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Going to a Wrestling Show Soon? Send Us Results, Pics, & Video

October 30, 2015 | Posted by Ashish

We’ve seen a big spike lately in 411 readers sending stuff in to us to post on the site, and want to really encourage more to do the same. So if you are planning to attend a wrestling show in the future, we’d love to have you send us results/spoilers, videos, pictures, etc. If you see a cool wrestling-related thing around town, snap a pic and send it to us. If you see a wrestling personality somewhere, let us know or send us a pic. We will post pics and video here and on our Twitter and our Instagram pages (we just launched our Instagram page), will post results/spoilers here on the site, and will even post fun/quirky pics of you and your friends at the show, or other interesting, relevant pics you may snap, on our Instagram page.

So definitely remember to email Larry & Jeremy, or tweet/DM us @411wrestling, next time you plan on attending a wrestling show so we can coordinate with you or even if you just see some wrestling-related thing worth sharing and want us to post it on the site/social media.

And follow our new Instagram page where we will be posting cool wrestling-related pics as well as quirky, probably totally unnecessary, but still fun behind-the-scenes 411 pics like these. And you might as well like us on Facebook while you’re at it. Alright, that’s enough social media promoting. As always, thanks for your continued support of the site!

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