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WWWF All-Star Wrestling (3.6.1976) Review

October 19, 2020 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
WWWF All Star Wrestling 3-6-1976 Vince McMahon Freddie Blassie Lou Albano
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WWWF All-Star Wrestling (3.6.1976) Review  

-Originally aired March 6, 1976.

-Your hosts are Vince McMahon & Antonino Rocca.

-On the one hand, I’m amazed that Blackwell didn’t have a much bigger run for Vince, on the other hand, he honestly doesn’t look like a star “big man” like King Kong Bundy or One Man Gang. He actually just looks like the fattest guy at the last indy show you attended, wearing a tank top and honest to god, I think sweatpants.

-Blackwell drops a leg and somehow gets gum stuck to his ass. Blackwell works the leg for a while, which leads to a funny moment as Vince yells “No mobility!” and after a pause, he clarifies that he means Williams, the guy caught in the hold. Blackwell throws some kicks at Williams and slams him into place, and a big legdrop finishes. I’m not seeing whatever Blackwell had.


-They’re not even mentioning the US Title now. Johnn Rodz hides in the corner and makes his way up to the second rope, trying to pounce, but Brazil’s too smart for it and takes a step back. Rodz keeps stalling before Bobo finally applies an armbar, gently and lovingly massaging Rodz’s arm for all 11 of the minutes that he keeps the hold applied. Rodz throws a punch, elevating both men’s heart rates past 50 for the first time in this match, and Rodz just stomps the hell out of him.

-Bobo meets aggression with aggression, choking Rodz. Rodz responds by going to the eyes. Bobo fights back with a backdrop, and then headbutts his own hand which is on top of Rodz’s forehead, so it’s like Rodz is being headbutted and slapped on the head at the same time, and that’s painful enough to knock him out for three.

-Vince McMahon is at ringside with Captain Lou Albano and Fred Blassie. Captain Lou announces that he’s signed a new tag team to a contract and he’s going to unveil them soon. Blassie tells a story about signing contracts in his hotel and going to his car to finish his business, and he was attacked from behind by six wrestlers: Bruno, Gorilla, Ivan Putski, the Tag Team Champions, and Billy Whitewolf. He dubs them the “unholy six” and says that he’s bringing in Stan Hansen from Mexico, where he made a hobby of squashing “Latins” like cockroaches, to beat all six of them one at a time. This was a mess because there was no visible reason that they were out there together–it’s not like the angle was that they’re swapping talent or anything–and they were clearly fighting for the biggest share of the spotlight.


-Hansen hammers the jobber down and dumps him on the floor, and that actually looks like it’s already enough, but Hansen insists that the referee stop the count and brings him back in. Hansen takes a moment to adjust his elbow pad, and then WHAM the lariat is a thing now, and it gets the academic three count.

-Blassie and Hansen go over to the commentary table to cut a promo and apparently did not clue Vince in that they wanted promo time because the camera’s out of place and they just fade to black after two sentences.


-Clash of babyface jobbers, or a “scientific match.” So we get a series of takedowns and counters by both men and the commentators just treat it like total background noise while they discuss pretty much everybody on the roster one at a time. They battle for a top wristlock and Rivera manages to get himself in the air and swing his feet around for an enziguiri. Sanchez manages to lock on headscissors. Sanchez tries a monkey flip but Rivera lands on his feet and dropkicks him down.

-Rivera with his own monkey flip, which is enough for Vince to declare him a house of fire. He throws a dropkick and then just abruptly walks into a cradle by Sanchez for the three-count.


-Whitewolf is a “Native American” but he’d become better known, oddly enough, as Adnan Al Kaissie/General Adnan. Akbar lights into him with punches and Whitewolf goes to the floor to recuperate, only to get attacked by Blassie. Whitewolf fights back with chops and Akbar bails to the floor. Back in, Akbar takes some shots, and Blassie slips through the ropes to attack some more. Whitewolf chokes out Akbar. The men criss-cross and Whitewolf gets tripped up by Blassie. Akbar attacks and shoves thereferee down, earning a DQ, and Whitewolf clears the ring post-match.

The final score: review Extremely Horrendous
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Damn thing didn't even have a Grand Wizard promo this week.