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WrestleMania X Review

March 16, 2009 | Posted by Rob McNew
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WrestleMania X Review  

-3/20/1994 from Madison Square Garden in New York, NY

-Hosted by Vince McMahon & Jerry “The King” Lawler

-Little Richard opens things with his rendition of “America The Beautiful”

-We start right off with a recap package for the events leading up to Owen and Bret.

”The Rocket” Owen Hart vs. Bret “Hitman” Hart

Owen takes Bret over with a fireman carry takeover, but Bret quickly counters into a headscissor. Owen nips up to break. Bret comes back with a go behind take down, and Owen quickly gets to the ropes. Owen gets a go behind takedown of his own, and Bret counters by firing Owen through the ropes to the floor. Owen slides back and smacks Bret right in the face. Owen takes Bret down with a drop toehold and grabs a side headlock. Bret counters into a hammerlock, and turns it into a wristlock. Owen counters into a wristlock of his own taking Bret down by the hair. Bret nips up and reverses. Owen gets whipped into the corner, and Bret rolls him up for two. Bret hits an armdrag and goes back to the armbar. He turns it into a hammerlock, and Owen elbows out of it. Owen hits the ropes, but gets a monkeyflip from Bret. Bret then clotheslines Owen over the top and back to the floor. Bret goes outside and fires Owen back inside. Bret smacks Owen this time and again rolls him up for two. Bret goes back to the armbar, and gets shoved into the ropes. Bret comes off with a crucifix getting a two count and again grabs an armbar. Bret hits the ropes, and Owen gets a leapfrog before hitting a spinning heel kick putting Bret down. Owen stomps away at Bret as he rolls to the floor. Owen goes out after him, and rams Bret back first into the ring post. Back inside they go, and Owen whips Bret into the corner. Backbreaker from Owen sets up a camel clutch. Bret is able to come to his feet and elbow out. Bret hits the ropes, but runs into a belly-to-belly from Owen picking up a two count. Owen springboards off the second rope with a crossbody, but Bret rolls through for a two count. Owen goes back on offense with a series of stomps and grabs a reverse chinlock. Owen goes for a bodyslam, but a reversal of weight causes Bret to collapse on top for two. Bret slides to the floor, and Owen tries to suplex him in from the apron. Bret counters into a German Suplex attempt, but Owen counters that into one of his own getting two. A legdrop from Owen gets a two count. Bret gets a small package for two. Owen hits the ropes and counters a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker attempt with a tombstone piledriver getting two. Owen then goes to the top rope, but a splash attempt comes up empty. A clothesline getting a two count follows inverted atomic drop from Bret. Owen comes off the ropes and gets a punch to the gut, and a side Russian legsweep follows that for two. A second rope elbow drop for another two count follows Backbreaker. Owen turns the tide again with an enzaguri, and goes for a sharpshooter. Bret counters and tries one of his own, but Owen rolls out again. Rollup by Owen gets a two count, and Bret’s kick out sends him to the floor. Bret catapults himself over the top rope onto Owen, but comes up with an injured knee. Owen gets fired inside, and Bret rolls in behind him while favoring the knee. Bret stalks, but Owen goes right to the injured knee of Bret. Owen slides to the floor and wraps Bret’s knee around the ring post three times. Legwhip from Owen sets up an inverted figure four. He lets go of it to drop down on the injured knee. Another legwhip from Owen this time sets up the traditional figure four. Bret turns it over, and they eventually roll to the ropes. Owen goes back to work on the injured knee, but Bret comes back with an enzaguri. Bret delivers a headbutt, and then whips Owen sternum first into the buckle. Legdrop gets two for Bret, so he goes for a bulldog, which connects for another two count. Piledriver from Bret gets yet another two count. Bret sets Owen up on the top rope and delivers a super-plex getting another near fall. European upper cuts connect for Bret, and a sleeper follows that. Owen comes out of that with a low blow to the back of the referee, and then locks in the sharpshooter. Bret counters into a sharpshooter of his own, but Owen is able to get to the ropes. Bret gets whipped into the corner, and Owen charges into Bret’s boot. Bret goes for a victory roll, but Owen sits back on it and sticks Bret with a three count at 20:20. This is one of those matches that I can’t really add anything more than what has already been said. Best opening match in professional wrestling history.

