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AJ Lee Teaming With Aimee Garcia For D&D Comic Book

June 21, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
At the Spine of the World D&D Comic

The former AJ Lee is teaming up with Lucifer and Dexter star Aimee Garcia for the comic book based on D&D’s newest storyline. During this weekend’s D&D Live event, it was announced that AJ Mendez and Garcia will write At the Spine of the World, an IDW-published comic book based on D&D’s Forgotten Realms setting and taking place in the location of the newly-announced D&D campaign Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden.

The book will be written by Mendez and Garcia with art by Martin Coccolo (Green Lantern) and colors by Katrina Mae Hao (The Cult of Blob).

The book is described as follows:

At the Spine of the World takes place in Icewind Dale and Ten-Towns, an area blighted by feral beasts, continual blizzards, and some sort of strange madness that is gripping its residents. Saarvin, Dragonborn ranger, makes an appearance, alongside a host of colorful new characters!

The first issue arrives on October 21st. Garcia and Mendez previously collaborated to write ICW’s GLOW vs. The Babyface based on the Netflix series.