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411’s UFC Fight Night 140 Report 11.17.18

November 18, 2018 | Posted by Robert Winfree
UFC Santiago Ponzinibbio

Hello everyone and welcome to 411mania’s LIVE coverage of UFC Fight Night 140. I’m Robert Winfree and I’m your designated recipient of suffering for the evening, relaying all of the action to you just as I see it. Really guys, I watch so you don’t have to. Tonight the UFC debuts in the country of Argentina and they brought a couple of decent fights with them. The main event is a relevant welterweight bout between two rising contenders, Argentine native Santiago Ponzinibbio taking on Neil Magny. The winner isn’t the likely number one contender but is certainly in the title picture. The co-main event isn’t bad either as Darren Elkins takes on Ricardo Lamas, both men are trying to remain in the top fifteen and the loser likely falls out of the official rankings.

Beyond that there are a few names you might know. Cynthia Calvillo missed weight but is trying to bounce back from her first career loss, Khalil Rountree looks to continue his unbeaten streak, and Cezar Ferreira is trying to make a case for a top fifteen ranking in the middleweight division. There are a few more Argentinians sprinkled on the card to give that locals vs. the world flavor that the UFC usually brings to their national debuts, plus a few Brazilians for the locals to root against because playing on national antagonism has never backfired in sporting events before.

UFC Fight Night 140 comes to the world from the Estadio Mary Teran de Weiss in the capital city of Beunos Aires, Argentina. On commentary we have Brendan Fitzgerald and Jimmy Smith. As for the rules we’re technically under the auspices of the Brazilian MMA Commission so we’re under the new rules, that means you need both palms or fists flat on the mat to be considered downed, extending fingers towards the opponent is a foul regardless of contact being made, and scoring is more encouraging of 10-8’s. We also have the use of replay for fight ending sequences, though having that last week didn’t actually fix a bad call so we’ll see if it plays at all tonight.

Nad Narimani is riding a four fight winning streak that includes a successful UFC debut in July of this year. Now he’s trying to extend that streak and get his first UFC winning streak up and running. Anderson dos Santos brings a three fight winning streak into his UFC debut and is looking to get that all important first UFC win. Narimani is your -400 favorite to a +300 comeback on dos Santos.

Featherweight Bout: Anderson dos Santos (20-6, 144.5 lbs.) vs. Nad Narimani (11-2, 145.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Narimani is three inches taller but they have identical reaches. They touch gloves for the the first round. Narimani is stalking forward, dos Santos backing up but not circling much yet. They trade punches, both men have hand speed especially early. A couple of leg kicks land for Narimani then they trade hooks in close. Bit of a right from Narimani, he’s got a better feel for the distance than dos Santos does and it’s letting him land cleaner shots. Narimani gets sloppy with his entry into the pocket and that allows dos Santos to clip him with a left and get him to back off for a moment. That doesn’t last long, Narimani is back to forward pressure. Left hook from Narimani lands then a body kick behind it. Bit of a right from Narimani, dos Santos responds with a one two. Both men are loading up a bit too much, it’s allowing dos Santos to slip or roll with most of Narimani’s offense at this point. Dos Santos lands a jab. They get close and trade rights to close out the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Narimani

ROUND TWO: Touch of gloves for the second round. More forward pressure from Narimani, he lands a right and a front kick to the body. Pretty good one two from Narimani. Dos Santos sneaks a head kick in but didn’t have a ton of power behind it. Narimani punches dos Santos to the fence and then tries a double leg that winds up as a brief clinch then they break. Another one two from Narimani lands, dos Santos responds with a combination of his own and is stalking Narimani to the fence. Dos Santos tries a single leg, can’t finish it and they clinch up. Some positional jockeying leads to a single leg attempt from Narimani but he can’t finish it. Solid elbow from Narimani on the break then he gets a single leg in open space and lands in the half guard of dos Santos. Narimani lands a few blows to the body and head but isn’t looking to pass much, more to get his posture and land damage. Short elbows from Narimani let him try to set up an arm triangle choke but he bails on that as he couldn’t pass to the other side and finish it. That takedown in open space was big for Narimani, as they ride out the final seconds of the round with a few short elbows going back and forth.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Narimani, 20-18 Narimani overall

ROUND THREE: They touch gloves for the last round and dos Santos lands a bit of a front kick to the face. More forward pressure from Narimani, both guys have small cuts after the elbows from the previous round. Left hook lands for dos Santos, Narimani dives for a single leg and dos Santos sells out for a guillotine and uses that threat to regain his feet. Narimani dives back for a takedown but they’re against the fence now and stall out in the clinch. Knees from Narimani before they break apart. Narimani is working his lead hand, he lands some hooks but hasn’t really thrown the right this round. Blood is coming from the left eye of Narimani, it was there at the end of the last round but seems to have opened up again from the jabs of dos Santos. Narimani lands a right, dos Santos lands a combination to counter. Another Narimani right lands. Dos Santos avoids a few punches but can’t land his counters. They trade hooks in close, a little Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots action. Superman punch from dos Santos but Narimani gets a front head lock and snaps dos Santos down then pushes him over to get on top in half guard. Short elbows and hammer fists from Narimani, he’s content to be busy enough to not get stood up and land damage. Dos Santos hip escapes to full guard but Narimani keeps elbowing him. Nothing will happen to change things, Narimani lands a few elbows as time runs all the way down.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Narimani, 30-27 Narimani overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Nad Narimani via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Smart fight from Narimani. If that’s the worst fight on this card I’ll be happy. Mic time for Narimani, who puts over his work in every area of MMA. He puts over Buenos Aires and Argentina. Well that was about as generic an interview as you’ll ever see.

