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Avengers: Endgame Estimated To Have Earned Disney Nearly $900 Million in Profit

April 28, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Bro Thor Avengers: Endgame Image Credit: Marvel Studios

We all know that Avengers: Endgame was a dominator at the box office, and a new report estimates that it brought in nearly $900 million in profit for Disney. Deadline ran its yearly “Most Valuable Blockbuster Tournament” in which they use data taken from trusted sources to estimate the profit that a film brought in, and the report estimates that Endgame brought in $890 million for the Mouse House.

The MCU film breaks down as such by Deadline’s estimates: the total gross was $2.7978 billion, or $858.37 million domestically and $1.32511 billion internationally. Taking out theater cuts and other such profit that went directly to theaters, tariffs and the like that’s $1.181 billion in income. When you add in an estimated $334 million in home video and $274 million in global TV rights, that’s a revenue of $1.789 billion.

Take out of that the net production cost — a staggering $356 million. The film cost an estimated $155 million for print and advertising costs and $112 million in video production costs. $175 million went to participations — aka, the talent points off the gross. That includes an estimated $55 million just for Robert Downey Jr in addition to his $20 million upfront contract (included in production budget). Residuals and off-the-tops amounted to $44 million, and interest was $57 million for $899 million in total costs.

While that $899 million number makes Endgame the most profitable from a direct monetary perspective, it was not the highest Return on Investment of the year. Frozen 2 had an ROI of 232% with $1.052 million inrevenue against $443 million in total costs, while Joker had a 211% ROI with $830 million in revenue against $393 million in costs. Endgame’s return on investment was 199%.