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WOW – Women of Wrestling Posts Talent Casting Call, Tessa Blanchard Listed as a Casting Director

October 8, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WOW - Women of Wrestling, AJ Mendez Image Credit: WOW - Women of Wrestling

WOW – Women of Wrestling is looking for new members of the roster with a casting call, and Tessa Blanchard is listed as a director. Denise Salcedo noted on Twitter that the promotion posted a casting notice on the Actors Access app which lists Blanchard and David McLane as the casting directors.

You can see a screenshot of the notice below. The deadline for submission is October 13th, with pay listed as between $350 and $520 per event. WOW is seeking “18 to 45 year old, all ethnicities, athletic females.”

The company announced its relaunch on Wednesday, with AJ Mendez executive producing alongside owner Jeannie Buss as well as McLane and Nick Staller. Blanchard is a member of the roster along with Twana “The Beast” Barnett-Ferguson, Danni, Alex Gracia, Briana Montez, Kate Smith and Imo Akpan. The promotion will launch its new series on CBS affiliates in September of 2022.