Devin Powell dropped a pair of decisions in his first two UFC fights but is coming off of a win and hoping to get both his first UFC winning streak up and running as well as get his UFC record to the .500 mark. Jesus Pinedo is bringing a six fight winning streak into his UFC debut and is looking to make a good first impression with a win. The odds like Pinedo at -235 while the comeback on Powell sits at +185

Lightweight Bout: Jesus Pinedo (15-4-1, 156 lbs.) vs. Devin Powell (9-3, 155 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Powell is three inches taller but Pinedo has an inch of reach on him. Pinedo comes out southpaw. Powell has a high kick blocked. Both guys doing some feinting, Pinedo has a high kick blocked, Powell returns it but it’s also blocked. Straight left lands for Pinedo as Powell was squared up, that off balances him and he drops but Pinedo doesn’t follow into his guard immediately. Pinedo is standing debating his entry options, then decides he doesn’t like any of them and he makes Powell stand back up. Body kick from Pinedo. Pinedo catches a front kick and trips Powell down but again doesn’t follow him down. A lot of standing from Pinedo, Powell with a few thrust kicks and Pinedo decides to force things back to the feet. They both throw reckless punches, Powell just bulls forward and lands knees from a Thai clinch then Pinedo lands a couple of punches as they break. Another Thai clinch from Powell and he lands more knees to the body before they break. Pinedo is circling around the fence, Powell following him around. Leg kick from Powell then a body kick. Powell has come on strong at this point, he’s got a feel for the distance and feels his pressure is wearing Pinedo down. They get close, Pinedo hits a trip and they trade hammer fists after Pinedo follows Powell down and hangs out in his guard for a few seconds.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Pinedo

ROUND TWO: Powell is back to forward pressure. Leg kick from Powell lands. Pinedo misses a few punches. Body kick from Pinedo but he’s not getting Powell to back off his pressure. Another leg kick from Powell lands. Powell really needs to cut Pinedo off instead of following like he’s been doing. Body kick from Powell lands. Pinedo is slowing and his efficacy is suffering. A couple of jabs land for Pinedo. Powell punches into the clinch and starts throwing knees, Pinedo responds with punches and they break. Pinedo catches a leg kick and trips Powell down but again isn’t following him down on to the mat, he’s playing for points as Powell hangs out on his back. Right lands for Pinedo. I’m shocked the ref hasn’t forced the stand up yet. Hammer fist lands for Pinedo. Another quick flurry from Pinedo to seal up the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Pinedo, 20-18 Pinedo overall

ROUND THREE: There’s some weirdness around the right eye of Powell and we get time for the doctor to check on it as the round starts. The doctor says he can continue so we’re back to fighting. Powell coming forward again but still following not cage cutting, quite frankly it’s frustrating to watch. A couple of body kicks from Powell are mostly successful, Pinedo has a head kick mostly blocked. Pinedo dances a bit, he’s running the clock mostly. Jab from Pinedo. A couple of inside leg kicks land for Powell but he can’t follow up. Pinedo catches a kick and he gets Powell down but resumes standing over him dancing to kill time. Powell tries to get up, thinks better of it and falls back to his guard. This is just bizarre, thankfully the ref steps in and stands them back up. Pinedo is back on his bike running the clock. Right then a left hook lands for Powell but he can’t follow up. Pinedo lands a body kick and resumes circling. Powell tries a single leg, can’t get it and they clinch as time runs out.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Pinedo, 30-27 Pinedo overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Jesus Pinedo via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Odd fight, felt like a regional thing rather than a UFC quality fight. No interview as we’re short on time to move to Fox Sports 1.

Laureano Staropoli has won his last five fights coming into his UFC debut and is looking to make a good first impression. Hector Aldana made his UFC debut earlier this year to end a near three year layoff and was then stopped by Song Kenan, now Aldana is looking to get his first UFC win and avoid his first ever losing streak. Aldana is a slight -130 favorite to Staropoli’s +100.

Welterweight Bout: Hector Aldana (4-1, 169.5 lbs.) vs. Laureano Staropoli (7-1, 169 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Staropoli is two inches taller while Aldana has an inch of reach on him. No touch of gloves from Aldana, and he lands a leg kick then we’ve got in the pocket brawling. Staropoli is doing some stance switching, and missing punches. Now a missed spinning back fist from Staropoli. Left hook lands for Staropoli, there’s a small cut around the left eye of Aldana. Leg kick from Aldana and we get more pocket brawling before they both decide this wasn’t a good idea. Staropoli has a big knot on his right temple. Left hook from Aldana lands. That’s a pretty gnarly hematoma on the head of Staropoli and we get time for the cut on Aldana to be checked. I can’t see where the cut is and the doctor doesn’t clean him off but says he can continue. More intense close quarters brawling, Staropoli wobbles Aldana with a right but Aldana swings back and connects a few times. Staropoli misses a jumping kick and slips but gets up before Aldana can secure top position. Leg kick from Staropoli and they trade punches again. Both men miss kicks to close out the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Staropoli

