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WrestleMania XII Review

March 18, 2009 | Posted by Rob McNew
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WrestleMania XII Review  

-3/31/1996 from Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, CA

-Hosted by Vince McMahon & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Vader, Owen Hart, & The British Bulldog (w. Jim Cornette) vs. Yokozuna, Ahmed Johnson, & Jake “The Snake” Roberts

The stipulation here was if Yokozuna’s team won he would get five minutes alone with Jim Cornette after the match. Cornette had fired Yokozuna from Camp Cornette a few months back turning him face. All six men brawl to start. Owen and Bulldog go to the floor leaving the faces in the ring with Vader. Yokozuna sends Vader over the top with a clothesline, and then launches Ahmed over the top on to Vader. Vader ends up in the ring with Yoko to start and they trade blows. Vader pushes Yoko into the corner and tags in to Owen who comes in with a dropkick from behind. No effect to Yoko, so Owen hits the ropes and runs into a clothesline. Owen gets whipped into the corner and Yoko tries an avalanche, but comes up empty. Owen puts the boots to Yoko, and Bulldog comes in to join in the effort. Owen tags in Vader, who delivers a cheap shot to Ahmed drawing the refs attention and allowing Owen to choke out Yoko on the second rope. Vader smacks around Yoko in the corner, and eventually drops him. Vader goes to deliver a right, but Yoko ducks and delivers a right hand. Tag to Ahmed, and Vader tags in Bulldog. Ahmed delivers shots to all three heels, and eventually gets a powerslam on Bulldog. Vader attacks from the backside though with a shot, and sends him into the ropes. Backdrop attempt by Vader is turned into a sunset flip for Ahmed which Vader blocks. Vader tries to sit on Ahmed but he slips out the backdoor and delivers a flying shoulder tackle. Cornette distracts the ref again allowing for another triple team in the corner. Its short lived as Ahmed fights right back with a slam to Bulldog. He sets up for a Pearl River Plunge but another Cornette distraction allows Owen to come in with a missile dropkick. Elbow drop connects for Owen, and he follows up with an enzaguri. Owen tags in Vader who delivers a big splash to Ahmed. Tag back to Owen who blatantly rakes the eyes, and hits the ropes delivering a clothesline. He goes to the ropes again, but this time runs into a clothesline from Ahmed. Hot tag to Jake who comes in with right hands for all the heels and a short clothesline for Owen. He goes for the DDT, but Owen hooks the ropes to put a stop to it. Irish whip sends Owen to the corner, but a charge meets Owen’s knee. Jake gets caught in the heel corner, and triple teamed as Bulldog tags in. Bulldog locks in a front facelock, and sends Jake back into the corner. Tag to Vader who delivers a short clothesline, and then sends Jake to the corner with an Irish whip. An avalanche follows that from Vader and a clothesline. Tag again to Owen who heads to the top rope. After a slam from Vader Owen delivers a top rope clothesline for two. Owen locks in a stump puller, and tags in Bulldog who delivers a kick to the ribs of Jake. Bulldog sets up for the powerslam, and connects for a two count. Tag to Vader who delivers a big splash for another two count. Bulldog tags back in, and misses an elbow drop Bulldog tags in Vader, but Jake makes the hot tag to Yoko. Yoko pounds away at Vader in the corner pounding him down into the seated position. Avalanche connects to Vader, and Owen and Bulldog are met with clotheslines. A Samoan Drop to Bulldog follows double noggin knocker to Owen and Bulldog. Jake tags in and goes for the DDT on Owen, but its broken up by Bulldog. Ahmed comes in and sends Bulldog to the floor allowing Jake to finally hit the DDT on Owen. The ref is tied up with the action on the floor and can’t make the count. Cornette comes in to break up the pin attempt with the tennis racket, but gets caught by Jake with a right hand. Jake sets up Cornette for a DDT, but Vader attacks from behind. That allows Vader to hit the Vader Bomb, which finishes at 13:11. This was a really hot opener in a six man where all the talent was on the heel team. Really good match.