Winner: “The Rocket” Owen Hart (Pinfall-Victory Roll Counter *****)

-Todd Pettingill gets a word with a victorious Owen. I can’t really tell what he’s saying because I’m too busy staring at the big white gob of something next to his mouth.

-Hair Club for Men President Sy Sperling introduces his latest creating The Fink with hair.

Mixed Tag Team Match: Bam Bam Bigelow & Luna Vachon vs. Doink The Clown & Dink The Clown

Bigelow attacks Doink at the bell with a shoulderblock, and a dropkick. Bodyslam sets up a legdrop attempt, which misses for Bigelow. Doink comes back whipping Bam Bam to the corner, and grabbing an armbar. Bigelow rakes the eyes to break that, but misses an elbow drop. Dink tags in which forces Luna to tag in as well. Dink gives her a smack on the ass, but she responds with a kick to the butt. She follows up by choking him on the second rope, but she charges into the ropes and misses him. Dink covers after an elbow drop and gets two, so he runs circles around her (literally) until she kicks him in the gut. Dink moves out of the way of an elbow drop, and goes to the top rope. Luna moves and goes back to offense with a series of back rakes. Bodyslam from Luna sets up Dink as she climbs to the top rope. Splash attempt misses so both men tag in. Drop toe hold is followed by a shoulderblock for Doink. Bigelow comes back with a clothesline sending Doink over the top to the floor. Dink comes in and both Bigelow and Luna charge at him but he is too quick. Back inside Doink goes for a sunset flip, but Bam Bam sits down on it crushing Doink’s chest. Doink gets whipped to the corner, but puts a boot up on the charge from Bigelow. DDT connects for Doink, and then he climbs to the top rope. Whoopie cushion misses from Doink, and Bigelow follows up with a series of clothesline. Dink gets knocked off the apron as Bam Bam hits the ropes. Doink goes for a suplex, but Bigelow shifts his weight and comes down on top of him for a two count. Headbutt from Bigelow sends him to the top rope where a diving headbutt finishes things at 6:07. This was nothing more than a comedy match, and really not a very good one.

Winners: Bam Bam Bigelow & Luna Vachon (Bigelow pins Doink-Diving Headbutt ½*)

-A Bill Clinton impersonator sits in the President’s box with Jack Tunney.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. Crush (w. Mr. Fuji)

This is actually a bit different than your typical Falls Count Anywhere match in that its kind of a hybrid between falls count anywhere and a Texas death match. The rules here are that falls for all intents and purposes don’t count in the ring. Once a fall occurs, the loser of the fall then has 60 seconds to return to the ring or be declared the loser. Savage attacks in the aisle way, but quickly gets an inverted atomic drop from Crush. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker sets up Savage for a press slam into the guardrail that gets the three count just 47 seconds into the match. Crush heads back into the ring to await Savage. On his way back to the ring Mr. Fuji gives Savage a shot with the flag. Savage makes it inside with two seconds to spare, so Crush goes back on the offensive. Headbutt from Crush connects and from there he ties Savage in the tree of woe. Crush gets some stomps in before the official gets over to untie him. Savage grabs a handful of salt, but Savage is able to throw it back in Crush’s face. Off the ropes Savage hits a running elbow, and goes to the top rope delivering a double axe handle. Bodyslam from Savage sets up the flying elbow, which connects. Savage rolls Crush to the floor and pins him at ringside at the 4:32 mark. Fuji revives Crush with a pitcher of water, and he returns to the ring with two seconds to spare. Savage chokes out Crush on the top rope, but charges into a backdrop sending him to the arena floor. Crush goes outside after him, and delivers a headbutt. Savage blocks an attempt to ram his head into the post, and fires Crush into the post. He follows that by sending Crush into the ring steps and then clotheslines him over the guardrail into the crowd. Thrust kick from Crush is delivered and he sets up Savage for a piledriver in the crowd, but Savage counters into a backdrop. Savage rams Crush’s head into a pair of doors as they head into the backstage area before getting a fall at the 8:11 mark. Savage finds a cable lying around which allows him to tie Crush up and hang him upside down. That prevents Crush from beating the count and Savage is officially declared the winner at 9:44. This was essentially Savage’s WWF swan song, but I’ll never understand the booking on this one. Outside of the very beginning Savage was never really in trouble. I’m also not a huge fan of the rules they used.

