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Joseph Benavidez Says There’s Life In The Flyweight Division

December 1, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Joseph Benavidez

In an interview with MMA Junkie, Joseph Benavidez spoke after his defeat of Alex Perez at the TUF 28 Finale and said there’s still life in the UFC flyweight division. Here are highlights:

On the flyweight division: “The commentary – I’m just trying to change it. Everybody’s like, ‘When’s it leaving? Is this the last fight? Are they still doing it? Are you going up (in weight)?’ Why aren’t people talking about how exciting it is? We’ve got a pound-for-pound champion in T.J. (Dillashaw) coming down to our weight to fight an Olympic champion who just beat the greatest ever. I have a win over Henry. T.J.’s an ex-teammate of mine – the story’s there. The skill is obviously there, as much as in any division.”

On the division still having life: “I have a win over the new champion, and he’s fighting for the title. So there’s a ton of life there, and that’s really what I look at. … There’s still a flyweight (title) fight – there’s still life. It’s not like the 135 champ is going to 100 percent go down and win.”

On the division having no history yet: “You don’t know what’s going to happen in the history (of the division). We don’t have a timeline of any history or any champions. They were a little crippled by the greatness of Demetrious, and now that it’s gone … let it breathe. The skill is there. Look at the title fight and the people below it. I compare it a lot to the 185-pound division when Anderson (Silva) lost (to Chris Weidman). … He loses, and then the floodgates open with talent and skill.”

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