ROUND TWO: That hematoma on Staropoli’s head is gnarly, but there’s also swelling under the left eye of Aldana and he gets checked by the doctor again but the doctor says they can keep fighting. We get some kicks traded and Aldana took one to the groin so we’ve got time out now. Aldana has up to five minutes if he needs it, it was a pretty nasty groin shot and he’s taking his time recovering. Aldana can continue so we’re back to fighting. Leg kicks go back and forth then Aldana lands a bit of a body kick. Right and a body kick from Aldana land. Inside leg kick from Aldana but Staropoli lands a couple of counters. Stiff jab from Aldana. We get some more pocket brawling that goes about 50/50 in terms of efficacy. Hard leg kick from Aldana. Staropoli pushes forward but he’s not landing much. Bit of a right from Staropoli gets the eye of Aldana bleeding again. They clinch up after Staropoli missed a spinning elbow and Aldana has him on the fence. Aldana lands some knees to the thigh and they break. Staropoli lands a left to the body and we’ve got more punches in the pocket. Another left to the body from Staropoli lands. Aldana avoids some punches, blocks a few as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Staropoli, 20-18 Staropoli overall

ROUND THREE: We get another check on the left eye of Aldana but he can still see enough to keep fighting so we’ll get a third round. Leg kick from Staropoli, and another. Aldana tries to swing as Staropoli landed a flurry but the range is a real problem for Aldana at this point. Another leg kick from Staropoli and some punches, he’s got the eye of Aldana bleeding again. Stiff right from Staropoli lands. Aldana has a chin on him because he’s taken some serious shots. Straight left lands for Staropoli. Slower pace this round, left body kick from Staropoli lands. Staropoli lands a leg kick and a left to the body. Jumping knee and a right land for Staropoli, Aldana’s counters are just a bit too slow and off the mark in terms of accuracy. That’s likely due to the eye damage because he can’t seem to find the target at all. Left hook thena right land for Staropoli, Aldnana lands a counter but he ate three punches to land that one. They both throw jabs for the final couple of seconds.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Satopoli, 30-27 Staropoli overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Laureano Staropoli via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Sloppy but generally entertaining brawl. Mic time for Staropoli who’s nearly in tears, and now does cry a bit, he dedicates the win to his family and all the people of Argentina, he wants to go to the top and hopes more Argentinean fighters make their way to the UFC.

Humberto Bandenay has gone 1-1 in the UFC but is coming off of a loss, now he’s trying to avoid his first ever losing streak and get his UFC record above .500. Austin Arnett has gone 0-2 in the UFC and has a loss on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series that put him on an overall three fight losing streak, he’s in desperate need of a win here as his spot on the roster is in serious jeopardy. The odds are with Bandenay at -270 against +210 for Arnett.

Featherweight Bout: Austin Arnett (15-5, 145.5 lbs.) vs. Humberto Bandenay (14-5 1 NC, 145.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Arnett is an inch taller and has half an inch of reach on Bandenay. Bandenay comes out southpaw. Both guys doing a bit of staring and what could loosely be considered feinting. A few kicks go back and forth but nothing really lands for either of them. Bit of a left from Bandenay and a high kick that’s blocked. Arnett walks into a couple of lefts but just eats them. They clinch up and Bandenay winds up on the fence. Bandenay lands a couple of knees then spins free. Bit of a body kick from Arnett. Sort of a high kick from Bandenay and he misses the lefts t follow up. Now Bandenay lands a couple of lefts and Arnett pushes into a clinch. Arnett fights for a body lock, can’t secure it and Bandenay trips him down then lands a left as Arnett got back up. They’re still clinched and Arnett is cut over the right eye, might be on the eyebrow. The ref breaks them after they stall out and Bandenay lands a hard body kick that stuns Arnett. A couple of follow ups land for Bandenay and Arnett tries to switch hist stance to protect his body. There’s a clinch and that’s where the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Bandenay

ROUND TWO: They touch gloves for the second round. Bandenay blocks a high kick and lands an inside leg kick. Arnett tries a few front kicks to the body and they wind up clinched. Bandenay seems to be slowing down and Arnett gets a body lock rather quickly. They both fight to pummel their arms, Arnett lands a few knees to the body. One of Arnett’s knees strays into the groin of Bandenay and we’ve got time for him to recover. Bandenay takes his time but is ready to continue and we’re back to fighting. Arnett lands a body kick. Bandenay avoids a punch and lands a couple of counters. Body kick from Arnett, Bandenay catches him with a left and a kick towards the head but they just wind up clinched again. They trade knees while fighting for position then Arnett lands a glancing elbow on the break. Arnett lands a body kick. Leg kick from Bandenay. Arnett tries a double leg, can’t get it and they hit the fence again. Now Arnett is trying a trip but still can’t finish it, so he lands a few knees to the body. Bandenay lands a knee to the body and spins Arnett into the fence. They break, Bandenay gets a double leg and Arnett sells out for an ill advised guillotine that he uses to stall out the last seconds.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Arnett, 19-19 overall

ROUND THREE: They touch gloves for the last round. Bandenay misses a left. Body kick from Arnett. This is mostly getting sad, again it looks like a regional level fight not something that should be in the UFC. Bandenay coming forward, misses punches but lands a body kick. Arnett lands a left and gets Bandenay to the fence but can’t keep him there. Body kick from Arnett. Arnett lands a left then Bandenay tries an ill advised takedown that Arnett avoids then clinches him and trips him down to land in side control. Bandenay gets to full guard but doesn’t have much going for him there. Arnett lands a couple of short lefts but he’s happy to ride this out with a decent pace of work from top position. Body shots and rights to the head from Arnett, Bandenay seems more like he doesn’t want to be finished than anything. Nice consistent pace of offense, Arnett lands a couple of good shots but Bandenay ties him up to ear the final bell.