Winner: “Macho Man” Randy Savage (Pinfall-Slams head into door *3/4)

-Todd Pettingill gets an interview with “Bill Clinton” and IRS.

-Recap of the events going on at the first ever WWF Fan Fest. This is basically the pre-cursor to what is now known as Axxess.

WWF Women’s Championship: Leilani Kai vs. Alundra Blayze ©

Kai was returning to the WWF to challenge for the title as she was the defending champion of course at Wrestlemania I. Legsweep takes down Kai at the start, but she comes back with a shoulderblock on Blayze. Into the corner Blayze hits a sunset flip for two. Another sunset flip again gets two for Blayze, and Kai comes back with a choke. Bodyslam gets two for Kai. Blayze hits the ropes and comes off with a hurracanrana getting two. Kai comes back with a series of snap mares, and fires Blaze to the floor. Back inside Kai hits a double underhook suplex for a two count. Blayze ducks a clothesline and hits one of her own. Off the ropes Kai runs into a spinning heel kick, and then a suplex gets two. A pair of snap mares gets two for Blayze. From there she hits a bridging German Suplex, which does finish at 3:26. Kai was just here for the nostalgia factor and it showed.

Winner: STILL WWF Women’s Champion-Alundra Blayze (Pinfall-Bridging German Suplex ¼*)

-Todd Pettingill talks to Rhonda Shear from USA Up All Night, Shawn interrupts Pettingill, and Burt Reynolds cock blocks Shawn.

WWF Tag Team Championship: Men on a Mission (w. Oscar) vs. The Quebecers © (w. Johnny Polo)

Champs attack from behind at the outset. Pierre comes off the second rope with a double axe handle to Mable, as Mo gets tossed to the floor. Mabel hits the ropes and delivers a double clothesline to both Quebecers. Officially Mo and Pierre start, and Mo gets a crossbody for a two count. Tag to Mabel who delivers a dropkick to Pierre after a drop toe hold from Mo. Tag back to Mo, and they both deliver elbow drops. Jacques breaks up the pin attempt and stomps away. Ref gets tied up with Mabel so Pierre chokes out Mo with the tag rope. Jacques delivers a slam before tagging out to Pierre. Pierre hits the ropes and Jacques backdrops him on top for two. Mo gets thrown to the floor, and Pierre tags in Jacques. They do the backdrop spot again, only this time Pierre goes flying to the floor to take out Mo. He fires Mo back inside and gets a two count. Jacques comes in again as the Quebecers deliver a double stun gun for a two count. Pierre tags in, and Mo ducks a clothesline before a spinning kick puts down Pierre. Jacques tags in and is able to cut off Mo from tagging Mabel. Pierre tags in again and goes for a legdrop from the top, which misses. Mo makes the hot tag to Mabel who comes in with a clothesline for each Quebecer. Backdrop connects on Pierre, and a Bossman slam for Jacques. Pierre moves out of the way of an avalanche attempt, and both Quebecers connect on a suplex. Pierre connects with the senton bomb with the assist from Jacques but it only gets a two count. Mabel and Pierre trade blows in the middle with Mabel getting the better of it. Jacques comes in and jumps on the back of Mable, but an attempt by Pierre to attack misses Mabel and takes out Jacques instead. Spinning heel kick connects from Mabel to Pierre and its followed by a short clothesline for Jacques. Mo tags in and bulldogs Mabel on top of Jacques. Johnny Polo ties up the referee who can’t make the count. Pierre goes to make the save, but Mo sees him coming and moves allowing Jacques to elbow drop Pierre. Clothesline sends Pierre to the floor, and Mo splashes Mabel again on top of Pierre this time on the floor. The Quebecers take the count out at 7:43 allowing them to retain the titles. Afterwards M.O.M. celebrates with the belts despite not being champions. Match was way better than it had any right being considering the participants.