Winners: Vader, Owen Hart, & The British Bulldog (Vader pins Jake-Vader Bomb ***1/4)

-Recap of the events leading to the Hollywood Backlot Brawl

Hollywood Backlot Brawl: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs. Goldust

Piper waits in a back alley with a baseball bat, as Goldust shows up in a gold Cadillac. Piper turns a fire hose on the car, before attacking it with the bat. Goldust gets out of the car, and Piper jumps over it attack him and choking him out with the baseball bat. Piper throws Goldust into a catering table and bashes a garbage can over his head. Next up he fires Goldust into a dumpster, as McMahon proclaims, “this is vintage Piper.” So now we know whom to blame. Piper smashes a garbage can again over Goldust’s head, and delivers a kick to the head. Again into the dumpster goes Goldust, and Piper turns the fire hose on him. The assault continues by bashing Goldust’s head into the hood of the car and then sitting him on the hood of the car. Piper drops a fist, and then delivers a few punches before Goldust comes back with a low blow. Goldust fires Piper into the side of a dumpster, and then gets his car and hits Piper. Piper falls off the hood as Goldust speeds away. Piper jumps in his White Ford Bronco and begins the pursuit. The first segment ends at 4:43

To Be Continued…

-Dok Hendrix (Michael Hayes) talks to Savio Vega. The footage is shown of Austin double crossing him in the tag team tournament.

”Stone Cold” Steve Austin (w. “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase) vs. Savio Vega

No glass, no BMF walk, no indication whatsoever that this guy was two years away from rivaling Hogan as the biggest star ever. Vega gets the better of an early exchange with a headbutt, and a side suplex. They brawl to the outside where Vega delivers a series of chops. Vega fires Austin into the ring apron, and back inside they go. Austin blocks a backdrop with a kick, and then fires Vega shoulder first into the ring post. Double axe handle puts Vega down as Austin puts the boots to him. Another double axe handle gets a two count, and Austin grabs an armbar. Vega flips out of it, and delivers a thrust kick for two. Austin ducks a clothesline and delivers another pair of double axe handles. Again shoulderfirst to the post goes Vega, as Piper checks in via telephone in pursuit of Goldust. Vega quickly counters reverse chinlock from Austin into a clothesline. Vega injures his shoulder on the clothesline however, which allows Austin to regain control with a legwhip. Austin drops a series of knees onto Vega, and then grabs another armbar. Vega tries to flip out of the armbar again, but Austin throws him off. Second rope elbow gets two for Austin. Vega ducks a clothesline and hits a crossbody for a two count. Austin hits the ropes again and delivers a Lou Thesz press, but Vega actually counters into a sunset flip for a two count. They trade various near falls back and forth, before Austin stops a backslide and delivers a facebuster. Austin charges into the corner, but meets a spinning heel kick from Vega. Vega goes for a splash from the second rope, but Austin gets the knees up. Small package reverses a slam attempt from Austin for two. Austin hits the bodyslam on a second try, and then goes to the top rope. He dives, but runs face first into Vega’s boot. Austin hits the ropes and runs into a big chop from Vega, and a second trip to the ropes is met with a backdrop. A pair of clotheslines put Austin down, and Vega goes to the ropes for a third time. Austin ducks a spinning heel kick which puts out the referee. Dibiase distracts Vega, and Austin tries to sneak up with the Million Dollar Dream, but Vega turns around with a boot. No referee to count though. Dibiase again distracts Vega and Austin is able to grab the Million Dollar Belt and level Vega with it. Austin again drops down on Vega with the belt from the ring apron. Vega is out cold, and Austin locks in the dream. The official is still out so Dibiase dumps a glass of coke on his face to revive him. The ref checks the arm three times and declares Austin the winner at 10:08. As great as Austin was, its almost scary to think how great he could have been had he stayed healthy. Because THIS Austin, the healthy Austin, was incredible. Even though the gimmick wasn’t there yet the talent sure was, and it showed here as he carries Savio Vega to a nice little match.

Winner: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (Knockout-Million Dollar Dream **3/4)

-Mr. Perfect talks to Diesel in the locker room, and they go over some of the events leading to him and Taker later on this evening.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w. Sable) vs. The Ultimate Warrior

Sable’s debut as Hunter’s valet for this match is largely forgotten in what happened next. This was Warrior’s first WWF match since shortly before Survivor Series ’92. Speaking of things you couldn’t have seen coming, who watched this match and thought that this guy being fed to Warrior was going to be the man to in all likelihood overtake Flair’s World Title record? HHH attacks from behind before the bell. Warrior ducks a clothesline and eats a pedigree from HHH. Warrior no sells it, and delivers three clotheslines. Flying shouldertackle, gorilla press slam, and big splash finish in 1:37. Funniest squash ever, considering that HHH is now arguably a bigger star than Warrior was.

