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Brian Kelleher Delivers Challenge to John Lineker

October 22, 2017 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
John Lineker

Speaking to reporters in a post-fight media scrum at UFC Fight Night 118 (via MMAjunkie), Brian Kelleher discussed his victory over Damian Stasiak at the event, which was held yesterday in Gdansk, Poland. Kelleher said he wants to fight John Lineker next. Below are some highlights from the scrum.

Kelleher on fighting in Poland: “Being home was weird. Being on my front lawn the day of the fight was just awkward. Even though I don’t think that really plays a role in the fight, but there’s just something about the journey to get here. It’s a far plane ride, I’m out of my element, I’m out of my comfort zone. I just think it brings this fire out of me to want to come and take the home guy out.”

Kelleher on trying to rest overseas: “It was all just trying to get through a lot of struggles, bumps in the road, and it was tough. The beds were small. I don’t think I slept one hour until last night. It was the first night I got a little bit of sleep going through the weight cut. It was all a battle. I got here a little heavier than usual because of the long plane ride. So I had to get through that. Then I made the weight – and that was tough in itself – and the fight was even tougher. But it all made me a better fighter, and I’m thankful for it.”

Kelleher on wanting to fight John Lineker in December: “I didn’t want to speak too soon, but after this fight I wanted to get one more in this year. I said I wanted to be the ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone of the bantamweight division, which is kinda cool, as he’s on the same card. I want to stay active. If I’m healthy, I’m always training. I’m always a professional. Why not make money and do what I love and continue to fight? So I’m hoping they put me back in December, and I wouldn’t mind John Lineker if he gets past the last guy I fought, Marlon Vera, who is a tough guy. But if Lineker comes out on top in that fight I want to stick with that guy still.”

His thoughts on the Polish fans: “They were really respectful fans. In Brazil it was different. It felt a lot more hostile. They were really in my face after the fight (in Brazil), and they didn’t like the fact that I won. But it seemed like the fans (in Poland) were really supportive of the fact that a good fighter with a lot of heart went out there and finished their guy, who was a really tough guy too. So I think they really respected it.”