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World Famous CB Recalls Working All In, Says Rey Mysterio Almost Forgot His Mask For Appearance

September 17, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

World Famous CB was part of the All In PPV, and he recalled being at the event and shared a funny Rey Mysterio story about it in a new interview. CB was part of the 19-person Over Budget Battle Royale at the September 2019 show and discussed it with Fightful; you can see some highlights below:

On the atmosphere at All In: “That was—holy crap. I think we all had the same vibe. ‘Hey, this is something big.’ Show sold out ten thousand tickets in like thirty minutes. We were all like, ‘Holy crap.’ As we were in that, we were like, ‘This is game changing for wrestling.’ But we didn’t know to what level it was. Honestly that was way before AEW became a thing. But we know something’s evolving in wrestling. Something is going in wrestling that is changing and evolving and I think everyone on that show felt that. That was special, man. That was awesome. We got that Cracker Barrel catering, too, that was pretty awesome.”

On Rey Mysterio almost forgetting his mask for his appearance: “That incredible main event they pulled off in like eight minutes somehow and saved the pay-per-view, if you watch that—I think the full match is up on ROH’s YouTube—‘cause obviously the show is very pressed for time. So, it’s like, ‘Alright, we gotta go, we gotta go. We only have ten minutes to pull the main event off.’ So, if you watch the entrances, Rey Mysterio’s music starts playing. Everything’s discombobulated because, again, they’re very short on time. But they’re waiting for Rey—Fenix and Bandido—Fenix and Bandido, they just have to go out without Rey while Rey’s music is playing. Because what happened backstage is Rey is sitting backstage and they go, ‘Yo, we gotta go, we gotta go.’ So, Rey starts running—and the arena’s huge—so he starts running across the arena, he forgets his mask in the locker room. He stops and has to turn around. Somehow Rey Mysterio, of all people, forgot to bring his mask as he’s running to Gorilla. He sprints back, grabs his mask, comes back, sprints to Gorilla, has to put it on, has to tie it and go out the curtains. Like, he did three wind sprints back and forth before he even went out to the ring. It was wild. He was just racing across the arena. I was like, ‘How did Rey Mysterio, of all people, forget his mask? So, Rey’s entrance ended up being like five minutes. Fenix and Bandido are waiting, then they go out. A minute later Rey finally comes out.”