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Ken Shamrock Says Alberto El Patron Isn’t at Tito Ortiz’s Level, Talks His Rivalry With Ortiz

December 6, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Combate Americas - Ortiz vs. El Patron

Ken Shamrock spoke with Wrestling Inc for a new interview discussing Tito Ortiz’s fight with Alberto El Patron at Combate Americas this weekend. Highlights are below:

On El Patron’s chances against Ortiz: “Alberto has credentials inside the cage and the ring with submissions and knockouts. But we’re talking about Tito Ortiz, a guy who at one time in his weight division, they couldn’t find anybody to fight him because he was destroying everybody. Pound for pound the best fighter in the world at one time and a Hall of Famer. I don’t see him slowing down and unfortunately, Alberto has not seen the same competition Tito Ortiz has. Tito has fought the best fighters in the world and destroyed them all while Alberto has done average. To get in the ring is something, so I respect what he’s done. But at no way is he at the level of Tito Ortiz. It’s not gonna happen.”

On his rivalry with Ortiz: “Tito was just dominating the division and beating everybody. Unfortunately, nobody was really watching at the time with 30,000 buys. So, they came and got me because there was no one else who could fight Tito. I went in there to help build the PPV market up and we killed it. In all three fights, he destroyed me… Tito’s credentials – he’s earned them. It’s gonna be a rough night for anybody that steps in against Tito.”

On if there’s any bad blood between him and Ortiz: “In the world of MMA, it’s for fighters. Fighters go in and do what they do. But I believe once it’s said and done, fans deserve to see the guys shake hands and put the beefs behind. We settled it in the ring. Whatever our disagreements were, we punch each other in the head and lock in these submission holds. The bell rings and one guy gets his hand raised and the other guy loses. You put the beef away. You settle it. It’s over.”

On if he would fight El Patron or take a rematch with Ortiz: “At this time I’m promoting Valor Bare Knuckle. I’m happy there and I look forward to creating challenges and opportunities for other fighters to challenge their dreams. I love being able to entertain in the ring with Impact. So, right now I’m happy where I’m at. I never say never, but at this point in time I’m really happy where I’m at.”