SCORECARD: 10-8 Arnett, 29-27 Arnett overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Austin Arnett via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27 x2)

Cut both of them, that was rather dismal. No interview for Arnett.

Alexandre Pantoja has gone 3-1 in the UFC and is coming off of a win over Brandon Moreno but likely finds himself in a precarious position here as the UFC is looking to get rid of the flyweight division and current policy seems to be that losing flyweights are cut while winning ones get a chance to move up so a loss here could cost him his spot on the roster. In the same metaphorical boat is Ulka Sasaki, who’s gone just 3-4 in the UFC between bantamweight and flyweight and is likely also fighting for his spot with the UFC. Pantoja is your -315 favorite to +245 for Sasaki.

Flyweight Bout: #9 Alexandre Pantoja (19-3, 125.5 lbs.) vs. #13 Ulka Sasaki (21-5-2, 125.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Sasaki is five inches taller and has three and a half inches of reach advantage. Sasaki is fighting southpaw and we get some punches from both guys to start. Pantoja shoots a single leg then pulls guard. Really slick transition from Pantoja who goes for a triangle then an armbar then back to the triangle attempt. Sasaki gets his head free and lands a couple of punches before Pantoja looks to go for a leg lock. Pantoja uses that kneebar attempt to spin around and get the back of Sasaki with one hook in. Quick choke attempt from Pantoja, he’s got both hooks in and has the choke locked up, he slowly bows the back of Sasaki to expose the neck and gets the tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Alexandre Pantoja via Submission, rear naked choke, at 2:18 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Pantoja for his work this evening. Mic time for Pantoja, we’re doing the double translation thing if necessary but Pantoja seems conversant in English at least. He says he worked very hard for this fight, thanks the fans for coming out and calls out Joseph Benavidez for his next fight. Asked to follow up on that he says Benavidez is a legend and if he wants to be a legend he has to beat a legend.

Here’s the finish. Pantoja only has one hook in but he’s got the arm in position so when Sasaki’s concentration lapses he can snap the proper grip up and roll to a hip, forcing the body position to change and get his second hook in. From there he uses leg and hip pressure to slowly bow Sasaki’s back outward and expose the neck as his arm is already in choking position, then it’s only a matter of time.

Michel Prazeres is one of the more under appreciated fighters given his overall record though a series of instances missing weight during his lightweight career probably contribute to that. Prazeres has won his last seven fights including his return to welterweight, now he’s looking for tenth UFC win and first winning streak at welterweight under the promotions banner. Bartosz Fabinski has gone 3-0 in the UFC and is looking for the biggest win of his career against a noted veteran and winning UFC fighter. Prazeres is the favorite at -130 against an even +100 for Fabinski.

Welterweight Bout: Bartosz Fabinski (14-2, 170 lbs.) vs. Michel Prazeres (25-2, 170.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Fabinski is six inches taller and has seven and half inches of reach advantage. They touch gloves to get us going and Fabinski shoots immediately but fails on it. Prazeres floors Fabinski with a right and gets on top landing short elbows from side control. Fabinski is rolling towards his feet, Prazeres is all over him though and take shim bback down into full mount. S-Mount from Prazeres, Fabinski rolls to his knees and stands but Prazeres jumps for a guillotine and rolls through into mount with it, holds the choke and forces the tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Michel Prazeres via Submission, mounted guillotine choke, at 1:04 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Prazeres for his work this evening. That’s eight in a row for Prazeres, give him a top fifteen opponent next. Mic time for Prazeres, he gets a translation into Portuguese while the crowd gets it into Spanish so this could get fun. He says he feels like the Biblical David fighting in this division given his height difference, then thanks his family, friends, and coaches. He puts over his skills then asks to return to lightweight where he feels he’ll be the champion.

From where I sit he shouldn’t go back to lightweight, he missed weight by increasing amounts in three of his last four lightweight fights. The last one he weighed in at 161 pounds, I just don’t think he’s currently set up physically for that division. If he drops a lot of muscle mass maybe but it’s not just an issue of managing his cut, he needs to change his body mass if he wants to make that work consistently.

Here’s the finish, just high level jiu-jitsu from Prazeres and the man packs some power in his frame that deserves to be respected.

That’s it for prelims, though we’re still on Fox Sports 1 for the main card. To kill the rest of the time before the main card we head to the studio where Megan Olivi is moderating/hosting Kenny Florian and UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

Cynthia Calvillo missed weight rather badly for this fight which complicates her career as she’s coming off of her first professional loss. Calvillo was thought to be one of the future stars of the division and now she needs a win badly to avoid a horrible overall trajectory. Poliana Botelho has won her last five fights including a dominant UFC debut when she stopped her opponent in just 33 seconds, with a win here she’ll assert herself as the prospect to watch at strawweight. After that bad weight cut (Calvillo looked awful on the scale) Botelho moved to favored status at -175 to +145 for Calvillo.

