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Joseph Morales Didn’t Feel Nerves in His UFC Debut

August 7, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Curtis Millender UFC on FOX 27 UFC Logo - UFC Shanghai - UFC Fight Night 115

Joseph Morales spoke with MMAjunkie after his debut UFC win at UFC Fight Night 114. Highlights are below:

On not having nerves for his UFC debut: “I’ve been doing it for so long and I’ve been training with some of the best – a legend like Urijah Faber – (that) I think it was just kind of like any other fight for me. And just going out to the cage before the fight, it was just surreal, so I was able to get the emotion and the anxiety out before the fight. So that way, I wasn’t feeling any of it during it.”

On his grappling skills: “I grapple with the best in the world. My first skill of MMA that I learned was jiu-jitsu. I wasn’t like nothing special that I had to train before. My last fight was a high-level black belt under the Miller brothers. He rocked me and had my back the whole round and he couldn’t submit me. And I don’t remember that first round.”

On his plans for the future: “The ultimate goal is just getting that championship belt. I’m looking forward to that. Maybe next year or the year after, but I’m shooting for that.”