Winner: The Ultimate Warrior (Pinfall-Big Splash DUD)

-Todd Pettingill catches up with WWF newcomer “Wildman” Marc Mero. HHH interrupts and it leads to a big pull apart brawl.

-More helicopter footage of the Bronco chase.

Diesel vs. The Undertaker (w. Paul Bearer)

They trade blows in the center with Diesel getting the better of it to start. Irish whip sends Taker to the corner, and its followed in with a clothesline and an elbow. Diesel whips Taker to the other side, and charges meeting a boot from Taker. Taker hits a clothesline and goes for an elbow drop, which misses. Diesel delivers a clothesline that sends Taker over the top to the floor, but he lands on his feet. Taker pulls Diesel out to the floor and they brawl outside. Taker blocks an attempt to send him into the steps, and fires Diesel into them instead. Back inside and Diesel delivers a kick to the rips. Taker hits the ropes and delivers an open handed upper cut. Taker goes for a tombstone, but Diesel is able to slide out of it. Taker hits the ropes and delivers a flying crossbody for two. Taker goes for old school, which connects, and a second crossbody attempt from Taker misses when Diesel dives out of the way. Diesel grabs Taker who is on the apron, but Taker drops down clotheslining him on the top rope. Punches from Taker send Diesel over the top to the floor, and Taker follows. Taker rams Diesel into the ringpost, and grabs a chair. He swings at him, but Diesel moves out of the way. Diesel whips Taker into the guardrail, and then rolls in the ring to break the count. He goes back outside and again drives Taker back first into the ring post. Diesel again picks up Taker and rams him into the post. He heads back inside, and Taker soon follows to the apron, but gets kicked off back to the floor. Back inside and Diesel sends Taker into the ropes and delivers a big boot. Sidewalk slam from Diesel gets a two count. Diesel picks up Taker and delivers a snake eyes as Taker drops down on the second rope. Diesel hits the ropes and comes down on Taker straddling his neck on the rope. In the corner Diesel delivers a series of knee lifts and right hands. An Irish whip sends Taker into the opposite corner, but her fires back with an elbow. They charge at each other and both deliver big boots putting them both down. Both guys get to their feet, and Diesel beats Taker to the punch with a double axe handle to the back. Irish whip sends Taker to the corner, and he comes out into a bearhug from Diesel. Taker comes free with a bell ringer, and Diesel grabs a side headlock. Taker counters out of that with a back suplex, and drops an elbow. Taker goes to the top rope, and delivers a flying clothesline for a two count. Knee lift to the gut connects for Taker and he sends Diesel into the ropes for a backdrop. Diesel stops short and delivers a forearm to the back of the neck and then hits the jackknife out of nowhere. Diesel doesn’t cover instead choosing to taunt Taker. Taker sits up so Diesel sets him up and delivers another jackknife. Diesel taunts for a while before finally going to make the cover. Taker reaches up and grabs a choke, but Diesel punches out of it. He goes for the cover again, and is met with a choke that Diesel hammers out of. A third try and Taker grabs the choke and stands up with it, but Diesel is able to suplex out of the choke. Diesel again calls to the crowd, and Taker sits up. Taker hits the ropes and delivers a flying clothesline. Chokeslam connects for Taker, and that is followed by a tombstone, which finishes at 16:44 as Taker goes to 5-0. Really good big man match here. Started out phenomenal, and slowed a bit down the stretch, but still better than your average Nash match.

Winner: The Undertaker (Pinfall-Tombstone ***)

-Todd Pettingill is at security control watching the Bronco Chase as Piper and Goldust arrive at the arena.

Hollywood Backlot Brawl Part 2: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs. Goldust

Goldust flees into the arena with Marlena as Piper stalks him through the arena. The fight ends up back in the arena as Piper chases Goldust to the ring. Goldust begs in the aisle, but Piper gets to him and they head inside the ring. Goldust kicks away as Piper has a roll of tape around his fists. Goldust works on the knee, and delivers a legdrop to the crotch. Goldust sets up for a piledriver and grabs Piper’s ass, but Piper blocks it. Goldust goes low, and continues the assault ripping Piper’s shirt off and choking him with it. Goldust goes to the floor, and wraps Piper’s knee around the ring post. Back inside the ring Goldust continues to pound away on the injured knee. Goldust mounts Piper and delivers a series of right hands. He threatens to make out with Piper, but Roddy fights him off. Goldust goes to the top rope, but Piper is up and crotches him. Goldust headbutts Piper away from the top rope, and then gives him a kiss. That pisses Piper off enough to cause him to start no selling punches. Piper attacks in a furry grabbing a testicular claw, and then dropping a knee on the nuts. Piper gives Goldust a spanking and follows that up by disrobing him to reveal ladies lingerie. Piper delivers a kiss of his own, and completes ripping the outfit off. One more knee to the jewels causes Goldust to flee ending this thing in a grand total of 11:59. Not sure how you rate this thing. It was no wrestling match, but it was entertaining for what it was.

