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411’s WWE SmackDown LowDown Report 05.20.23: Butch Attacks Pretty Deadly, More

May 21, 2023 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
The Smackdown Lowdown Image Credit: WWE

411’s WWE The SmackDown LowDown Report: 05.20.23

-McKenzie Mitchell (?) welcomes us to the show and is joined by Matt Camp. Oh man, did we lose Jackie Redmond? I know there is NHL coverage, but usually it’s Stanford that fills in.

-The immediately get to the hype for Night of Champions as it is being billed as having Three Main Events: World Title Finals, Brock/Cody, and KO/Sami vs. Roman/Solo.

-To the video as AJ Styles was the first guest of SmackDown’s Grayson Waller Effect. Nice that these two have gotten back to each other after their brief rivalry in NXT. Waller gives his prediction as he has Rollins beating Styles.

-McKenzie lets us know that AJ will be facing Karrion Kross next week. It’s a taped show and you can find the results online if you want to be spoiled.

-To the video as Pretty Deadly made their debut and got the upset win over The Brawling Brutes.

-Pretty Deadly are backstage and immediately get attacked by Butch. He beats the trash out of both of them and then throws it back to the studio.

-McKenzie and Camp talk all things Pretty Deadly. New teams for the division is never a bad thing.

-Bayley/Iyo and The LWO still to come!

-Peacock commercials!

-WWE shop commercial!

-McKenzie tells us that due to an injury to Liv Morgan, the Women’s Tag Titles have been vacated. RAW in 2 weeks will see a 4 Way to crown new champions: Raquel and a partner of her choice vs. Ronda/Shayna vs. Iyo/Bayley vs. Chelsea/Sonya.

-Bayley and Iyo are backstage and they say hi to Dakota and tell her they love her and miss her. Bayley feels sorry for Liv, but she doesn’t think Raquel is going to be able to find another partner. They will face Raquel and whoever she chooses next week on SmackDown. Bayley notes that aren’t even on RAW, yet they will take back their titles. Iyo says they will take the titles back for Dakota.

-Camp and McKenzie discuss options for Raquel and then hype the tag match next week and then the 4 Way to crown new champions.

-To the video as Austin Theory cuts a promo about his loss last week in the Triple Threat. He doesn’t understand Sheamus even though they have things in common including both beating John Cena. He basically calls Sheamus old as he beat Cena twelve years ago when Theory was thirteen. Sheamus interrupts and hits a Brogue Kick. That’s a solid next feud for Theory.

-Theory and Sheamus will meet next week on SmackDown for Theory’s US Title.

-LWO next!

-Peacock commercials!

-Night of Champions: Rollins vs. Styles! World Title!

-To the video as Asuka gets a win over Zelina Vega. Bianca attacks from behind, and nearly gets hit with Green Mist!

-McKenzie and Camp discuss Asuka vs. Bianca at Night of Champions. At some point they have to pull the trigger and have someone take the title off Bianca. Still weird the RAW Title is part of SmackDown, but I will take it over them just swapping titles and screwing up title history and reigns. Again, just call one the WWE Title and the other the World Title like you have with the men.

-To the video as Roman Reigns and Solo come face to face with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Roman lets us know he is one regret is wasting his life on Sami. Roman has more to say, but The Usos hit the ring and take over KO and Sami. Roman is not happy and as he storms out he bumps into Solo and that freaks Roman out.

-To the video as later in the night The Usos take another loss as Santos and Rey get a victory thanks to some help from Sami and KO. Fun match and nice to see Santos pin somebody. The Usos went over everyone for well over a year, so it’s okay for them to eat some losses on the way back down to continue their fall-out with Roman.

-Santos and Rey are backstage and are congratulated on their win over The Usos. Rey mentions The Usos are called The Greatest Tag Team of All Time, but they weren’t tonight. Santos puts over the LWO as hope for people and tonight they proved a point that the LWO means something. It all started with a mask that Rey gave to Santos.

-McKenzie and Camp discuss Roman/Solo vs. KO/Sami. Please don’t change the titles yet. I still need DYI vs. KO/Sami before this run ends.

-Next week on SmackDown The KO Show returns with Roman and Solo as guests. Camp things KO is going to try to drive a wedge between Solo and Roman.

-Next week is Night of Champions at 1 PM. I wonder if there will be a SmackDown LowDown next week? McKenzie wraps things up and we are out. Thanks for reading!