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Rachael Ostovich Says Winning Is Her Only Option at UFC on ESPN+ 1

January 16, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Rachael Ostovich UFC

Rachael Ostovich spoke with reporters ahead of her fight against Paige VanZant at UFC on ESPN+ 1. The fight comes in the wake of Ostovich being hospitalized in November after her husband Arnold Berdon allegedly assaulted her. Ostovich was pulled from the fight briefly, but then agreed to face VanZant. Highlights are below per MMAjunkie:

On fighting in the aftermath of her domestic violence incident:“I had every reason to pull out or not be here today, but I felt it was important to me to fight because of that. I feel like it’s not only a challenge to myself – fighting in general is one of the most difficult sports not just physically, but mentally all around. Then I add all of this on me, this extra stuff, it’s really defining. I’m really figuring out and finding out who I am as a person. Hopefully through my life people can get motivated and inspired through it.”

On whether she ever regretted staying in the fight: “I actually did not have a moment. I remember being on the hospital bed like still, ‘I need to fight. This is my fight.’ I knew it was something I needed to do. I was crushed when I was pulled out of it. Of course, my dad, my manager, they made a good decision that would be the right decision to make. It was all for my health, and I understand. I never thought that – it was never my choice to not fight. I knew I needed to fight.”

On VanZant: “I know Paige is a veteran of the UFC. She’s very well known. I understand this is a big fight. She’s a big name. I know she’s very spunky, she has lots of heart, good conditioning. I’ve got lots of heart, too, and I feel like this is going to be an exciting match, not only for me and Paige, but for the fans as well. I don’t think anybody is going to lose out on this one.”

On her goal for the fight: “I want to get the win. I need to get the win. I feel like it’s my only option at this point, and it’s the only thing I’ve been envisioning, and I want to manifest that. Honestly, I already feel like I won. Just being here I feel like I won. That joy, I take it with me in there. I’m just so excited.”