Winners: Men on a Mission (Count Out/Quebecers retain titles **)

WWF Championship: Yokozuna © (w. Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette) vs. Lex Luger ©

Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids on the Block is the guest ring announcer. Rhonda Shear the host of USA Network’s “Up All Night” is the guest timekeeper. Mr. Perfect is the surprise guest referee. Both Luger and Bret Hart had co-won the Royal Rumble so both were guaranteed title matches at Wrestlemania. A coin flip was held to determine who would get the first show which Luger won. Bret had to face “suitable competition” which is why he faced Owen. The winner of this bout will face Bret later in the show. They trade blows at the start with Luger getting the better of it. Luger ducks a clothesline and delivers one of his own staggering Yoko. Luger hits the ropes again but this time its Yoko who delivers the big clothesline. Elbow drop from Yokozuna misses, and a big right hand sends him to the floor. Luger comes off the apron with a double axe handle on the floor, and then rams Yoko’s head into the ringsteps a few times. Back inside Luger comes off the top rope with a flying crossbody for a two count. Elbow drop gets another two for Luger. Yoko comes right back with a knife-edge to the throat of Luger and chokes him out on the second rope. Luger ducks a clothesline, and goes for a slam but Yoko’s weight is too much as he collapses on top for a two count. Headbutt sends Luger into the corner, where Yoko fires him into the top turnbuckle. Yokozuna removes the turnbuckle pad, and goes back to Luger with a chop. Yoko locks in a trapezes nerve pinch. Luger elbows out of that, and hits the ropes, but runs into a shoulderblock. Yoko delivers a series of knife-edges, and goes back to the trapezes hold. Yoko lets go of the hold and fires Luger to the floor. Fuji gets a shot in while Perfect is tied up with Yoko, but Luger is able to roll back in the ring. Chop sends Luger back to the mat, and Yoko again locks in the trapezes hold. Luger is able to break the hold this time, and fires off a few punches but Yoko quickly regains control and goes back to the trapezes hold. Luger breaks the hold this time with a series of elbows, and hits the ropes this time running into a Yokozuna belly-to-belly suplex. Yokozuna goes to ram Luger’s head into the exposed turnbuckle pad, but Luger blocks it and Yoko’s head meets the steel instead. A trio of clotheslines from Luger put Yoko down, and a bodyslam this time is successful. Luger hits the bionic forearm, which brings the managers on the apron. Luger slingshots Cornette in and knocks out Fuji. He goes for the cover, but Perfect doesn’t count instead going to send the manager’s out. Luger gets in his face and points in Perfect’s chest. That’s enough for Perfect to call for the DQ, effectively turning him heel, at 14:40. Hokey ending to a really boring match. Still though it was necessary to keep Luger strong, and serve as a catalyst for Perfect’s heel turn. Perfect didn’t stick around long enough for them to do anything with the angle however.

Winner: STILL WWF Champion-Yokozuna (Disqualification-Touching an official *)

-Todd Pettingill looks for an explanation from Perfect who says that Luger assaulted him. Luger interrupts and they have to be separated.

