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Young Bucks & Top Dolla Feud On Twitter Over Shoes

October 14, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
The Young Bucks AEW - Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson

We can now add “shoes” to the list of things that AEW and WWE talent have traded shots over, thanks to Hit Row’s Top Dolla and the Young Bucks. The two sides began a somewhat passive-aggressive Twitter pseudo-feud that has waged over the past day or so, kicked off by the Smackdown-bound NXT roster member taking unnamed wrestlers to task for their on-camera shoe choices:

“Some of y’all favorite wrestlers only wear sneakers on-camera to seem “cool & hip” but in real life they rock vans and ASICS exclusively… but y’all not ready for that conversation”

The Young Bucks being the Bucks, they did not reply directly but instead changed their Twitter bios as they are wont to do, setting it as:

“Spent more on sneakers in September than the entire NXT roster did.”

That led to another round, with Top Dolla tweeting:

“$600 on some Gucci’s and it was the dumbest thing I ever did in my life.

HOT SNEAKER TAKE: Because they cost a lot, doesn’t mean they look good. There’s some $60 Adidas look better than them $3k Yeezys ppl be rockin”

And then finally, the Bucks changing their bio again to, “Only wear heat. Ain’t buying unless it’s resell price. We’ll make you trend just by mentioning you here in our bio.”

So yeah, that’s how Wrestling Twitter is doing. How’s your day going?