Winner: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper (**)

-A special look at Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart previews the Ironman Match

-Bret and Shawn give their final thoughts from the locker room.

-The Fink welcomes back Gorilla Monsoon and announces that the interim tag has been removed. He is now officially President of the WWF.

WWF Championship Ironman Match: Shawn Michaels (w. Jose Lothario) vs. Bret “Hitman” Hart ©

Shawn makes his famous entrance from the top of the arena on a zip line. In a cool moment that they haven’t really done since, but I wish they would, Earl Hebner gives out the instructions on the mic before the match. It really sells the importance of the main event. Shawn gets a go behind takedown, Bret reverses, and Shawn escapes as they start out with a bit of an amateur sequence. Bret grabs a pair of headlocks, but both times Shawn throws him away. Shawn grabs an arm wringer, and Bret reverses into a headlock. Shawn tries the same counter a third time, but Bret holds on as they go to the mat. Shawn tries to shove Bret off into the ropes, but Bret holds on. Bret takes him over to his back from the headlock and gets a one count. Shawn tries to suplex out of the headlock, but again Bret holds on. Shawn tries a tilt and gets two on Bret while he maintains control of the headlock. Shawn finally is able to shove Bret off into the ropes and delivers an armdrag, but Bret kicks away. Headlock takedown by Bret is quickly countered by a Shawn headscissor. Bret comes out of that and grabs a headlock and takes Shawn over once more. Shawn turns Bret to his back and bridges getting two, as Bret again maintains the headlock. Shawn counters out of the headlock with a wristlock, but Bret comes right back with a trip and a front facelock. Bret goes back to the traditional headlock and takes Shawn over with it again. Shawn shoves Bret into the ropes, and delivers a pair of armdrags. Shawn then grabs an armbar, and drops the knee down on the shoulder of Bret. Shawn then legdrops the arm, and goes back to the armbar. Bret tries to armdrag out, but Shawn continues to maintain the hold. Bret shoves Shawn into the ropes, but gets hit with a shoulderblock. Shawn hits the ropes again and runs into a drop toehold. They do a mat reversal sequence that sees Shawn come away with a hammerlock. Shawn switches to a reverse-half nelson in an attempt to turn Bret to his back, but Bret gets his arm free and Shawn goes back to the hammerlock. Shawn changes up again to an armbar, as Bret comes to his feet and pushes into the corner breaking the hold. Bret throws the first punch in the corner delivering a shoulderblock. Shawn comes back with a series of forearms and gets whipped to the corner. Shawn leapfrogs out of the corner and gives Bret a hurracanrana sending him to the floor. Bret comes back in, and Shawn takes him down in a firemans carry before going back to the armbar. Shawn hits the ropes, and Bret throws him over the top. Shawn skins the cat though and sneaks up on Bret going back to the armbar. Bret sends Shawn into the ropes again and delivers a knee to the gut. Bret delivers a headbutt to the gut, and follows with a legdrop. Bret locks in a side headlock, which Shawn counters with a jawbuster. Legdrop connects for Shawn, and then grabs a reverse armbar submission. Bret comes out of it and gets sent into the ropes. Shawn tries a leapfrog, but gets caught and dumped by Bret. Sharpshooter attempt from Bret is blocked as Shawn gets to the ropes. Bret then clotheslines him to the floor, and follows him out. Shawn rams Bret into the post and into the lap of current ECW ring announcer, and timekeeper at the time, Tony Chimel. Shawn goes to deliver Sweet Chin Music to Bret, but he moves and instead Shawn takes Chimel out with it as we reach the fifteen-minute mark.