Adam Bomb (w. Harvey Whippleman) vs. Earthquake

Harvey Whippleman gets into it with The Fink before the match, so Fink shoves him on his ass. Adam Bomb gets in Fink’s face, so Earthquake runs in and makes the save. Belly-to-belly suplex is followed by a powerslam from Quake. Earthquake splash finishes from there at :34. Must be running short on time already. This was just a vehicle to start the Finkel/Whippleman feud. That’s sad just thinking about it.

Winner: Earthquake (Pinfall-Earthquake Splash DUD)

-Pettingill gets words from Cornette in the locker room with Yokozuna and Fuji.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match: Shawn Michaels (w. Diesel) vs. Razor Ramon ©

This would be the first televised ladder match in WWF history. Shawn was stripped of the IC belt back in October after failing a drug test, but came back from suspension still with the belt. Razor had won the vacant title in the meantime. The ladder match concept was created (in kayfabe) so that the winner would claim both belts. Shawn grabs a hammerlock, which is quickly countered by Razor. Shawn comes off the ropes, but after a quick reversal sequence gets hit with a chokeslam. Shawn hits the ropes again ducking a clothesline and delivering a swinging neckbreaker. Razor comes right back off the ropes with a shoulderblock, but he hits the ropes again and gets fired to the floor. Diesel stalks Razor and delivers a clothesline on the floor earning himself a quick ejection from referee Earl Hebner. Shawn gets a right hand from Razor as he heads back inside. Whip to the corner for Shawn is followed by a clothesline sending him to the floor. Razor follows him to the floor, and pulls back the protective mats at ringside. Shawn gets a short right in though and fires Razor back inside. Shawn hits the ropes and gets a right hand to the jaw. Razor sets up for the Razor’s Edge, but Shawn counters by backdropping him over the top and onto the exposed concrete. Shawn goes to retrieve the ladder, dragging it to ringside, but Razor sneaks up from behind with a right hand and fires Shawn back inside. Razor goes to put the ladder in the ring, but Shawn baseball slides the ladder into Razor. Shawn fires Razor into the ringsteps and then back inside the ring. The ladder finally makes its way into the ring via Shawn who drives it into Razor’s gut. Shawn picks up the ladder and again rams the end of it into Razor’s guts. He then slams the ladder down on the back of Razor, and then throws the ladder across the ring into the back of Razor. Shawn goes to climb for the belts, but Razor goes up to get him pulling his trunks down and exposing his bare ass to the crowd. Shawn kicks him off and delivers a bare ass elbow drop off the ladder. Shawn sets up the ladder in the corner, and then delivers a bodyslam to Razor. Shawn climbs to the top of the ladder and delivers a splash down on to Ramon. Shawn sets up the ladder in the center again in an attempt to get the belts. Razor dumps him off the ladder clotheslining him on the top rope to stop him. Razor hits the ropes, and they collide in the center putting both guys down. Shawn is up first, and he again positions the ladder in the corner. Shawn sets up Razor for a whip into the ladder, but Ramon reverses and sends Shawn flying into the ladder and over the top to the floor. Razor grabs the ladder and goes out after him sandwiching Shawn inbetween the ring post and the ladder. Shawn ends up in the aisle, and Razor positions the ladder up against the ring apron. A catapult sends Shawn flying into the ladder, and Razor then fires him back inside. Razor heads back inside with ladder in tow and bashes Shawn in the jaw with it sending him over the top to the floor. Razor sets up the ladder and begins the climb towards the belts, but Shawn climbs to the top rope and delivers a double axe handle to Razor collapsing the ladder and causing him to crash to the mat. Both guys start to climb the ladder and they trade blows at the top of the ladder. Razor suplexes Shawn off the ladder but loses his balance and falls off himself. Razor starts to climb again, but Shawn is up with a dropkick to the ladder, which causes Razor to lose his balance. Shawn dumps the standing ladder on top of Razor. Back to their feet and Shawn hits the superkick on Razor. Shawn gives the Razor’s Edge signal, but delivers a piledriver instead. Shawn grabs the ladder and climbs to the top rope delivering the famous spot where he rides the ladder down from the top rope on top of Razor. Shawn sets up the ladder again, this time over the top of Razor, and climbs for the belts. Razor gets up and delivers a shoulderblock to the ladder, which causes Shawn to get his foot tied up in the top rope. Razor then sets up the ladder, climbs to the top, and claims the belts at 18:49. Amazing match that put the ladder match on the map. It may lack some of the crazy spots that today’s ladder matches have, but this is still pretty brutal, and downright groundbreaking for the time.

