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411’s Ultimate Fighter 28 Heavy Hitters Report 11.14.18

November 16, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Ultimate Fighter 28 Heavy Hitters

The Ultimate Fighter 28: Heavy Hitters Episode TEN
INTRODUCTION: Season 28 of the Ultimate Fighter is here. This season will feature women’s featherweights and men’s heavyweights divisions, and the coaches are current UFC Middleweight Champion Robert Whittaker battling against title contender and former middleweight The Ultimate Fighter 17 winner Kelvin Gastelum. LAST WEEK, Justin Frazier defeated Michel Batista via RD1 TKO This week, Julija Stoliarenko (4-2-1 MMA, 1-0 TUF) vs. Pannie Kianzad (9-3 MMA, 1-0 TUF)

– At the house, Maurice Greene has turned from drinking to smoking ahead of his semifinal fight. He says he does it all the time and while it can hurt training, it makes him train harder. He then breaks down talking to Justin Frazier due to the pressure. Frazier says he thinks that him smoking is a bad idea, but that it’s better than when he was drinking. Greene says alcoholism runs in his family and says the house and pressure of the show led to him drinking. Gastelum now meets with him at the gym. Gastelum says Greene has lot of potential and he needs to make a permanent change and respect the team.

– We see Julija Stoliarenko start her fight prep. She talks strategy with Whittaker, as they agree that Julija needs to be aggressive with her striking and take control as soon as possible. Julija praises Pannie’s skills, and knows the fight will be hard, but feels is she can pressure and control, she wins.

– The fighters are taken to a local water park in Las Vegas for some fun in the sun. Following that, they visit a local sushi restaurant for a huge meal.

WEIGH-INS: Julija Stoliarenko (145), Pannie Kianzad (145).

– We get the usual pre-fight prep.

Julija Stoliarenko (4-2-1 MMA, 1-0 TUF) vs. Pannie Kianzad (9-3 MMA, 1-0 TUF): ROUND ONE: Pannie has the MMA experience advantage, and will enjoy a small 2-inch reach advantage. They come out, trade a bit and Julija looks for a shot, but Pannie gives her the old ole move. They circle, both landing solid strikes, but for all of Julija’s talk of pressure, she’s really not bringing any. Pannie sidesteps another shot, keeping it on the feet and mixing in leg and body kicks now. Julija shoots takes her to the cage, but Pannie keeps it on the feet and circles out. Pannie’s not landing anything huge, but is landing with good volume, controlling, and countering any major offense from Julija. The round ends. It was close, but I went with Pannie. SCORECARD: Pannie 10-9

ROUND TWO: They come out and Pannie pressures right away. Julija looks hesitant, looking to counter more than attack. They trade as Pannie keeps backing her off. Julija is pot shotting here, one lands and back out, no flow or combinations. Pannie is countering well, marking her up and rocks her a bit. She stuffs the shot, and continues to land well. She starts to open up a bit and is doing good damage. Julija is landing counters, marking up Pannie, but can’t put a flurry together. Julija shoots, but it’s stuffed again and Pannie keeps landing. Pannie dominates as the round ends. SCORECARD: Pannie 10-9, 20-18 overall

ROUND THREE: Final round now. The first round was close, but Julija needs a finish. So of course she comes out with no aggression, a Pannie backs her off and starts landing. Both are looking rough here, taking a lot of damage. Julija is landing some counter strikes, but still no pressure. Pannie stuffs another shot, and lays in strikes and knees. Julija shoots again, and again she fails. Pannie has slowed here, but is still controlling as Julija is content with counter striking and little else. Pannie lands a combo and continues to back Julija off. SCORECARD: Pannie 10-9, 30-27 overall OFFICIAL DECISION: Pannie Kianzad via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

– Hopefully Pannie didn’t walk away with any serious damage as she moves on.

Next Week: Juan Francisco Espino Diepa (8-1, 0-0 TUF, 1-0 TUF) vs. Maurice Greene (5-2 MMA, 1-0 TUF)

Where we stand…
* Heavyweight Finals: Justin Frazier (10-2 MMA, 2-0 TUF) vs. TBD
* Featherweight Final: Pannie Kianzad (9-3 MMA, 1-0 TUF) vs. TBD
* Juan Francisco Espino Diepa (8-1, 0-0 TUF, 1-0 TUF) vs. Maurice Greene (5-2 MMA, 1-0 TUF)
* Leah Letson (4-1 MMA, 0-0 TUF, 1-0 TUF) vs. Macy Chiasson (2-0 MMA, 1-0 TUF)

* HW: Michel Batista (4-0 MMA, 1-1 TUF)
* HW: Juan Francisco Espino Diepa (8-1, 0-0 TUF, 1-0 TUF)
* FW: Julija Stoliarenko (4-2-1 MMA, 1-1 TUF)
* FW: Leah Letson (4-1 MMA, 0-0 TUF, 1-0 TUF)
* HW: Anderson Da Silva (3-0-1 MMA, 0-1 TUF)
* HW: Przemyslaw Mysiala (22-9-1 MMA, 0-1 TUF)
* FW: Katharina Lehner (7-1 MMA, 0-1 TUF)
* FW: Larissa Pacheco (11-2 MMA, 0-1 TUF)

* HW: Justin Frazier (10-2 MMA, 2-0 TUF)
* FW: Macy Chiasson (2-0 MMA, 1-0 TUF)
* FW: Pannie Kianzad (9-3 MMA, 2-0 TUF)
* HW: Maurice Greene (5-2 MMA, 1-1 TUF)
* HW: Josh Parisian (7-2 MMA, 0-1 TUF)
* FW: Marciea Allen (7-2 MMA, 0-1 TUF)
* FW: Bea Malecki (2-0 MMA, 0-1 TUF)
* HW: Ben Sosoli (6-2 MMA, 0-0 TUF, 0-1 TUF)

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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