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Young Bucks Mock Dexter Lumis’ Edited Leap On Latest Being the Elite (Recap)

August 10, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Being the Elite

The latest edition of Being the Elite is now online, with the Young Bucks poking fun at the leap Dexter Lumis did on NXT two weeks ago. The leap was said to be heavily edited and the final product makes it appear Lumis landed on his feet. He paid for the leap too, as it was reported he injured his ankle during the spot. Here is a recap:

* The Young Bucks discuss the ratings for last week’s Dynamite, and Nick notes that they still didn’t win the 50+ demo. Nick thinks they should bring back more stars from thirty years ago, but Matt says they tried that. So they go to his second house for inspiration. A jobber jumps out and the video is edited to make it appear as though he lands on his feet, similar to the Dexter Lumis spot. Matt is eventually hanging upside down and is inspired to talk about portrait hanging for his 50+ seconds for 50+ segment.

* Later, Brandon Cutler says he thinks Best Friends killed Colt Cabana but the Bucks don’t believe him.

* Matt Hardy is getting patched up and the Bucks suggest firing Sammy, but Matt cycles through his personalities to cut a promo on him instead. It ends with Broken Matt defining ‘busted open’. He reiterates that there’s nothing wrong with him.

* Marko Stunt is offered candy to join the Dark Order, but Luchasaurus stops him, reminding him not to take candy from strangers.

* Angelico and Jack Evans talk about being back in AEW.

* Ortiz and Santana define ‘Chisme’.

* John Silver and Grayson argue backstage, Brodie Lee celebrates the Dark Order’s win but berates Silver and Reynolds for losing to Cody and Matt Cardona. He leaves their punishment up to Evil Uno.

* Christopher Daniels stars in an infomercial about investing in copper.

* The Bucks aren’t that worried about their loss to the Dark Order, but Kenny Omega is embarrassed, calling the Order a ‘comedy act’. Matt points out it was 6 on 4 or 6 on 3 at various points thanks to FTR getting taken out, and Omega they can’t build up the tag division losing to the Order. Matt points out that Omega has wrestled an eight-year-old and a blowup doll in the past. Eventually it’s revealed the Dark Order have now stolen the Chili’s sponsorship away from the Elite.

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