Strawweight Bout: Poliana Botelho (7-1, 115.5 lbs.) vs. Cynthia Calvillo (6-1, 118 lbs.)*

ROUND ONE: Botelho is four inches taller and has three inches of reach on Calvillo. Both women flashing the lead hand, Calvillo doing some stance switching. A few leg kicks go back and forth, Calvillo catches one and gets a trip takedown into the guard of Botelho but Botelho scrambles back up and lands a couple of punches. Leg kick from Botelho lands. Botelho fighting long so far, but neither woman finding much success yet. Bit of a left lands for Calvillo, Botelho responds with a leg kick and Calvillo takes her down off of it right into side control. Some knees to the body from Calvillo and she’s looking for mount but gets caught in half guard. Elbows to the body from Calvillo as Botelho tries to shrimp under her. Lefts from Calvillo and she tries to grab a no hooks rear naked choke, she steps over to take the back without hooks and gets the tap with the choke.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Cynthia Calvillo via Submission, rear naked choke, at 4:48 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Ms. Calvillo for her work this evening. Mic time for Calvillo she says this feels amazing and that the cage is home for her, she speaks some Spanish to the crowd that seems to make them happy. She talks us through the finish and feels that the mat his her ocean. She dedicates the fight to her grandfather who passed away earlier this year, very emotional moment for her clearly.

Guido Cannetti has traded wins and losses while going 2-2 in the UFC, he’s coming off of a win though and is trying for his first UFC winning streak. Marlon Vera just broke a two fight losing streak but has an overall UFC record of 5-4, he’s looking for another UFC winning streak and hoping to bring a bit more stability to his UFC run. The odds are with Vera at -315 against a +245 payout for Cannetti.

Bantamweight Bout: Guido Cannetti (8-3, 135.5 lbs.) vs. Marlon Vera (11-5-1, 135.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Vera is two inches taller and has an inch and a half of reach advantage, he’s also a whopping thirteen years younger than Cannetti. They touch gloves to get us going, Cannetti fighting southpaw. Body kick from Vera, Cannetti pushes close and they start trading knees in the clinch. Vera gets a trip takedown from the Thai clinch and is in the guard of Cannetti. Cannetti tries an armbar, Vera powers him up and Cannetti bails on the armbar to regain his feet. Solid couple of punches from Cannetti wobble Vera and he gets a takedown into side control, now after an americana but doesn’t have the angle and Vera gets free. They fight up into the clinch and begin jockeying for position. They spin a few times then break and Cannetti tries a high kick. Pressure from Cannetti with punches and a hard body kick before they clinch up again. Knees go back and forth now as they hit the fence and trade more body shots before breaking. Left to the body from Cannetti before Vera gets a clinch on the fence. Cannetti gets a body lock takedown into the guard of Vera, who closes it almost immediately. Body shots from Cannetti but he’s just trying to get control over his own posture. Cannetti lands a few punches then avoids an armbar attempt and stands over Vera. A few leg kicks from Cannetti and a diving hammer fist to the chest. That position is where the round will end.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Cannetti

ROUND TWO: They touch gloves for the second round. Vera doing some stance switching now, Cannetti lands a leg kick. Jumping knee from Vera closes the distance and he lands a series of knees from a Thai clinch that drop Cannetti. Cannetti tries to defend but Vera jumps for a guillotine choke, it gets tight but Cannetti gets free and separates. There’s blood around Cannetti’s left eye and Vera backs him into the fence and starts teeing off again then trips Cannetti down. Vera gets the back with both hooks in, and he chokes out Cannetti almost immediately.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Marlon Vera via Submission, rear naked choke, at 1:31 of Round 2

I don’t know what cause Vera to wake up in the second but man he came alive in a hurry. Mic time for Vera, he says he’s bringing the UFC to Ecuador in the near future. He says he’s a slow starter which contributed to the first round then puts over Argentina and Cannetti as a tough opponent. While talking us through the finish he puts over his coaches for getting him into this state of readiness, then he reiterates that he’ll bring the UFC to Ecuador.

Here’s the finish. Just a mauling by Vera once he had Cannetti hurt, he never let him back into the fight and hit him at every opportunity then locked up a tight choke while Cannetti’s brain was still scrambled.

Cezar Ferreira has won his last two fights and is 5-1 in his last six, he’s looking for his second three fight winning streak and hoping to move up the middleweight ranks. Ian Heinisch took this fight on very short notice but has won his last three fights including an appearance on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series and he could make an immediate impact beating a UFC veteran like Ferreira. Ferreira is the -175 favorite while Heinisch has a +150 payout.

Middleweight Bout: Cezar Ferreira (13-6, 185.5 lbs.) vs. Ian Heinisch (11-1, 185 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Ferreira is two inches taller but has a whopping six and half inches of reach on Heinisch. Ferreira fighting southpaw, Heinisch coming forward early flashing the lead hand. Body kick from Ferreira lands. Heinisch lands an inside leg kick. Double leg from Ferreira is successful into the guard of Heinisch and then passes to half guard almost immediately. Now Heinisch scoots to the cage and wall walks up then lands an elbow as they break. Straight left lands for Ferreira. Heinisch is clearly dedicated to his forward pressure, he lands a body kick but neither man has done a whole lot after that takedown. Another straight left from Ferreira lands to counter a leg kick. Ferreira catches a kick and drives Heinisch to the fence but can’t finish a single leg and Heinisch jumps guard for a guillotine choke. The arm is in but Heinisch is crunching rather than stretching so that’s correct but he’s hampered by the fence and Ferreira seems safe. Ferreira gets his head free and is loking to smash pass. Heinisch responds with an armbar, he’s perpendicular and lands some hammer fists but can’t get the arm extended. He adjusts a bit and gets the arm extended but the elbow isn’t in danger and the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Heinisch but could go either way

