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WWWF All-Star Wrestling (2.18.1978) Review

December 28, 2020 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
WWWF All-Star Wrestling 2-18-1978
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WWWF All-Star Wrestling (2.18.1978) Review  

-Originally aired February 18, 1978.

-Your host is Vince McMahon.


-Well, this is it, take one last look at beltless Bob Backlund before stuff happens at MSG on Monday.

-Snapmare is quickly turned into headscissors by Backlund. He follows with an armdrag, and Evans, seeing already that he’s outmatched as a wrestler, tries to complain about phantom tights-pulling. Evans goes aggressive, but Backlund grabs his ankle mid-kick and takes him down, swinging Evans’ leg back and forth and yelling “Woah!” each time. Toehold by Backlund, and that’s about as much as we’re going to do for a little bit. Evans finally breaks it by pulling the hair, and Vince low-key shits on Evans because as soon as he has the upper hand, he totally no-sells all the stuff Backlund’s been doing to the leg. I mean, Evans is absolutely not alone in the history of pro wrestling in committing that offense, but it’s kind of funny to hear Vince on commentary calling attention to it.

-Backlund fights back, reversing an Irish whip and finishing with a double-underhook suplex. Captain Lou Albano walks to ringside, yells something at Backlund, and then leaves. he returns to the ring and teases going in to wrestle Backlund himself, but changes his mind and runs away.


-Dino is wearing the colors of Italy, and he has a physique and this point, but he’s nowhere near the Gold’s Gym balloon at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that he’d be ten years later. Dino gets Sousa on the mat and drops the leg on him, and he stays on the arm until Sousa manages to get him in the corner and ram him a few times. Dino fights back with a dropkick for two. Airplane spin ends it.

-Stan Stasiak and the Grand Wizard are here. Vince dares him to remove the bandages around his fist and show us that there’s nothing illegal in there, and Stasiak gets indignant about it. Wizard gets his two cents in and complains that Vince keeps talking over him (he’s not) and preventing him from addressing the accusation about the loaded fist. And then he simply finishes his statement and stops talking, never elaborating on it. Vince tries to stir shit, pointing out that Wizard devotes more time and energy to Stasiak and not enough time to reigning champion Superstar Billy Graham! Stasiak and Graham laugh off the allegation, and that’s instantly the most interesting thing we’ll see on this week’s show, as Vince is absolutely planting the seed for a Superstar Billy Graham face turn that never happened.

STAN “The Man” STASIAK (with The Grand Wizard) vs. PETE AUSTIN

-Stasiak and Austin end up being pretty evenly matched with mat wrestling to start, so Stasiak starts popping him with taped right hands and Austin is dazed. Austin fights back with forearms and Stasiak looks shocked that the jobber as some fight left in him, so he goes back to the taped fists and Austin ends up on the floor again. Heart punch finishes things.


-In a spot I’ve never seen before, DeNucci grabs Sharpe’s arm and shoves it between his own legs so that Sharpe can’t pull away when DeNucci punches him. I feel like that was a huge missed opportunity for some gimmick or another in the Attitude era. DeNucci goes to the hammerlock, as Vince explains that he prefers scientific-based wrestling but can certainly mix it up with a type of brawling.

-Sharpe takes over by working the arm, and they roll around on the mat in exactly the way a douchey uncle who hates wrestling would describe wrestling. Sharpe boots Dominic through the ropes, but Dominic apparently finds a can of spinach under the apron and comes in all fired up and takes it out on his opponent. Sharpe fights back, “attacking the facial features of Dominic DeNucci.” I swear, sometimes Vince on commentary sounds like a German soldier who’s trying to blend in. Finish comes out of nowhere, as DeNucci just grabs Sharpe and cradles him for three.


-Jones is “adding quite a bit of bulk to his physique as of late,” according to Vince.

-Jones gets trapped in the corner and choked by Fuji. Tanaka targets the head, but lol black so SD just headbutts his shoulder to make a point. Johnson tags in and falls victim to chops and kicks, which somehow aren’t called “karate-like tactics” by Vince. Tanaka finishes with an elbow to the throat for the win.

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