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WWE News: Ricochet Comments on Botched Stomping Grounds Entrance, Stock Down

June 24, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Ricochet WWE Stomping Grounds

– Ricochet knows that we’ve seen his miscue during his entrance at Stomping Grounds, and he’s willing to own up. The new WWE United States Champion slipped during his acrobatic entrance and nearly landed on his face, which he acknowledged in a post on Twitter as “not my best one!”

He also had an interaction with Cedric Alexander over the entrance and in response to a fan who suggested it was his ring gear, said: “I know! I actually thought about this before the match started! I wanted to take it off before I ran to the ring, but I started running and thought ‘yeah, I didn’t take this jacket off yet….Dang.'”

– WWE’s stock closed at $73.15 on Monday, down $0.34 (0.46%) from the previous closing price. The market as a whole was up 0.03% on the day.