ROUND TWO: Bit of a head kick from Ferreira then he gets a double leg into the guard of Heinisch but they’re against the fence and he wall walks. Ferreira takes him back down immediately and Heinisch is fishing for a kimura from a loose half guard. They’re stalling out a bit here but Heinisch is able to escape to his feet and separate. Inside leg kick from Heinisch. Body kick from Ferreira then they clash thinking about double legs. Ferreira is slowing down a bit, Heinisch lands a leg kick then tries a guillotine to counter a double leg but bails on that quickly. Heinisch uses the cage to spin free and they reset at distance. This fight has turned into a dull affair, Heinisch misses a head kick. Bit of a right from Ferreira and he misses a head kick. Slight right from Heinisch, this is slowing down rapidly. Heinisch lands a right that drops Ferreira but there’s not enough time for him to do anything to follow up.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Heinisch, 20-18 Heinisch overall

ROUND THREE: Both men try kicks early that don’t really land clean. Single leg attempt from Ferreira and he spins Heinisch down but can’t keep him there and settles for a rear waist lock. Heinisch turns into him quickly. They break without incident. Straight left lands for Ferreira but Heinisch just eats it. Now they’re in the clinch, Heinisch looking for an overhook throw but can’t finish it then lands a series of punches in close. Ferreira is wobbled and Heinisch hits a high crotch takedown into half guard. Heinisch landing short punches and elbows as Ferreira is trying to wall walk. Knees from Heinisch as they get up and Heinisch lands punches, Ferreira is pretty punch drunk then grabs a body lock to stall things out. Heinisch is able to spin into Ferreir and force a break. Right from Heinisch lands but he can’t keep distance. Now a double leg attempt, then a single leg attempt that Ferreira limp legs out of. Elbow from Heinisch and we get sloppy pocket brawling from two mostly exhausted guys as time runs down.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Heinisch, could be 10-8, 30-27 Heinisch overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Ian Heinisch via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

Well that was plodding, but a big win for Heinisch. Heinisch gets an interview, as though this wasn’t taking forever anyway, he tries some partially broken Spanish to get the crowd on his side and puts over Ferreira then promises to do better next time and thanks the UFC for the opportunity. He talks us through a few big moments, saying he felt Ferreira’s arm pop in the first and knew he’d hurt him with punches in the second.

Khalil Rountree is on a four fight unbeaten streak, he lost a decision that was over turned between wins, and has finished all three of his most recent wins. Rountree is trying to show consistent improvement and solidify himself as a prospect in a division in dire need of them. Johnny Walker has won his last six fights with his most recent one being on the Brazilian version of the Contender Series, he’s trying to assert himself in the division immediately with a big win. Rountree is your -175 favorite to +150 for Walker.

Light Heavyweight Bout: Khalil Rountree (7-2 1 NC, 204.5 lbs.) vs. Johnny Walker (14-3, 205.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Walker is five inches taller and has five and a half inches of reach on Rountree. They touch gloves, Rountree fighting southpaw and Walker is doing stance switching. Both men flashing the lead hand and feinting a bit. Side kick to the body from Walker, Rountree lands a leg kick. Another leg kick from Rountree lands. Body kick from Walker, might have strayed low but Rountree doesn’t seem to want time off. They get close after a head kick from Walker and trade. Walker gets a Thai clinch and wobbles Rountree with a couple of elbows, the second drops him and a few more from mount put him out cold.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Johnny Walker via KO, elbows, at 1:57 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Walker for his work this evening. Walker gets an interview after that and feels amazing, seems genuinely happy about the moment. He says he doesn’t quite understand the question Jimmy Smith asks about the finish, his English is clearly a work in progress and they didn’t bring the Portuguese translator up into the cage but he’s still kind of engaging even in his awkwardness. To close, minus the mic, he doesn’t ask for a post fight bonus but asks for his character to be made for the UFC video game.

Here’s the finish. Walker blasts a high kick that Rountree only partially blocks then grabs a Thai clinch in close and crushes him with short elbows to the temple.

Ricardo Lamas is on his first ever losing streak as he’s dropped his last couple of bouts, he’s trying to prove he’s still a top featherweight while avoiding a three fight losing streak. Darren Elkins just had a six fight winning streak snapped by Alexander Volkanovski, he’s trying to avoid his first losing streak while securing his position in the division. The odds lean towards Lamas at -165 against +135 on Elkins.

Featherweight Bout: #14 Darren Elkins (24-6, 145 lbs.) vs. #13 Ricardo Lamas (18-7, 145.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Elkins is two inches taller but they have identical reaches. They touch gloves to get us going. Both men hunched over in a low stance, Elkins lands an illegal kick to the groin but Lamas waves it off and lands a high kick then gets a takedown but Elkins is back up and looking for a takedown of his own. Elkins is already cut under the left eye, Lamas is fighting off takedown attempts against the fence. Lamas spins free and resets at distance then lands a heavy calf kick. Another leg kick from Lamas lands. Now a spinning attack from Lamas misses then he lands a calf kick. Bit of a jab from Elkins and he walks into a Lamas jab. Elkins gets a clinch on the fence and they trade short knees and elbows. Lamas spins Elkins to the fence, and they resume jockeying for position before Lamas spins free and resets. A few more calf kicks land for Lamas, who’s got some swelling under his right eye. Both men miss rights. Slight right from Elkins, Lamas responds with aright of his own. Spinning back kick to the body from Lamas then a calf kick but Elkins gets a takedown from it and moves to the ride position immediately. Lamas back up but eats a knee and Elkins gets a double leg then has the ride position again as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Elkins but could go either way

