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Gilbert Burns on His Tough Weight Cut for UFC on FOX 29

April 15, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Gilbert Burns

Speaking to reporters in a media scrum after UFC on FOX 29 (via MMAjunkie), UFC fighter Gilbert Burns discussed picking up a win over Olivier Aubin-Mercier at the event. Below are some highlights from the scrum.

Last night’s UFC event was held at the Gila Arena in Glendale, Arizona. The event was broadcast live on FOX. Prelims were shown on FOX and UFC Fight Pass. You can check out 411’s live results and coverage of the event RIGHT HERE.

Gilbert Burns on his weight cut: “I got here at 173 (pounds), easy. I start my water load. The weight goes up a little bit, but nothing bad. I’m starting the cut, all good, no problem. … The workout room was a little cold, and I think that was the first thing – the first little thing. … I went to the hot bath at night, all good, take a lot of weight. I was about six pounds (off), so I’m going to lose a pound sleeping, wake up, five pounds, no problem. … I went into the hot bath – 20 minutes in, 20 minutes out – and I lost I think one pound,” Burns said. “And then that was a nightmare. Then I go again, one pound. Go again, another pound.”

Burns on why it was stressful: “It was very stressful; it was hard. I think even on the weight cut, I evolved so much as a person because (not even for a minute), I never felt like, ‘(Expletive). Let’s go. I don’t care.’ I was, all the time, ‘OK, let’s go one more time. I don’t care.’ Not one time it crossed my mind (to quit). Like, ‘Let’s go, I’ll give the (fine) money.’ … No. All the time I was thinking, ‘I’ll make weight.’”

Burns on trying to get used to the process: “I’m kind of getting used to the process. I think that’s why my body holds a little bit more water. I have kind of that little problem, but nothing affected the performance. I felt great over there. I had a great night of sleep. I had good food. I had my great nutritionist helping me out. I think it didn’t affect at all the performance but made me even stronger. ‘OK, now this guy is going to pay.’”

Burns on possibly moving up in weight: “If I relax, I can go 195, quick. I had the rule already: ‘I’m not going (heavier than) 185. Now I’m not going (over) 180. Let’s see how I’m going to get. I want to get into fight week below 170. Like 168, 167, because that was a fight on that cut.”