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Bill Cosby Says Judge in His Sexual Assault Case Was Biased Against Defense Witness

October 23, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Bill Cosby’s latest legal filing appealing his sexual assault case argues that the judge was biased against one of his defense witnesses. TMZ reports that Cosby’s lawyers filed a brief arguing that Judge Steven O’Neill had a conflict of interests with former DA Bruce Castor, which unfairly influenced the trial.

Cosby’s lawyers say that O’Neill was hostile to Castor, with a sworn statement from Canter which said there was “tremendous animosity from Judge O’Neill toward me from the moment that I took the stand.”

Castor claims that when he ran against O’Neill for the Republican nomination for D.A. in 1998, O’Neill became incensed over a story came out that O’Neill had an extramarital affair. The judge believed Castor, who won the nomination, was behind it.

Castor testified during the trial that he had promised Cosby would not be prosecuted, saying, “I believed at the time that the allegation was made that there was insufficient evidence to convict Mr. Cosby on the facts as presented to me, something that time has shown was an accurate assessment.”

Cosby’s lawyers are asking to Cosby to be freed pending appeal.

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