ROUND TWO: They touch gloves for the second round and Lamas lands a calf kick. Another calf kick from Lamas lands and he avoids the hooks from Elkins. Lamas kicks the calf again but eats a counter right this time. Double leg from Lamas is successful into side control but Elkins gets butterfly guard quickly and rolls up then lands an uppercut as they break. Head kick from Lamas lands but Elkins just eats it. Elkins is flailing a bit with his punches now and Lamas is avoiding them easily then lands another calf kick. Bit of a head kick from Lamas but Elkins takes him down off of it. Lamas quickly looking for a sweep or to sit for a guillotine, he gets the ride position and tees off with punches before Elkins granby rolls and tries a leg lock. Lamas hammer fists out of the leg drag spot and they separate at distance. Jumping knee from Lamas lands then a couple of punches. Another calf kick from Lamas and the lead leg of Elkins is buckling, Lamas tees off for a bit but doesn’t want a brawl. Another calf kick from Lamas. Elkins is really hobbled at the moment and is bleeding from the face. Lamas with a spinning back kick to the body. Elkins just bulls forward and gets the clinch on the fence. Some dirty boxing goes back and forth then Lamas spins free. High kick from Lamas wobbles Elkins then he lands a jab and avoids the counters.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Lamas, 19-19 overall

ROUND THREE: Elkins’ calf is visibly discolored and he’s still limping a bit. They touch gloves for the last round. Elkins lands a right, Lamas lands a calf kick. Another leg kick from Lamas. Lamas avoids a takedown attempt and they trade some clubbing rights. Elkins sprawls on a single leg attempt and avoids the takedown attempt. Another calf kick from Lamas and a jab behind it. Elkins bulls into the clinch but Lamas spins him into the fence. They trade knees then break. Lamas avoids a few punches then lands a knee. Calf kick from Lamas, this time he eats a counter but that leg is nearly toast. Unfortunately for Lamas he can’t keep distance but they clinch up on the fence. Elbow from Lamas and he avoids a right from Elkins as they break. Bit of a left from Elkins, Lamas is running clock more than anything. Double leg from Lamas into side control and he lands a hard elbow. Half guard for Elkins now but Lamas lands lefts. Elkins is a mess of blood now but Lamas is happy to pass and land punches from relative safety. Lamas is standing now landing leg kicks and punches while Elkins is on his back. Elbows from Lamas, hammer fists and he lands a couple that seem to put Elkins out for a second and the ref stops the fight. Elkins protests and that might have been early but not unfair.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Ricardo Lamas via TKO, elbows and hammer fists, at 4:09 of Round 3

The Final Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Lamas for his work this evening. Mic time for Lamas, who plugs his new UFC gym and hopes people will come out and use it, then puts over Elkins as a monster who just eats damage and that his game plan was to be surgical and keep landing but not get crazy. He thanks his team then switches to Spanish for the crowd who respond favorably. Asked what’s next he says Christmas with the family then thanks his family for their support.

Here’s the finish, better version to follow if possible. Once Lamas gets top position he unloads with elbows and hammer fists, Elkins tries to roll but gets hit along the way and appears to slump for a second prompting the stoppage. I don’t have any issues with it after looking at it a few more times but I’ll let you all make up your own minds.

Neil Magny has gone 3-2 in his last five fights but is currently on a two fight winning streak and looking for a substantial win here to propel him further up the ranks at welterweight. Santiago Ponzinibbio is on a six fight winning streak and has been surging towards the top of the division, if he can get to seven in a row here he’ll certainly merit a top five opponent next and possibly even a title eliminator bout. The odds are with Ponzinibbio at -205 to +165 for a Magny comeback.

Welterweight Bout: #8 Neil Magny (21-6, 171 lbs.) vs. #10 Santiago Ponzinibbio (26-3, 171 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Magny is three inches taller and has a significant seven inches of reach on Ponzinibbio. Magny showing the jab early, Ponzinibbio looking to close distance. Ponzinibbio backing Magny towards the fence to limit the movement options. Magny lands a bit of a jab, he’s mostly keeping distance. Ponzinibbio lands a right then a leg kick. Another right from Ponzinibbio, and another, he’s got Magny hurt or at least out of sorts. Ponzinibbio lands another leg kick and is looking to swarm intelligently as Magny’s back is on the fence. Jab from Ponzinibbio lands. Leg kick from Ponzinibbio, Magny returns it. Ponzinibbio lands a right to counter a jab. Jabs to the body from Ponzinibbio, Magny seems to have his wits back about him and lands a leg kick. Impressive cage work from Ponzinibbio, he’s keeping Magny on the fence and lands another leg kick. Right to the body from Ponzinibbio, he’s studied the Lorenz Larkin fight it seems, he’s trying to copy some of what Larkin did against Magny. Leg kick from Ponzinibbio lands. Hard counter right lands for Ponzinibbio then a one two, Magny just wants to get out of this round at this point. Magny finally gets back to the center, only to be pressured back by Ponzinibbio again. One more hard right badly hurts Magny but he covers up and waits out the round.

