosses Hammerstone out of the ring again. Hammerstone with elbows, they brawl around the ringside area with Krugger getting the better of it. The ref is counting but neither man seems to care. They fight to the top of the entrance ramp. Both men with blows, Krugger gets a sleeper but Hammerstone bites his way out of it. Both men get counted out and they resume brawling as the broadcast ends.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Double countout at about 6 minutes

Rating: 1.5 stars

Krugger is still pretty green it looks like, this was a lot of brawling but at least they did a passable job of selling their mutual hatred. The non-finish was entirely predictable, you don’t want to beat your new monster clean but you also don’t want to have Hammerstone take a clean loss until you can more readily position him in the title picture.

The final score: review Average
The 411
2 of the 3 matches were a lot of brawling without much substance to them. Reed and Rush had a decent if spotty match. All in all a rather average MLW offering.