Bret comes firing back with a headbutt on the floor before firing Shawn back inside. Bret follows and comes in with an elbow drop. Bret grabs a headlock, as trainers come out to stretcher out Chimel. Bret delivers an elbow to the top of the head, before going back to the headlock. Shawn comes to his feet and tries to elbow out, but Bret holds on and goes back the mat. Shawn again gets to his feet, and armdrags out of the headlock. Shawn follows with a clothesline, but comes off the ropes into a clothesline from Bret. Bret again goes back to the headlock, and this time Shawn is able to punch his way free. Shawn hits the ropes and tries for a rollup, but Bret grabs the ropes to stop it. Shawn fires back with a dropkick, and then locks in an armbar. Shawn changes to a cross armbreaker, and gets a series of two counts as Bret’s shoulders hit the mat. Bret rolls out and goes for a headlock, but Shawn slithers out and grabs a hammerlock. Bret stands up and backs Shawn into the corner delivering a pair of elbows on the break. Bret fires away with a series of European upper-cuts, and tries an Irish whip. Shawn blocks it and knees Bret in the gut. He follows that by whipping Bret shoulder first into the ring post. Shawn jumps to the floor and wraps Bret’s arm around the post. Shawn connects with a shoulderbreaker, and goes to the second turnbuckle and delivers a double axe handle. Shawn hits a hammerlock slam, and then rams Bret’s shoulder into the turnbuckle. Shawn fires Bret into the opposite turnbuckle, and then pounds away with double axe handles. Bret punches out of an arm wringer, and sends Shawn into the ropes. Shawn grabs the arm on a clothesline attempt and drops down with it. Shawn goes back to the cross armbreaker as he continues to work the shoulder of Bret. Bret stands up in the armbreaker, and rakes the eyes with his boot. Bret staggers to the corner, and gets hit with a shoulderblock. Snap mare from Shawn sets up a reverse cross armbreaker while seated on the shoulder. Bret stands up and punches free before delivering a stun gun on the second rope. Bret delivers a slingshot sending Shawn into the ringpost getting a two count. Shawn blocks an attempt to send him into the top buckle, and instead sends Bret in three times. Shawn tries a splash in the corner, but Bret moves and Shawn gets laid out horizontally on the top rope. Bret delivers a pair of kicks, and then an inverted atomic drop. Clothesline connects for Bret getting a two count. Bret delivers a bulldog, and then goes to the top rope. Shawn catches Bret on the top rope, but Bret holds on. Bret appears to set up for a victory roll, but slips off the top and ends up driving Shawn’s head to the mat also knocking the ref down temporarily as we reach the half way point.

Shawn reverses an Irish whip and catches Bret in a powerslam for a two count. Shawn goes for a backdrop, but gets a kick to the face. Bret hits a piledriver, but that only gets two. Legdrop connects for Bret, and he goes to the top rope again. Shawn catches him again, and this time is able to slam him from the top. Hurracanrana from Shawn is followed by a series of mounted punches. Bret hits the ropes, but hooks the ropes so Shawn just walks over and punches him. Backbreaker gets another two count for Shawn. Bret gets caught with an elbow off the ropes, and Shawn sets up for Sweet Chin Music. Bret sees it coming and bails to the floor. Shawn goes to the top rope and delivers a splash off the top to the floor taking both men out. Shawn breaks the count and heads back outside to fire Bret back in. Shawn goes to the top rope and delivers a crossbody which Bret rolls through getting a two count. Shawn goes for an armdrag, but Bret counters into backslide attempt. He isn’t able to take him over and Shawn flips out and gets a small package for two. Fisherman’s suplex gets another two count for Shawn. Bret hits the ropes and Shawn locks in a sleeper hold. Bret breaks it by back into the corner, but Shawn pounces right back on him with another sleeper. Bret tries to back into the corner again, but Shawn lets go and fires Bret into the buckle. Shawn grabs the sleeper again, but Bret flips him out. Shawn delivers an elbow and a mule kick in the corner. Shawn whips Bret into the corner, and charges at him, but Bret backdrops him over the top to the floor. Bret goes out after him, and rams Shawn back first into the ring post. Bret fires Shawn back into the ring, and delivers a headbutt to the small of the back. Bret Irish whip’s Shawn into the corner, and then goes to the second rope delivering an elbow to the lower back. Shawn hits the ropes and gets caught with a backbreaker. Bret hits a legdrop, and then continues to work the lower back with a series of kicks in the corner. With Shawn’s face resting on the bottom buckle Bret drops down on the lower back. An Irish whip sends Shawn into the buckle where he flips upside down and lands on the top buckle. Bret climbs up and delivers a back suplex picking up a two count. Bret locks in a reverse chinlock, as it begins to become very obvious to everyone that this is headed for a 1-0 final. Shawn stands up and punches out of the hold, before hitting the ropes and getting a sunset flip for two. Bret comes back up and hammers away at the back to regain control. Bret sets Shawn up for a superplex, but Shawn punches him off. Shawn jumps off the top rope, but gets caught with a right hand to the gut. Side Russian legsweep gets a two count for Bret. Another Irish whip to the corner sends Shawn upside down and over the top landing on Jose Lothario. Bret goes out after him, and whips him into the ringsteps again knocking Lothario over. Bret fires Shawn back in the ring as we reach the 45 minute mark.