SCORECARD: 10-8 Ponzinibbio but will probably go as a 10-9

ROUND TWO: Magny comes out jabbing looking to keep Ponzinibbio on the back foot. Leg kick from Ponzinibbio, Magny returns it. Leg kick from Ponzinibbio drops Magny, he kicks him again then makes him stand back up. Ponzinibbio lands a jab and gets Magny back on the fence. One two from Ponzinibbio lands. Body shot from Ponzinibbio then a leg kick that drops Magny again. Magny is forced to stand back up. Ponzinibbio jabbing and circling, Magny is hobbling on his lead leg, it’s compromised a bit. Magny trying to jab and keep distance, Ponzinibbio is cut around the left eye. We get time the ref wants the cut on Ponzinibbio looked at. The cut seems to have been caused by a headbutt, it’s bad too as it’s under the eyebrow near the eye lid. The doctor says he can continue but that could be a fight ending cut. Ponzinibbio lands a jab that makes Magny back up again. Magny is on the fence and Ponzinibbio is looking to tee off, he kicks the leg of Magny again and lands more leg kicks then makes Magny stand up. Magny is limping badly, Ponzinibbio is stalking him now. They trade jabs. Magny is able to get off of the fence but he can’t get out of the way of the pressure consistently. Ponzinibbio blocks a single leg attempt and avoids his pulling guard. Jabs from Ponzinibbio then a one two and a jab that wobbles Magny. Jab from Magny closes the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Ponzinibbio but another possible 10-8, 20-17 Ponzinibbio overall

ROUND THREE: Magny opens the round with a leg kick and Ponzinibbio lands a right. Jabs from Ponzinibbio and he’s got Magny backing up again. There’s some stance switching from Magny to try and protect his left leg, Ponzinibbio kicks it again and he limps for a second. Right from Ponzinibbio in close lands. Jab from Ponzinibbio and Magny is backing up yet again and takes another leg kick. Magny visibly limping now, Ponzinibbio looking to tee off along the fence. Left hook and a right from Ponzinibbio in close, Magny is hobbling badly. Leg kick from Magny but he’s not putting much on that. Right from Ponzinibbio lands, Magny backs him up with a jab but can’t maintain the forward motion. One two from Ponzinibbio then a leg kick and Magny is basically hopping on one leg. I’m shocked Ponzinibbio doesn’t kick the leg more, he’s nearly got this stopped but he’s too in love with his hands. Ponzinibbio lands a jab. Left hook from Ponzinibbio lands but he can’t follow up. Magny lands a couple of jabs. They trade jabs as Magny is stuck backing up along the fence. They stare away the last ten seconds.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Ponzinibbio, 30-26 Ponzinibbio overall

ROUND FOUR: Magny lands a couple of ajabs looking to circle and keep distance, Ponzinibbio kicks his legs out from under him then makes him stand. Magny is on one leg, he tries to pull guard but Ponzinibbio avoids it. Ponzinibbio lands a jab but he’s cautious along the fence. There’s another leg kick from Ponzinibbio that takes Maggny down and he lets him back up. They trade jabs, Ponzinibbio lands an inside leg kick. Hard leg kick from Ponzinibbio and Magny is down again and has to get up but hobbles around the cage. The ref warns Magny, Ponzinibbio is stalking him and lands a left. Magny lands a couple of jabs, Ponzinibbio avoids a clinch attempt. Leg kick from Ponzinibbio and Magny is on one leg at this point. Right from Ponzinibbio absolutely SLEEPS Magny.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Santiago Ponzinibbio via KO, punch, at 2:36 of Round 4

Thorough deconstruction of Magny by Ponzinibbio. Ponzinibbio gets an interview after that impressive finish, he starts in Spanish then does his own translation saying this was a dream to fight in his home country and is very happy to have done this. He talks us through the finish saying that he used pressure and powerful kicks, puts over Magny’s general defense and him being a tough opponent and says he plans to take the title in 2019 for Argentina. Asked what he’d like to say to Tyron Woodley who’s working the desk in Los Angeles, he respects Woodley as the true champion but thinks he can win and feels he deserves the shot. He runs down his achievements in the UFC then closes with Spanish (the man’s been doing his own translation all interview) that goes untranslated.

Here’s the finish. Magny’s posture is broken because he’s been crippled with leg kicks, he can’t reasonably move out the way of punches he’d been mostly slipping anymore and Ponzinibbio ENDS him with a right to the jaw while he’s completely upright.

On that note UFC Fight Night 140 comes to a close. It wasn’t the best card but it wasn’t the worst, and if you looked at it on paper the fights you expected to deliver delivered. Still badly paced, that’s my biggest question about the upcoming switch to ESPN, will they keep these interminable 6+ hour broadcasts? Because man do these things get old in a hurry. That said thank you for being here and reading along, it’s humbling that you all choose my work when there are so many places you can get this same product.

Next week at some ungodly early hour (4:30 am my time) we have UFC Fight Night 141 when the UFC goes to Beijing, China for the first time. They’ve run Hong Kong and Shanghai before but now they’re in the national capitol and are bringing a card. I’m not very up on that card right now, so sue me. Tomorrow on the 411 Ground and Pound Radio Show we’ll review this event and preview the aforementioned Fight Night 141, plus thoughts on the major news items of the week. I’ll be back next Saturday morning for that event in China trying ot stay awake, I hope you’ll be here as well. Until then thank you again for your support, stay safe out there, and keep checking 411mania for all of your pop culture needs.