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WWE Reportedly Taking Over Talents’ Twitch Accounts in Four Weeks

October 1, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Vince McMahon WWE Money, Chelsea Green Image Credit: WWE

The ongoing saga regarding WWE and third-party platforms has continued, with a report that WWE is taking over talents’ Twitch accounts in four weeks. Wrestling Inc reports that Vince McMahon sent talent an email this week reminding them that they have until Friday to sever unauthorized relationships with third-party platforms, and that talent was told this week that WWE would be taking control of their Twitch accounts. The site states that WWE will own the accounts and talent will receive a percentage of revenue, which counts against their downside guarantees.

As previously reported, WWE clarified their initial edict to say that talent could maintain Twitch and YouTube accounts but they had to be under their real names and would need to inform WWE of said edicts. The initial reports caused a lot of criticism from people, with even former Presidential candidate Andrew Yang weighing in.

WWE has yet to comment on the new report.

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