Winner: STILL WWF Intercontinental Champion-Razor Ramon (claims the belts ****3/4)

-The heels in the ten-man tag can’t decide on a captain so the match is cancelled.

-Todd Pettingill again catches up with “The President” and this time he’s joined by Ted Dibiase.

-Hype package for Bret and Yokozuna

WWF Championship: Yokozuna © (w. Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji) vs. Bret “Hitman” Hart

Burt Reynolds serves as the guest ring announcer, and may or may not be completely trashed. Jennie Garth of 90210 fame is the timekeeper. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper serves as surprise guest referee for this one. Bret is still selling his knee injury he suffered in the opening contest against Owen. Yoko attacks right as Bret gets in the ring with a series of knife-edges and a headbutt. Bret tries to fire back, but gets punched right back down. Chop by Yoko is followed up by a bodyslam. Bret comes firing back with a right hand and a dropkick to wobble Yoko. A second dropkick comes up empty for Bret, and Yoko goes back on offense with a series of stomps. Yoko chokes out Bret on the second rope, and then bites Bret earning himself an admonishment from Piper. Cornette tries to get on the apron, but gets a swing from Piper sending him back to the floor. Yoko goes for a big splash, but Bret is able to move out of the way. Bret fires away with a series of rights and a headbutt, which finally knocks Yoko onto his ass. Bret smashes Yoko’s head into the mat, but Yoko comes back with a rake to the eyes. Bret ducks a clothesline off the ropes and goes back to the right hands. A double axe handle puts Yoko down, and Bret covers. Cornette pulls Piper out of the ring, so Piper decks him. Yoko gets a shot in off camera to regain control of the match, and delivers a diving headbutt. Yoko chokes Bret out for a bit, which causes him to again get into it with Piper. Yoko connects with a legdrop, and then fires Bret over the top to the floor. Back inside and Yoko again goes to the eyes, and does some more biting. Yoko chops Bret, and then Irish whips him into the corner. Yoko goes for a charge, but Bret moves out of the way. Bret comes off the second rope with a bulldog getting a two count. Second rope elbow drop from Bret connects for another two. Bret bounces off the ropes with a clothesline which picks up another two count. Bret goes to the second rope again, but gets caught coming off into a belly-to-belly suplex. Yoko pulls Bret over to the corner and sets up for a banzai drop, but Bret moves and Yoko slips off the second rope. Bret covers the stunned Yoko and picks up the fall giving him his second World title at 10:31. After the matches the babyfaces exit from the dressing room to celebrate with Bret. This match was much better than I remember it being. Yoko could still move relatively well at this point, and Bret was always gold. Good match with a great moment at the end.

Winner: NEW WWF Champion-Bret “Hitman” Hart (Pinfall-Missed Banzai Drop ***1/4)

The 411: It may lack a lot of historical significance due to being during a relatively down time for business, but this show kicked all kinds of ass. Bret-Owen and Razor-Shawn were both coin flip choices for not only match of the year, but match of the decade as well. The second WWF Championship was really better than it should have been considering Yoko, and the ending with all the babyfaces celebrating while a jealous Owen looks on is tremendous. Easily one of the top five Wrestlemania’s ever.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend

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