Back inside Bret delivers a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Shawn fires back, but Bret quickly regains control with a few shots to the lower back. Bret hammers away in the corner with a series of European upper cuts, and follows up with a suplex attempt. Shawn counters and rolls up Bret for a two count. Bret sends Shawn all the way to the floor on the kick out. Bret hits a suicide dive into the aisle, and then decides to leave Shawn outside and take the count out. Bret has a change of heart and breaks the count, and attempts to suplex Shawn in from the apron. Shawn reverses with a go behind, but Bret reverses again into a bridging German suplex for a two count. They trade blows in the middle, and Bret gets the better of it with a kick to the face. Bret connects with a headbutt, and then goes back to the reverse chinlock as we reach ten minutes remaining. Shawn fights to his knees, so Bret switches to a side headlock. Shawn elbows out of the headlock. Shawn hits the ropes, and both men take each other out with clotheslines. Bret sets Shawn up on the top rope and delivers a superplex. Bret goes for the sharpshooter, but Shawn is able to kick off. Bret tries to lock in a figure four which is blocked by Shawn, so he turns it into a half crab. Shawn breaks that by getting to the ropes. Bret delivers a backbreaker, and heads to the second rope for the elbow. Shawn gets the feet up though and kicks Bret in the face. Shawn comes back with a dropkick sending Bret into the corner, and charges with a forearm. Irish whip by Shawn sends Bret sternum first into the corner. Shawn hits the ropes and delivers a flying forearm, which is followed by a nip up. “Vintage Shawn Michaels!” proclaims Lawler. Bret hits the ropes and gets met with a back elbow. Bodyslam for Shawn sends him to the top rope delivering a double axe handle for a two count. Snap suplex from Shawn sends him to the top rope again. This time he delivers his patented top rope elbow getting another two count. Bret hits the ropes and gets a boot to the gut, and a gutwrench suplex for two. Shawn goes to the top and hits a moonsault for another two count. Irish whip by Shawn is reversed sending him into the corner. Bret follows but runs into the boot. Shawn goes to the second rope and delivers a hurracanrana for a two count. Bodyslam for Shawn connects as “WE’RE DOWN TO ONE MINUTE AND CHANGE!” Shawn goes to the top rope again, and attempts a dropkick, but Bret catches the legs and locks in the sharpshooter with thirty seconds left. Shawn refuses to submit, and Bret holds on for the draw at 60:00…

…BUT WAIT! Gorilla Monsoon informs the official that there must be a winner, and demands that match be restarted. “WE’RE IN OVERTIME, McMAHON!” famously shrieks Lawler. Bret puts up a mild protest, but then yells for them start the match why Shawn lies in pain. Bret goes back to work on the lower back delivering a series blows to the lower back. He drives the knee into the back of Shawn, then sends him into the ropes and delivers a backdrop. Backbreaker connects for Bret, and he follows with an Irish whip sending Shawn to the corner. Shawn leapfrogs out of the corner, and hits sweet chin music out of nowhere, but can’t make the cover. Both men struggle to reach their feet, but Shawn comes up, tunes up the band, and delivers a second sweet chin music and the boyhood dream comes true at 61:53. This match isn’t for everyone, and definitely has some slow spots in it, but the final 20 minutes are as good as any match as you’ll ever see. Its about a three star match for the first 40 minutes, the last 20+ are an easy five stars. So we’ll split the difference. Afterward Shawn orders Hebner to tell that piece of shit to get out of the ring so he can celebrate, which is one of the things you can trace back to their hatred that still exists to this day.

Winner: NEW WWF Champion-Shawn Michaels (1 fall to 0 ****)

The 411: With only six matches this show certainly lived or died by the main event. The main event wasn’t the blowaway all-time classic that most were probably expecting, but it was still great. The undercard while small delivered as every match was solid. This isn’t one of the classic Wrestlemania’s, but it is still probably in the upper half.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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